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6:36Addressing Your Concerns
Addressing Your Concernszhlédnutí 635KPřed 14 dny
0:31【PV】Aristocrats and Servants Goods & Voice
【PV】Aristocrats and Servants Goods & Voicezhlédnutí 41KPřed 8 měsíci
9:18Send help (VTuber/NIJISANJI EN Moments)
Send help (VTuber/NIJISANJI EN Moments)zhlédnutí 118KPřed 9 měsíci
6:20VTubers get REKT (VTuber/NIJISANJI EN Moments)
VTubers get REKT (VTuber/NIJISANJI EN Moments)zhlédnutí 123KPřed 10 měsíci


  • 目かっぴらいた霊夢好き

  • Nobody told me it was one hour long

  • 🤣

  • this song is smth like Egoist would make. I love it sm ughhh

  • one of the worst songs ive ever heard please fire all of niji en

    • Perhaps you should calm down and go support your oshi

    • Thank you for the view. Thank you for helping us boost the song in the algorithm.

  • Timestamp in OG stream for 4:30?

  • noctyx broke free from the abyss with one casualty

    • No casualties I only see a great song

  • A weak ass statement, nothing more.

  • Certain pebble girl can relate

  • Seems they've finally gotten out of the abyss now

  • I’m still not tired of listening to this on repeat and I won’t be anytime soon! Everyone did an amazing job! “I gotta live not just survive ~”

  • professional gamer moment


  • Yall need to hit puberty FAST!

    • Most of us are in our 20s or over 🧍‍♂️it’s how we’re able to pay for merch and support them but thank you for checking out the MV!

    • weird comment but ok

  • What in the world of weeabo is this ?

  • Would be a better song if one of the singers didn't hate my race!!

    • Thank you for boosting this to the algorithm!! Have a nice day fellow white person

    • Never Rest in Peace❤

  • "I'm here to protect you, jk, bye" -Niji management to its talents

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 POOOOOGGGGG!

  • WTH Sonny’s rap is so good

  • Damn. And here I was thinking that ukulele girl would always have the worst apology, now I'm not so sure

  • Riku Tazumi is a real fool. All the signs of Nijisanji being a Black Company are all there. They won't even hire adults, they just want cheap exploitable child labour.

  • Congrats on 400k views! ❤🧡💛💜

  • Kurosanji

  • Anycolor and you idiots choose BLACK


  • 🥰🥰🥰

  • 400K

  • 400k congrats❤🧡💛💜

  • Oh your still posting even after all that happened? You think i care what you think your company can get away with. Your gonna go through a class action lawsuit, you better prepare to lose your investors

  • Lmao Japan finest. Just like an office work place all employees is used and abused.

  • Nijisanji EN this is a good song, but did you resolve the other issues in your company on the subject of workplace environment? Because if you look ahead to the other Vtuber companies, ones with toxic workplace environments, they aren't doing so... good, obviously, why won't that be the case? Hopefully, this would be resolved quickly and *totally not haunt you until you actually proven you did so.*

    • Sir they aren’t going to listen to you in the comments of a MV

    • when’s the court date again?

    • the livers are doing okay so i don't think it'll haunt them, thanks for asking! i'm so glad you stopped by and left a comment~

  • How is it that if others say ping-pong it sounds good but if its Millie nope uhuh

  • Go to dokibird instead of these people who almost got this vtuber killed

  • Babyfaced struggles 😂

  • 400k whooot! 🎉

  • allegedly...He's a piece of shit, his company is a piece of shit and he treats his livers like pieces of shit. Can't wait to see this house of cards come crashing down, also maybe someone will sue him and his company and he loses everything...again all of this is allegedly.

  • 🧡❤💜💛

  • Thank you very much for giving us Break Free! It's a really beautiful song. Everytime I listen to it I'm filled with strength and it motivates me to work hard to achieve my goals. I love this song so much. ❤️🧡💛💜

  • never getting over the fact that mafu composed this song

  • Shouldnt you address the legal documents you leaked?

  • ラップパートくっそかっこよすぎ😭 本人あんまり得意じゃないとか確か言ってたけどでも浮奇にラップパート振り分けてくれたことに感謝しかない🙏 サニーもこんなにのびのび歌えてるのも、あんまり好きじゃないて言うけどしっかり歌えてるふーちゃんも、ソロパートの抑揚ほんとに素敵なアルバンも、みんなの成長感じるし、本当にレベルアップしてる! 大変な時期だけど、美味しいもの食べたり、ゆっくり眠ったり、体にも気をつけて、できるだけ幸せに、楽しく過ごしてほしい。 これからも応援し続けます! Happy 2nd anniversary noctyx!❤💜💛🧡

  • 3:19 the adlib aaa

  • noctyx2周年でおすすめに出してくるCS-tvマジでしごでき

  • Congrats for the 400K Our Dear NOCTYX.! 😍Fellow NOCTURNALS, Let's reach 500K as soon as possible.!!😍💜❤🧡💛

  • "oi oi mate whatchu just say!?"

  • 0:35 1:48 2:28 3:06

  • Congrats for 400k! Song is catchy and the art is godly 🙏 thank you so much!!

  • Mi amiga me quiso pasar un vídeo random ,y me pasó una canción xD