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F*CK THEM is more of an attitude rather than just an opinion . . .


dalyb - HUF
dalyb - HUFPřed 14 dny
Snubbs - Balaclava
Snubbs - BalaclavaPřed měsícem
Zayo - Andre Rose
Zayo - Andre RosePřed měsícem
Apollo Sway - 7pm
Apollo Sway - 7pmPřed měsícem
dalyb - tag
dalyb - tagPřed měsícem
samey - my
samey - myPřed měsícem
Snubbs - Brainless
Snubbs - BrainlessPřed 2 měsíci
Zayo - COWBOY ft. Samey
Zayo - COWBOY ft. SameyPřed 2 měsíci
samey - ! ft. gleb
samey - ! ft. glebPřed 3 měsíci
Lil Ben - Slangin Iron
Lil Ben - Slangin IronPřed 3 měsíci
samey - ruky
samey - rukyPřed 4 měsíci


  • 2020?like

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-IaNKPkbww4o.html Сережа Местный - Яд

  • 💫💫💫💫🆘🆘🆘

  • Když budeš kouřit tak si poskrabes nohu chcipam 😂😂😂😂

  • #255

  • When you're just chillin en she says shes home alone 1:54

  • 2:13 jak Zayo povedal že yaaa a ten Tekashi pred kamerov.😂

  • golden

  • 1:34

  • I fuck m'y dog oupss

  • Заебали рофлить,дауны,он ахуеннен,потому что звучит на бите,кто бы что не пиздел

  • Fyvybc4

  • Ниггас эфио блеки гат ту стеффио

  • W en el chat

  • 2020 xd kdo taky poslouchá 😂😃🥀

  • What or name ?

  • 6ix9ine 🌈 🦄


  • E

  • Пацюк блять

  • S est du lourd

  • is that a song what made him famous?

  • You look like xxxtenaction LOL

  • Nice teeths

  • free 6ix9ine

  • Ja sa tiež volám stanko

  • I still fuck wit 6ix

  • Tekashi 69 I need ya. Lapd tekashi I need ya

  • Gummo what's up

  • Oh shit ... it's a rat🐀

  • Judge 50 years 6ix9ine: lil pump ain't a real pump...

  • Ahhhhhh slime💚

  • How did we start from Tupac and ended up with this doe

  • Who's here after he's imprisonment?

  • Noen with crop top 😜😜😜

  • If youre here because of sushilbawa youre a real one

  • You guys need to drop tracks more often, you got all of us waiting for more .

  • Navajo Nation AZ Rez here, This dude Was The Best but other Best got tha Better of The, Shit @ny bet I would have won worst or better lol

  • One year with dalyb

  • You snith blude!

  • When your wife's boyfriend brings extra guac from chipotle

  • I wonder what the comments are going to be after he dies

  • Judge 50 years 6ix9ine: m&m is not eminem

  • what has amer

  • bragging*

  • btw you aint got cash so stop bregging

  • you are so ugly no effense

  • What’s the smoke?

  • Oh yeah just what we need more rap. Sounds Mexican an African rapping trying to be Norse....dude get fuck outta here ur garbage. An obviously confused on who you are. Definitely nothing Viking about any of this.

  • When the science kids get to 18 years old

  • I don't care if he is a rat he still a G.O.A.T

  • Snitch9ine

  • blicky got the stiffy uh

  • Me encantan sus canciones i love you 6ix9ine

  • Snitch 9ine

  • Thanks so much for watching guys. I actually remastered the song, and you can hear the new mix here! cs-tv.org/tv/video-cJYJYXXh-xI.html

  • 0:15 when you know your older but you still ride ur little siblings car.!

  • I didn’t know shotti was in the video 0:34

  • Song fire even tho he’s a snitch

  • Judge: anything else? 6ix9ine: Eminem isn’t a real m&m

  • Who's on 2020

  • ❤❤❤❤

  • Like yes you live xd

  • Like si estas vivo xd

  • Un like sí vienes desde México.🔥

  • Wtf is this

  • Judge: okay that's it 6ix9ine: machine gun Kelly isn't a real machine gun

  • Coocaaaine

  • Anyone know what the smoke guns they have are called

  • Well ain’t it snitch 9ine the rat himself

  • u kinda look ugly

  • To yo door

  • Piči choďte radšej počúvať sadboya loka a nie 6ix9ina panebože 6ix9ine robí hanbu mexičanom

  • Judge: Alright, we came to 5 years, anything else? 69: I've never done the 69 pose in my life.

  • Judge: 47 years. 69: Ice cube is actually a human

  • I wish you guys still made music together =(

  • ależ niebezpieczna gangsterka ołmajgasz

  • Having fun in jail

  • 1:47 my thoughts after killing a lady bug

  • Girl: That's a huge cockroach Kid named cockroach: 1:25

  • 1:25 tik tok rat enters 1:35 tik tok tat leaves

  • The rat should have stuck to rapping not thugging. Nika snitching on they self.

  • Snitch nine and trippy Redd

  • Am I only one who came here becuz of FCK THEM?

  • snitch

  • Judge: 50 years 69: I know who let the dogs out

  • Who's here from FlyingKitty, not from TikTok?

  • Free the KING OF NEW YORK. He’s free around July. Ain’t no one touching Tekashi. Test my gangsta world tour pt2 please and first day out start trolling everyone hating on you.

  • počuva to niekto ? 2020

  • Who is here from the dancing tiktok mouse😂

  • So nobobdy is gonna talk about the fact that 69 is white and just says the nword

  • 1:24

  • Judge: 50 years Tekashi69 : I heard Frank Sheeran killed Jimmy Hoffa ...

  • Judge: 50 Years 6ix9ine: Michael Jackson isn't jack's son

  • Sama nahanala vcela ale preco tam tak pobehoval?

  • tik tok <3

  • i keep coming back to read the comments lol...

  • Hudba pre retardovanych kokotov

  • 0:11 my man tryna shadow clone more homies

  • I'm wondering why he has candy teath