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Arekkz Gaming is a CS-tv gaming channel dedicated to covering all games, with a strong focus on Monster Hunter, Borderlands 3, Destiny 2, The Division 2 & other loot driven games. SUBSCRIBE for DAILY gaming videos - gameplay, let's plays, tutorials, live streams, guides and much more!
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  • Isabelle: THE RATINGS ARE PLUMMETING TOM, WHAT DO WE DO? Tom Nook: *The boy will handle it.*

  • *Happy music in the background* Arekks: *Destroying his whole island*

  • Total: 35k in the dropoff box from flowers Me: *Wait, That’s illegal*

  • I'll be happy so long as it doesn't have a vaguely contemporary setting like FFXV did. That was straight up unappealing to me and I didn't rush to play the game as a result, and after the reviews for it I'm in no hurry to either. That and i don't have a PS4 anyway so I can't lol.

  • Loved your monster hunter stuff, and am probably gona love your Valorant stuff

  • Online or offline

  • Fucking love the switch axe. Use to be a main gs and longsword user at the previous gen. Now test my axe and blade.

  • I know what ya mean Plesioth is worse than hell

  • I made 25 mill from buying 15k worth of turnips

  • What is your favourite weapon?

  • Now in 2020 all doubts cleared about everything

  • Elmo somg

  • How in the heck does anyone find these bones without this video or some cheat guide is what gets me

  • Thanks!

  • Yo what if they implemented this games style of ragdoll physics into minecraft and reworked the death animations of mobs lol id lowkey love to see that ngl

  • It really is a shame that the Elder Dragons are by and large so bad. All the busy particle effects and area denial stuff is supposed to be fun and impressive but it's just a nightmare to play against. And like you said, the dinosaur monsters fill a unique niche in the gaming space, every god damn game has dragons, I don't want Fatalis, I don't want Safi, I don't want any more fucking dragons, I want some cool, unique, interesting, unseen dinosaurs. That's what initially appealed to me about the series. Maybe it's why my interest in these games peter off at the endgame, all the interesting monsters are early on and in the end we're left with the big, overwrought spectacle fights that are just samey and unfun. Also fuck yeah Zorah is one of my favorite fights in the game and I was happy to farm him back to back. Love those siege monsters.

  • I think its after you defeat the fulgur anjanath's story quest, u can unlock the raider ride

  • MHW: Iceborne MHW: Fireborne MHW: Waterborne MHW: Thunderborne MHW: DRAGONBORN

  • I came for the information, I stayed for the puns

  • Well to hv asian body build...kratos would be out of wish assassin then

  • I'll be back in a few days when this has gone viral.

  • This game is so stingy with good decos, stopped playing when I saw the drop rates for attack and critical decos lv4 , where do I write Capcom to complain about their BS system?

  • Can you drop a new download link in the description? On MediaFire or Google Drive the file will not expire!

  • You're laughing? I have fire blight, thunder blight, ice blight, and dragon blight...and you are laughing?!

  • Arrekz: but thats more complex Me: say sike right now

  • I need help.I already complete safi jiva recon and my MR is 76 but I still can't unlock safi jiva siege. What Should I do to unlock the siege? I play this game offline.

  • You killed small slimes

  • Why do you keep calling Astalos Risex?

  • Why i cant find it i only found a moose do you need to proggres the game first ?

  • They really need to let us edit more than one square at a time. Like, imagine terraforming in 3x3 squares. That alone would speed up the process so much :')

  • Lol this was the first weapon I chose of course I had to train for 2 hrs before I even knew how to use the basics

  • wow... that is commitment on a whole different level..

  • the dream of every garage band kid. smashing their guitars

  • 10 solo runs in, I've made a total of 1 kill :D

  • This game can be completed in 3 hours...TOPS. No thanks.

  • Dead eye 👁 makes it easier for me

  • How do u open the hdmi port

  • As a guy who played every game since MHFU *I can't wait to smite this unholy beast* PS, PLS BRING BACK FATALIS!

  • or just Reset island to the starting point?

    • But then you'd lose everything. Items, recipes, villagers, upgraded shops, achievements, your entire museum collection 😅

  • I like the zen garden pattern can you share that info?

    • All the creator/path codes are in the description of my island tour video :)

  • There’s an agility orb nearby agent Oh wait this ain’t crackdown

  • Please, how do you change your birthday age ?

  • I did the same a few days ago! I originally had a city-like town but I was feeling homesick so got rid of everything and am going for a natural/rural type of island like my hometown.

  • how am I supposed to know what gunns I'm good with if I'm a beginner

  • "M60 has the biggest base mag with 100 rounds" M249 "Am I a joke to you?"

  • And don't forget the sound and ur map that's surrounding u

  • I just bought this game on 3ds for a sale price of 5.99USD. Just want to experience the underwater combat, it may come back soon on MH6.

  • 5.40

  • how is he playing it now ?

  • DLC 4 should bring back Maya from the dead. I'm still really annoyed with how the main campaign killed her off.

  • The whole japanese/western fusion and a story centered on a small town terrorised by one or several gangs must be a reference to/inspired by Yojimbo.

  • I just wanna day warzone is fucking ass I’m behind a wall and I’ll randomly die

  • Btw: Mighty Seafood Skewer:Max.Attack + 30.00 min (maybe not/could be random) Ingridients: 1×Razorshroom 1×Mighty Thistle 1×Mighty Carp 1× Monster Extract 1×Razorclaw Crab It is my pleasure =³=

  • Will Lincoln clay be on the new one 👀 ???

  • Who plays fortnite

  • Good to see that I'm not the only one who liked Zorah Magdaros xD I crafted his armor ( and it was very long to craft ) and used it during my HR playthrough :D

  • its so crap and dated

  • So theres no point really to buy this if youve played the last 3?

  • The one at 3:07 was so hard

  • I'm trying to improve my island and getting it beautiful and this dude just destroys it all lol

  • Villager: "I should probably stop by Nooks today and see what they ha--" 👀

  • MHGU is very good. But Switch need a proper MH.

  • 203

  • Not New York City...

  • When every ability is flashy game is starting looking like shit-fest. They could make high-cd abilities flashy with normal rotation being... toned down. I hope there will be some graphical option to cut-off animation effects. Ignoring annoying animations tho~ enviroment and characters look beautiful.

  • I need to get a US account to get a game that's on special

  • you really dont need to hit different trees u just need to hit one tree and just keep spamming A

  • They really need a feature where you can save layouts- I don't care how many bells it would cost to switch between layouts, or how long it would take for the project to complete, please let me save different island layouts so I don't have to demolish everything for 6 hours

  • It look so cute

  • I DO NOT like arena challenges

  • Throwing it out there right now, Gearbox is gonna tease us with the narrator being Fiona. We won't get to see her, leaving to the mystery of where she is, but hinting that she's still alive. . . Somewhere. I could just be a hopeful borderlands fanatic as well, however.

  • does srl come back with every dawning? cause i love this armor but i was never told this mode even existed so i missed both!

  • Sorry..if i buy mafia digital trilogy now will i receive pre order bonuses?

  • I love legends of runeterra

  • Went to tame it, it ran into the water and got thanos snapped out of existence. This games cool but these stupid bugs are catching up to me

  • the wasp sting knockouts lehrldjsoejr

  • is this roadmap still relevant while covid is going on?

  • Good luck with your next project! Love the game so far and this is my first Animal Crossing game :)

  • Love the gym in the beginning

  • Will this have local co-op at launch?

  • I’m not a fan. If I have to fight a monster with the health for Duos, at least let me use my gear to even the battlefield.

  • Original voice was a lot (and i mean A LOT) better, better emotions, comments, feelings... Fuckers took the best narrating compainion from us and gave us some lameAss little robot with no actual understanding of situation... 😭 Dinkle gave Ghost a lot more naturality and gave game a lot more immersion with proper voice tonality, made our Little Light be a „living” being not just AI...

  • the 99k bells work for those who want to know

  • Arekkz you absolute madlad... Actually really excited for this series as someone who hopped on the Animal Crossing train a little late 😅😁

  • I was introduced to monster hunter when the first one came out my brother got it but I myself didnt get into the series till tri came out for the wii

  • Everyone’s saying it’s hard to get but I got it very easily Didn’t get bucked off once

  • genuinely one of the most relaxing videos i've ever watched... apart from the bit with all the multiple bee attacks.

    • HAHA! The bees, I hate them! But everytime I get stung I'm like "surely it won't happen again soon..."

  • During all of this time I thought arrekz was bald but he secretly had a ponytail in the back of his head

  • who even uses this weapon lololol

  • So do we have to hold the RT all along this time while we are interrogating or we can let got of the trigger after selecting any one of the interrogation options ?

  • Is this horse better then the black elite one

  • 2:13 I was going to copy that but on top of autosaving, no cloud saving other than a service that is not clearly going to last forever, saves being baked onto the console itself rather then the cartage or a SD card and not being able to change profiles for new saves like literally every other game on switch even Pokémon sword and shield! Not to mention the only way to get a new save is too buy another fucking switch, or restart your entire fucking game, thee colour variations for the items are predetermined and I’m pretty sure you can’t check them till you actually get the town hall anyway! I would say hey Nintendo why don’t you fuck me in the ass some more?! But I’m pretty sure they would just take that as a challenge....... 😒

  • I really hope that is Krieg :) he's my favorite from BL2. Always wanted more story with him!

  • This game is boring.

  • Someone else has probably said this already and correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that you get the golden shovel if you help Gulliver either 30 or 50 times I can’t remember.

  • You should show the process to building the next town! Like start to finish. Or at least a few b4 and afters. I find it so hard (and still do) to make decisions about main locations..

  • Exploring New York City .....................

  • People in comments say overwhelm still does full damage when recall blocked but in my experience strike effects don't proc, like garen leveling for example. Which isn't intuitive imo

  • If you’re planning on doing a castle theme, I’d suggest checking out @mar0m0r1 on Twitter. What they’ve done with a castle idea is staggering, and imo they have THE best island I’ve seen shared anywhere

  • That hurt to watch so much work when in to Building your island wow new doe I get it