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F*CK THEM is more of an attitude rather than just an opinion . . .


samey - ruky
samey - rukyPřed 5 dny
samey - my (audio)
samey - my (audio)Před 16 dny
Mykerook- Wake Up LOL
Mykerook- Wake Up LOLPřed měsícem
JL Way Up ft Gmn Zay.
JL Way Up ft Gmn Zay.Před měsícem
Gxx - Run My FaXe
Gxx - Run My FaXePřed 2 měsíci
Young D-Fly - Do You
Young D-Fly - Do YouPřed 2 měsíci
dalyb - blok123
dalyb - blok123Před 2 měsíci
Saul - Motýľ
Saul - MotýľPřed 2 měsíci
Saul - AGÓNIA & EXTÁZAPřed 2 měsíci
Diamonds - D3adPhilth
Diamonds - D3adPhilthPřed 3 měsíci
Medi Nima - With It
Medi Nima - With ItPřed 3 měsíci


  • I'm just curious, maybe my Caucasian challenged brothers can help me out in this one, but since when does being Hispanic qualify you for eligibility for frequent use of the "N word"? Seem a little iffy aaahh

  • I’m just here to see all those who’ll end up in jail..😂🤣🤣😂 even Granny going down 😂🤣😂🤣🤣 look at all these fools identifying themselves to the FEDS ... stay in school kids !!!

  • hey juge i know you're here to 🙂

  • Hmm. Republicans with different outfits.

  • Damn snitch nine lyrics are Fucking terrible

  • Snitch snitch snitch

  • 1:09 6ix9ine after he got all the information he needed

  • Why do I want to fuck him

  • Free 69 i still rock with him 💯💯💯 fuck treyway they betrayed tekashi now he got revenge on their bitchass 😈😈😈

  • He did not snitched, Betrayal for treason. #free6ix9ine

  • This is so bad.

  • Pýtaš sa ma kde som,vravím nieeekde

  • Retarded...hiphop is dead

  • Gangster shit ❤️🤫this man is fire 🔥

  • You know you’re dead now your creepy little bitch

  • How he gonna tell on them they just out there having a good time petty as fuck free all them niggas

  • I hate the fact that the Song still fire to me😑

  • On the real we feel this Clever stay hungry fam streets need you to make it

  • Everyone in this video going to jail 😂

  • Little dicki uhhh im a bitchi uhhhhlittle snitchi uhhh

  • Whos here for just read the comment

  • This shit lame and this nigga hella ugly..look like a fucking furby doll.

  • 🐁

  • You can run,but you can't hide.

  • Dead man walking.😉

  • Feds having a field day with this video

  • Snitch9

  • Stop snitches 6ix9ine

  • This shit hit different after reading those tweets lmaooo

  • Don’t pretend like this don’t slap just because he tellin 😂

  • On my life I could always tell he paid them niggaz I honestly thought this song/video was a joke for views

  • Granny going to jail too. Lol.

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣Decka sa hraju na tvrdakov ...

  • Sixnine: *incarcerated for a couple of hours* - Alright boom, ima go snitch 💀

  • 2020 ?

  • Punk ass snitch,he will get his sooner or later,can't hide forever.

  • All nine trey gangsta bloods hit the like botton. 🤔

  • Grown ass men acting like some high school freshmen.

  • Snitchhhh Ganngggg

  • Idc them niggas was not his friends. They was extorting him I’d snitch AND MAKE A DISS TRACK WHEN I GET OUT PERIOOODDTTT!!

  • f u c k y o u s i x n i n e b i g r a t

  • Shit still go hard 😭

  • they will kill him / RIP

  • This nigga told on everybody in the video 😭😭😭😭

  • Look at these niggas. Jus look at them. Do they look like the type of niggas u wanaa join if u aint grow up or really hang wid em like that

  • doesnt matter if he snitches on 1000 more people this will always go hardddddd

  • I saw this video and knew it was a wrap way back then. This silly mf thought he was in the south or Cali. You in NY, fool ass lil boy.

  • dude looks like a clown and a pirate got it on and made him.

  • Even though he a 🐀 this song still slap no 🧢

  • #FREE69

  • I dunno 🤷🏼‍♂️ why but this 🐀 reminds me of stitches from Miami- the one who got knocked out by Games manager

  • Snitchy uh 😂😂😂😂😂 cant lie...if they really did kidnap him I have no.problem him talking about them... but people outside like cardi b and him jones and trippie is a no no

  • Who els think he gonna die this week?


  • Anyone else realize that nobody showed him love in the video lol

  • a real g doesn't show up on a vid like a tard , these ones deserve to be snitched #free69

  • Who's here after 6ix9ine snitched on trippie

  • 69 bout to snitch on Me too. I gotta leave the country bro

  • He's not good at three things, lip syncing, writing, keeping his moth shut lol.

  • Where’s the diss on trippie redd

  • I see why he joined the gang.. protection and to advance his career.. but he must of not realized that he stepped into their environment not vice versa.. he just wasn't 100% down for that life.. at same time the gang should have known that and separated him from any actual street beef..

  • 🐁

  • Trippy Red diss track

  • I'm coming from the BVCOVIA!!

  • Run This Shit Up!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • klooooôôôôoop

  • Just imagine this playing in court 😂😂

  • The name of this channel is probably 6ix9ine's mindset about the gang rn

  • zase sračka vole , jaký gang ? navíc zase "inspirace " witchblades

  • those niggas just used him the whole time crazy

  • I hope everyone in this video gets killed except maybe the red jumpsuit dancing guy I like him. Fuck all y’all tho

  • Snitch....

  • He snitched on everyone in the video

  • More views for my niggah lets gooo


  • Eskere

  • This 370 Madison St? In Brooklyn?

  • morpheus and neo brought me here.....holly shit, we are doomed... i thought it cant get worst after Kanye Shit and Co. ......

  • 6ix9ine is a snitch

  • Everyone in this video a L

  • Rat Gang

  • Neskutečná 🔥Dalyb zajebal

  • Who's here after 69 snitched?

  • Jn

  • JUDGE: Your cooperation is appreciated Mr. Hernandez, the court is prepared to reduce your sentence to 12 years." 69: "Did I mention that the real sit caller of the Trey's is Miley Cyrus. Dora the Explorer is really smuggling cocaine in that talking back pack, for the cartel. Curtis Jackson stole his name and there's a planned gang way against the only real threat to street life: Chuck Norris. Whispering In the Gallery Dr. SEUESS: Geeze, this kids got more stories than I do.

  • Stooopid in 1 video

  • 69 bought to get a haircut, tattoo removal and go into witness protection. Bet

  • Simpler times 🧐

  • I said from day one never trust that rainbow hair boy. Way too soft in the eyes. Eyes don't lie that's how we read nigga in the Chi. Essa ass wouldn't last 5 mins in the Town.

  • ❤️

  • Najlepší (raper) neviem presné jaky štýl robí gleb ale nepovažuje sa za rapera,pochádza z ruska gg slovensko 👌😂

  • Errrone in this video going down, even the baby 👶🏽 he’s going on time out for a while

  • A postel si stihol zachranit

  • someone forgot caps lock when tyiping the tags

  • Your nothing but a bitch and a snitch, don’t know how you even became popular your music is trash and so is your image. #sorrynotsorry

  • Rat noises

  • This isn't new... in my city of Miami in the 90s the whole city was filled with maybe 50 gangs and I remember in 1996-2000 lots of Fags in south beach were getting robbed by the gangs and it was affecting the gay industry and people vacationing here and the mayor hit every gang in Miami with the Rico bill, every gang went to prison for a minimum of 10-20 yrs . Mayor said they was the same as organized crime... so... is this gonna happen in New york now because of this little show ... tall gang members better roll silent like Miami niggaz...

  • 0:14 Grandma's face when you snitch and now she's getting put in a maximum security nursing home

  • popičovka

  • Facing 50 uh Snitching on trippie Uh