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Official KSP CS-tv channel. Here you can find everything related to the game, upcoming releases and animations.


Day 3 - New Parts
Day 3 - New PartsPřed 4 lety
Day 4 - Resources
Day 4 - ResourcesPřed 4 lety
Day 6 - Fairings
Day 6 - FairingsPřed 4 lety
Day 7 - Clamber
Day 7 - ClamberPřed 4 lety
Jeb's Junkyard
Jeb's JunkyardPřed 5 lety
Special Delivery
Special DeliveryPřed 6 lety
Kerbal Science
Kerbal SciencePřed 6 lety
Selection Process
Selection ProcessPřed 6 lety
Kerbal Engineering
Kerbal EngineeringPřed 6 lety
A Kerbal Holiday!
A Kerbal Holiday!Před 7 lety
A Cake Odyssey
A Cake OdysseyPřed 7 lety


  • i cant wait to launch little boogers to space again!!!!!!!!!

  • we all can trust star theory, best game trailer ever!!!!!!!!!! thanks for no micro-transaction unlike EA!!!!!!

  • So they are finally ditching the kiddy cartoon graphics for some awesome realistic gfx? Yes please. It's what kept me away from the original

  • Like Jeb once said: “herbed gurdy dhddbw worrew dbebws rurgerjs.”

  • We need the new textures all the enhanced edition players too, don't forget us :')

  • Guys, we're gonna need a bigger processor.

  • my pc cant even run the trailer god damnit

  • Is this worth getting into? I love space based games and this trailer got me excited!

  • Please make old crafts compatible with ksp 2 as I want my craft to become a ship to transport kerbal to a orbital base


  • Please take my money!! I would pre order this now for $100 bucks even if it didn’t launch till 2022!!

  • I love ksp I just got it yeterday I hav one problem in the tutorials ipwill there be a voice over because I can’t really read that great?

  • At least someone cares for dres.

  • Шикарно, надеюсь на ролик не весь креатив ушел и что то ещё на игру осталось

  • Watch the trailer My pc : We don't do that here

  • Can you please add keyboard and mouse support

  • Idea: KSP in vr

  • This is bye far the my favorite trailer of all time.And the best looking

  • Flight sim 2020 and Kerbal Space Program 2. I can’t take this much.

  • Whoever came up with the idea for this video deserves an advertising award. KSP has a special place in fan hearts because of every quirk, thrill and comical frustration, which was captured so perfectly in this video. Seriously, this video was masterful.

  • Too young to see the first man on the moon. Too old to see the mankind exploring new worlds. Just the right age to dream all those things with KSP. Thanks guys. ❤️

  • Man, looks great. Can't wait to turn my GPU into Chernobyl 2: electric boogaloo. Good to see all old parts are in this, with texture revamps. Second: the first game to require an RTX Third: I suggest that you add interests to your surface, like what breaking ground tried but better. Stuff like waterfalls and cliffs, more than mountains, hills and plains. Fourth: I think these graphics would be really cool, but to have settings to make them less powerful.

  • Unlike other games, KSP was a big chunk of my childhood and brings me to tears to see such an amazing game get an overhaul. *Praise Kraken*

  • Will this come to console?

  • I really hope above else, this game has more stuff to do on planets. Make research more interesting and maybe even more lore / interesting story missions. Not just take part and fly this and that.

  • Truthfully one of the best game trailers ever made. Take your time guys, work as much as you want, we can wait. Make a great game and amaze us... Ironically i still play KSP 1 sometimes these days when i lack the feeling of mayhem

  • Song?

  • 0:12 I know how it feels to be short.

  • 1:35 looks like a planet passing in front of a star. Maybe you have to discover planets around other stars using the transit method and other methods.

  • I noticed a ring spinning around the station put those things in this game? Or do you need to manually make them

  • I love how through the whole video the kerbals did nothing right

  • Jacksepticeye better fucking play this

  • Multiplayer?

  • If the graphics Are that good then... MOM WHERES MY WALLET!!..

  • I have a question. How can I download the game?

  • I love KSP

  • Anyone still watching this in 2020?

  • "Outro" and "i dont wanna miss a thing" is the only music that almost make me cried

  • Ksp shows the best form of destruction construction

  • je tien a dire quelque chose au développer arrêter de faire un sorte qu'il casse tout des qu'il arrive

  • Thank you motivational lizard.

  • the new planets should be added to the original game...


  • holy shit this is magnificent

  • Hey i had question in mind how much will the game cost?

  • es bellisimo

  • Why do I feel like m83 is such a staple band for Ksp, songs like outro, my tears are becoming a sea. Just, so, perfect in capturing the stupid awe of this game. M83 will always feel nostalgic to me for some reason, and they go so well to just play in the background while playing this game.

  • My pc 「fuck」

  • So is the project still alive? Please release the game

  • School: gives exam The exam: 2+2=? The brain of every 1st grader: 0:17

  • just here to check the next cracked game that i will install

  • Put em drives in Ksp 2

  • The likes to dislike ratio is amazing.

  • Its been 4 months still no word.. has it been cancelled?

  • It’s so beautiful 🥺

  • im gonna buy this when it comes out it looks cool

  • Oh my!!

  • And put the nuclear pulse rocket in KSP 1 and the sequel

  • Look up how the nuclear pulse rocket works on Google too

  • 0:20:NOT REAL GAMEPLAY??????

  • 1 like=a wish for god to give u a ksp2

  • hooray

  • Happy birthday JEB! I may be late to say but anyway

  • Will there be a discount for KSP 1 players? P. S. Nice Interstellar-esque ambience.

  • this better be good

  • Who else cried because of trailer,to be honest?

  • This is the reason that im studying programming w

  • So kerbals evolve into travelers of no mans sky? Cool!

  • i havent explored the first Kerbol system fully, and im already getting a new one? btw will Jebediah still own a junkyard? Will you produce funny trailers of kerbals failing like the ones shown about KSP1?i.e. "Selection Process"

  • Its haze then grayart no spaces

  • Not has or haz

  • I ment to spell it hazegrayart

  • Yeh this doesn’t work not even in the slightest especially when xbox one version is extremely broken as my ship it currently spinning round so fast that it’s stretched out the whole screen

  • I can't wait.....


  • 7 years of great service, Kerbal Space Program! cant wait till KSP2 first komment of the new decade

  • I love it when the scientist yells “GET AWAY FROM THERE!” It is just too funny! 🤣🤣

  • i havent even played the first one but i really want this now

  • Your price will be mine !! but no micro transaction or dlc please !

    • Not sure how they could even really do microtransactions besides maybe "WOW kerbal suit designs!" which I wouldn't even almost care enough about to buy.

  • Take my money, bitch!!!

  • добавить диалоги и будет трейлер к фильму уже который я хочу посматреть

  • Look up how the orion nuclear Propulsion system works

  • No hash tag just spaces

  • I mean look up hazgrayart orion nuclear Propulsion to see wat I mean okay

  • Guess what kerbal space program I have a idea make an update for KSP not for its DLC's just the game itself the update will be a Orion Nuclear Propulsion system looking rocket Orion Nuclear Propulsion is a cancelled 1965 NASA project look up Orion Nuclear Propulsion #HasgrayartOrionNuclear this link will teach ya what I mean put the update on console and pc please except my comment I want this update in February 2020

  • stunning

  • Thank you for the endless hours on KSP. It will be hard to let it go but I'll welcome KSP2 with open arms. Private Division, you guys got this.

  • Dina looks like the moon but red orange

  • Now gonna wait 10 more years for the KSP 3 to come out because I love KSP

  • Brought me to tears, I fucking love this game.

  • M83 did everything !

  • W H E N

  • Is kerbal space Programm 2 heavy to modding ?❓

    • Yes, they are giving KSP 2 full modding with many more features for the developers and built-in multiplayer support.

  • Это красиво It is beautiful

  • best birthday present i could have asked for

  • the best birthday present i could have asked for

  • XD

  • Top unboxing👏🌝

  • Me: Watching this on my PC My PC: Oh no... He had the idea

  • Let's fucking go, I can't wait!