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Official KSP CS-tv channel. Here you can find everything related to the game, upcoming releases and animations.


Day 3 - New Parts
Day 3 - New PartsPřed 4 lety
Day 4 - Resources
Day 4 - ResourcesPřed 4 lety
Day 6 - Fairings
Day 6 - FairingsPřed 4 lety
Day 7 - Clamber
Day 7 - ClamberPřed 4 lety
Jeb's Junkyard
Jeb's JunkyardPřed 5 lety
Special Delivery
Special DeliveryPřed 5 lety
Kerbal Science
Kerbal SciencePřed 6 lety
Selection Process
Selection ProcessPřed 6 lety
Kerbal Engineering
Kerbal EngineeringPřed 6 lety
A Kerbal Holiday!
A Kerbal Holiday!Před 6 lety
A Cake Odyssey
A Cake OdysseyPřed 6 lety


  • KSP 2: Did you do it? Me: Yes.. KSP 2: What did it cost? Me: My CPU...

  • Nice

  • It's done well.

  • i gotta say. ray tracing on KSP looks really good. this must have taken days to render, if not weeks. i wonder what the game will look like.

  • "not actual gameplay" SEE?! EA!! TAKE NOTES! IT'S NOT THAT HARD!

  • Wow

  • "NOT ACTUAL GAMEPLAY" <-- fake and GAY

  • 0:18 Saddest 3 words in announcement trailers

  • Robot bich

  • Sun flare's Revamp

  • This trailer got me started on Kerbal Space Program 1. Having a blast. Several, in all possible ways imaginable.

    • The pad blast, the take-off blast, the re-entry blast, the landing blast, ... Been on it since 2012 or so, never stopped loving the damn thing. Have fun!

  • You know, I hope that that blue laser thing will be in the game. Idk what it is, but it looks fun to play with. Maybe a super laser or ftl booster. Either way, really exited for the game. Can’t wait!

    • It will be in, check the dev's interview by Shadow Zone : everything displayed in the trailer will be in the game.

  • Oh my fucking god

  • Cucumbers =)

  • Не, нихуя...

  • хуйня я не смог взлететь

  • don't forgot about gilly and other small moons, they looks pretty ugly right now

  • Justin Y, where are you?

  • Omg the music is awesome I could listen to it all day lol

  • I can't wait for the release!Give it early!Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

  • I'm happy

  • Jeb: fell Me: this is it Jeb: yllaer Me: u mean really

  • Wow

  • Can we just have faster than light travel in the end of the teck tree?

    • They want it to be realistic and use near to mid-future technology. They also won't include warp holes or anything like that

  • no Kerbal was injured when shooting this video

  • Neil Kerman is launch

  • Kerbians hacked the system and caused it to be destroyed. If Agent Kirrim is there, survivor yay,

  • Eeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh!!

  • Poor Jeb (bill or bob) He died 2011-2018

  • i am so excited!!!!

  • Músic name????

  • I started playing ksp in fifth grade. I cried watching this trailer, thanks for bringing these great games into my life guys.

  • I love this game

  • First of all, KSP TWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOO... second of all, 2019?

  • I personally play Ksp on my Xbox because my moms iMac is really slow and crappy. I would really enjoy it if you released these add-ons on PC & consoles at the same time(Same goes for the updates). Can you at least consider it?

  • to bad you prob will have to wait 10 years for moders to make it playable

  • D: :D D: D: :) :D D: :) :D :) And those are the faces during the vid

  • hipe 10000000000

  • how do u download this game

  • every time i open this video i want to like it again

  • Shut up and take my money

  • This looks like a movie and I like it.

  • makes me feel happy ,my god

  • *OUTRO M83 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!*

  • Media: video games cause violence!!! KSP developers: HOLD MY MOON LANDER

  • 1:41 Orion confirmed

  • I've got one more question... Is the sequel able to be played along with friends? (Multiplayer)


  • As unexpected as apprieciated ! Can't wait !

  • Hi

  • This trailer contains so much win i can't even begin to tell you!

  • but no one can disagree that the old ksp explosions were more awesome lol

  • Le professeur Muller a du boulot

  • Gene Kranz in his little jacket!

  • How many gigabytes you got on your graphics card cuz I got a computer come in next Tuesday but it's only got one gig graphics card

  • Now that's cyberpunk 2077

  • Ляяяя. Я охуел

  • Already a tear fell. So beautiful...

  • Diss is ameisin

  • This is a thing? This is real? I haven't even been to Duna yet!

  • So happy number 2 is coming out for this game!!!! When I watched commercial I almost cried! Private Division WIN THIS WAR BETWEEN SQUAD

    • leave a like for one extra troop on Private Division's alliance

  • The eagle has landed!

  • "Clear the launch pad" mission control said.

  • Three letters! (OMG) Love at first glance

  • Remake some of the engine textures would appreciate

  • Really thank to Shaun Esau! It's the perfect theme to the ksp game trailer! And Thank you guy, this game is... I don't know... I love it!!!

  • This could be a movie

  • I can wait to get this game

  • so Ike is a little more interesting now?

  • <33333

  • Ok, I just found out about this. Does anyone know if they're planning on updating the physics engine from patched conic approximation to full N-body simulation? Like not necessary but at that point you would have more than a just a sandbox.

    • In an interview they mentioned no N-body physics. However they did mention that they have to do it differently with the binary planet system so maybe N-body physics there?

  • can i play ksp 2 in xbox one?


  • I keep replaying 1:43 for some reason, I t looks so nice with the music.

  • Lmao, i will play this game to destroy... Space colonies cities. Ha ha, cant wait!

  • Cloud layers for stick version please! Pc and console

  • KSP: Story Mode

  • Damn i can't wait to play this "Game" ..... Ohhh wait i forgot about their shity EULA.

  • Y'all unpudding'd Minmus!

  • OooOOoOoooh pretty... Makes me want to crash into it even more


  • Finally the use of proper mipmap textures! Waited ages for this and it looks insanely beautiful!

  • Step 2) Buy KSP 2 Step 1) Buy MSI laptop w/ 9th gen processor and 32gigs RAM


  • Watch them say its not actual gameplay but just delay the game by like 3 months and make it look like the trailer.

  • RTX On VS RTX Off 😂😂

  • It’s not ksp until Jeb, bill, Valentina, bob and the rest of the extended kerbal species fuck everything up and cause explosions. Oh and the kraken. He’s like the strange cousin who ends up causing issues with anything you do

  • I love that little line at the end: Lithobraking near you in 2020. Will we keep the kraken? Or is he on his way out?

  • Yeeh , i like this because Justin Y like too

  • What maters its if you PC/laptop can suport the quality

  • Much easier to tell that the surface is green sherbet now.

  • Not very related to video but i think this music pretty fits terraria day theme

  • Is jebediah in the game

  • JEBEDIAH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why create a completely new game if you have KSP-1? It would be possible to add new details and textures, why only for the sake of them to create the KSP-2?


  • Бедные огурцы. Сколько раз я их забывал на планетах😭 представляю как эти будут страдать.

  • Did you guys actually improve the shader itself, or did you just discover the texture tiling setting in the PQS material?

  • Cool but when is Xbox getting the update PC got like last year

    • @SeucheAnemone 56 thank you. I can barely get into orbit, but thank you.

    • @Da Maan but you have skills. Noobs play on PlayStation, Pros on Xbox

    • @SeucheAnemone 56 hi yes I'm poor

    • Buy a PC then you're fine. I own a xbox but it's not that great for games like KSP. How can you even live without mods?

  • Those scientists better hurry with those quantum computers, so we an handle this update... .... at least in low quality.