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Haulover Inlet Boat Action!

As Miami natives, we get the opportunity to view and experience some gnarly boat action. Join me as I capture boats ripping through sunny Miami beaches and inlets!

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Nice catch! #shorts
Nice catch! #shortsPřed 2 měsíci


  • That twin turbo jacuzzi looks fun!

  • Sternik jest debilem!!!!

  • Love the Lekker. Classy as hell while remaining functional and built with modern tech. I see Cigarettes (modern models) and Midnight's to be like Lambos. Fast, expensive but tacky as all hell with no chance of aging gracefully.

  • That Scarab still a gorgeous badazz boat

  • What an idiot...fired!!

  • Wrong music, should have been comical as we all laugh at posey boaters fucking up😂

  • 😥😥 such a pretty boat

  • Seen that clip when the orca is flipping the seal around in the Ocean? This looks like that 🤣

  • Is there really a rental service where they rent out 300hp (!!!) boats?

  • 😢

  • save your phone sweetheart, they can put it in the casket with you

  • I’ve got a 1983 17 foot Montauk Boston Whaler with a 90 horse Yamaha that is pristine. We won’t be getting a chance to try that. We are 500 miles inland from the west coast. I’ve had the boat since 85 and never did make it to the coast with that boat. We use it on some high mountain lakes in Idaho👍🏻

  • At least some people were smart enough to buckle in for the ride.

  • sinking or cushions get wet?

  • A girl falls and never drops her phone... guys do that with beer all the time no biggie.

  • natural selection is a beautiful thing

  • How the boat stayed in frame all the time??

  • It think that helping people in difficoulty on water is law in most of the countries (us too) as it is here in Italy

  • Otra vez los tontos de la barca. Esta vez perdiendo a la gordi. Hay que ser bobo

  • Well I know where everyone lost there guns..

  • The Florida pool pump motor bearing repair guy approved ! that was good info

  • What dog? You mean the reflection in the window?

  • This has happened to me before

  • 1:36 That "Oh Shit" moment.

  • Prolly has a ton of secrets on it 😂

  • This is how to hurt yourself even tho fun.

  • Why didn't you Jump in the Waist deep Water and Help this Poor guy out? You were right there, you could have gave your camera to the guy laughing. He would have stayed and filmed the whole thing free of charge just to get his Rocks off. You could have used his scumbagism to help the Sailor and make this a Trending Video. I live in West Palm Beach, I'm a Sailor, Surfer, Seaman. I jumped off of a Sailboat while under Sail a 1/2 mile offshore and Swam into Boca Raton Beach during that hurricane that brushed by us just 2 weeks ago. I did it for Fun because I'm Bat Shit Crazy. Do I have to go out to these Jettys/Inlets and Show you how it's done and get this Money. That's what I'm doing, that's it, it's Genius Holy Shit!

  • I have some money so I’m gonna buy a boat… but have no idea how to work a boat. Recipe for disaster.

  • First Check weather forecast , if see the weather like 45knts up , you btter think twice before you go, otherwise you risking your life your passengers and your investment boat well gone

  • That’s why I never get into boats or planes.

  • Whaler for the win every time

  • I can tell you sitting in a boat with waves like that is not the least bit fun, it is very scary. Know from exp.

  • It's so stupid how no one on that boat is wearing a life jacket before going through that WATER channel well known for fleeping boats over.

  • Those Regal boats are designed stupid, shallow sharp bow that points down wtf

  • Boat with 3 idiots not one of them with a PDF. Some people just should never be sold a boat.

  • Did phone survived?

  • Well she's still making payments, another thousand dollars to go. screw iPhones I'll keep my money and save it for the pandemic.

  • Amazing!

  • Actually compressed my spine and fractured 3 vertebrae from someone doing this when I wasn’t ready. This brings shivers to me

  • I am just waiting for Capt. Stabbin’s boat… 🤣

  • There's no dog. Guy's shirt looks like it but stands up and you can see his arms.

  • Shoulda been sitting down

  • 人が、おらんくなった!

  • She was taking a live video shot on Instagram

  • Isn't this fun? Are you both having a good time? Hey, where did you go? Hello? Karen? Richard?

  • Show off so called captain, where's the safety of the passengers

  • Trim? What's that?

  • Gotta love the trump supporters going to help those people (: that’s America

  • Idiots sink boat

  • I like her cute dress

  • You can't fix stupid👍

  • To many people to the front of the boat

  • Them girls will have steel forged butts!

  • DANG, Boston Whalers have the most impressive boats I've seen work the rough waters

  • Right, so you wait until there’s a couple of tons of water on board through poor seamanship and vessel loading, and only then do you decide to give the children life jackets?! Bloody genius!! 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Wtf, no lifejackets.

  • No I did not see No Dog ?? Did anyone else?? 🤔 where is the Dog 🐕? Hope He is safe too

  • Fett

  • That guy driving the yellow boat near the beginning and end, if they're the same, seems to know how to read the swell! It's so satisfying to see the boat riding the swells so well!

  • Another one with all the gear and no idea

  • The captain is loco

  • You’d think these people would watch these videos and think fuck that looks dangerous how about we take a seat

  • HAHAHAHA this dude was FLYING! they lost a bag out of the back too lol 6:49 you can see it fall out the back really soon after

  • Not gonna lie I fast-forward just to watch those ladies catch Air

  • Been through the Rats Mouth on the way out through that many times. You really have to pay attention. Some were lucky they didn't kill anybody. Know the limits of your boat...and when you see conditions like that, be a man and turn around before you hurt someone..BTW, girl in the black bikini was smokin

  • It looks like the waves are following the boat. Afterthought put a life jacket on. And why are people filming this not going up and down with waves. I'm so confused.

  • I didn't see a dog🤔

  • Wife not happy her YSL bag is ruined lol!

  • Как моржи на побережье.😁

  • His tablets is gone Now i wonder how spongebob next episode will be

  • Y todos sin chaleco 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Stupidity knows no bounds? No safety vests Many, unsecured children Adults dressed to drown (dresses etc.) Boat driver suicidal too: strong cross currents, huge rogue waves and he turns the boat sideways to the waves. An idiot looking to capsize and drown innocent children - evil masked as"fun"

  • 1:55 Thanks for that (especially the one on the right)

  • NC blue Marlin tournament. 2022

  • What an idiot Gilligan! Now, what have we learned? Not everyone can or SHOULD be a boat captain!💯💯

  • Kids should have already had those life jackets on. 😒

  • Mystery boat lols like a 21 ft sea ray

  • Stupid people with money