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#71[REDDIT REVIEW]Před 28 dny
My Workout Review
My Workout ReviewPřed 2 měsíci


  • >If american uses Farenhait - shoot him. Well, they shoot themselves pretty good

  • He’ll survive 69 years

  • They should have won the last game! Double take on the jump and see one Fall Guy that was left was hit by the pole multiple times but always got back to the platform. Suspicious!

  • im a new channel it would help if yall subbed

  • He has to pee every goddamn episode like doesnt he have something better to do in life

  • When they roleplay as complaining streamers, close your eyes and who do you hear? Symfuhny. Dude

  • pewds nose is so shiny that he can start his own line of highlighter

  • If you need constant gratification, CS-tv might be the career choice for you

  • 0:50 mine was muselk, i watched his overwatch then he went to fortnite... and became one of those CS-tvrs

  • Pee pee saggin fly like a dragon

  • hate a menit woo are you?

  • .

  • use this post as a “i would absolutely purchase *Brid* button”


  • actually the best episode

  • Hubo un época en la que no podía ni escucharlo mientras jugaba, por suerte ya pasó ^^

  • Takeshi's Castle reboot.

  • Mystery box of herpes scabs

  • Pls play minecraft back😢

  • Nostalgic already 😔

  • When pewdiepie is grammatically correct but spelling favourite or flavour with the u in Australian word is considered incorrect even though you are spelling it correctly in your country that you are using word... But what hurts more is my Sirname is dutch so it is considered incorrect even though it is a name and is spelt correctly.

  • How did you lose count of your wins if you won ZERO times?

  • 6:45 He literally doesn't insult her, he just calls out simps for simping. Where's the insult? he just provides a reality check.

  • Pewds: hey Minecraft on Tesla's would be cool Me: you're the biggest Elon shill tho- Pewds: I'm a huge Elon shill though so. At least he's self aware lol

  • simp

  • I feel like a member 🤣

  • I think that everyone should have “straight?” Underneath their name from now on

  • Bruh you said you were gonna play minecraft this week wth man

  • He said it with out the bleep

  • as soon as my mom walked in the room he said f-ing a hole

  • What he picking all the ugly girls

  • iinaa laeibat firi fayirmuhtarfat💔 wamadlum💔"""""""" tahtuli layk eilmud yushufuni' """"""kila shakhs ajt eaynayh ealaa taeliqiin ya rabu ma tashuf ghyr alseadt*- 'atamanaa ma hda yaghlit eali bs arjukum aishtarku 💟💟😭😭

  • was this supposed to be funny ?

  • *Patiently waits for Pewds to make a 2020 rewind...*

  • The thumbnail is me to jacksepticeye

  • I think that my cringsoufogus has been destroyed

  • That's not vegan

  • Buh

  • 2:10 If you think about it, all the s**t really startet with Kakashi Killing Rin. The "plan" would've died if That night were just a happy reunion.

  • Tolong pke subbtitle indo

  • youtube: so this isn't pewdiepies pixelings pewdiepie : never has been

  • I sometimes forget pewds actually swears

  • Jack is so beta!

  • Pls play slime rancher

  • I love Swedish people

  • Thethumbnail is me with Jack and Pewds

  • " its ok he already in my DM's!" y Jake great, till he gotta be great?!

  • I really really really like this moving image.

  • Ele e pobre

  • This game feel rushed to be out max 2 years after the first not like it have been polished for 7 years.

  • F

  • Lazarbeam: I MADE FALL GUYS TRENDING!!!!!

  • Pewd's the type of person to judge a person for liking strawberry flavoured ice-cream because it is pink

  • subscribe to me for a surprise

  • yes we r live the sky i am surviving at home yes it is a good shot

  • The start is like Felix just not doing anything not knowing he's live and then some mumbling

  • 1:13 He really be calling mr orange an apple...

  • Sooo, that's how Felix stays on YT, he shits of FE, Anti-Vaxxers and C-19 skeptics.

  • See you in 7 years when youtube recommend this again✌️

  • It's like a swedish anime

  • first

  • Love this episode

  • 0:00 A Legend is Born: v

  • Switch between two cylinders on roll out. Also you can go pretty far down without falling off.

  • Fall guy? More like I want to die. Yes

  • 12:13 it exists And its called bacteriophage

  • It is Korbin Miles from OSR

  • I love on how ZAMaimations makes appearances and a lot of these videos, great work to everybody who worked on it too

  • Commander Keen

  • Binod

  • #1 trending for gaming

  • I got nothing alright bet

  • Idk about gays but ik one thing for sure that nowadays girls are either bisexuals or lesbians but never straight 🙄😭😭😭

  • F in the chat for the guy that got banned

  • Day 28 of commenting on every single one of pewds videos. Video count:1224

  • simp

  • Day 28 of commenting on every single one of pewds videos. Video count:1223

  • My name is cobin

  • Day 28 of commenting on every single one of pewds videos. Video count:1222