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We messed up
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We made a mistake
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  • I would pay him so much money to decorate my room😂 omg he should do that in the house he has😱

  • But why is this a bop tho?

  • ryland: pumping hand sanitiser like its nothing (2018) me: OH MY GOSH HAND SANITISER (2020 covid 19)

  • ryan fixing his hair every five minutes is a fucking mood!!!!

  • I love you Ryland but ah the cringe

  • Sooo what about if it rains?

  • :p

  • When ever I see these I wonder will he ever have the proper utincels and he never does

  • Those assumptions are all so stupid. Especially the one about using Shane? Are you dumb?! They are a couple! Would you not help your significant other grow? You must have been in some shitty relationships if you think that’s “not ok”! Smdh...

  • i am literally jealous

  • Ryland is a prettier girl than I’ll ever be 😩

  • Hi Ryland! Hi little girlies! Lol love you sister

  • How come Morgan and Andrew won’t try dating each other? I think they’d be adorable as a couple... just saying.

  • did anyone else see the dog poop by the elliptical no way that's rat shit

  • OMG when y’all went to the restaurant Cactus I about screamed because I made a Cactus Bar & Grill on Sims

  • i'm suprized to see that blue apron hasn't canceled them yet 🤣

  • Ryland is right those lights are piss yellow

  • i would sell my soul just to see gordon ramsey judge rylands lime zesting experties

  • “You gotta find a good outfit” me in my frickin uniform

  • 1:44 ME

  • It’s sad i have rats

  • Somebody needs to teach James Charles how to pluck eyebrows! Holy OUCH, he's doing it wrong!

  • Bro when the firework went off and I heard those kids scream idk why but I started laughing

  • Well done Ryland💕

  • Morgan- I saw you were on number one trending Shane- what -panic face- WHY

  • anyone else get a little “awe he’s saving room on those shelves for wedding pictures!”

  • 1. I love how Ryland didn’t buy a pattern. Icon. 2. Each video I watch Ryland has more rings 😂 one day his whole finger will be bling’d the fuck out. 3. I love how Cheeto has a little raccoon tail 🥰 ALL ICONS

  • This is honestly really sad

  • The hand sanitizer is gold now

  • shane why u no upload ur my only source of good quarantine (wit ryland to)

  • 😂😂 that little sound Shane makes at 12:36

  • Who else is watching during quarantine just eating a bunch of food behind the screen and saying wow I should do that 😄😋🤗

  • andrews laugh is everything

  • When a gay man goes to a gay hating store🤦😂

  • How to explain to the ER: I cut myself cooking. Not that hard, Morgan LOL

  • Lol so who’s the camera man? Because they need some help

  • 28:30 that whole scene just takes me out 😂😂😂 poor ryland

  • Morgan chasing a shot with a chip ❤️ my bitch

  • Every time ryland said co-slaw i cried 😂😂

  • Love how the second hotel room was 801 we love Utah 🥰

  • I am so sorry

  • If you want the comfiest slides EVER, check out the brand Oofos. Your feet will thank you!

  • Why plastic plates? ??.??

  • Shane, it's not weird for parents to call each other Mom and Dad. Pet parents count! <3

  • Morgan, if you can BBQ with propane, you can roast marshmallows with propane :)

  • I love it 😍

  • I'm so triggered by the fridge that was open for an eternity.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I like your decorating videos :) You're very good Invest in a pressure washer. It will make the patio cleaning a million times faster and easier. Good for washing the G wagon too

  • By his reaction the time I HAD to pepper spray someone in the face in self defense, Ryland, DON'T DO IT!!!!!!

  • I can tell Ryland is from Utah since he doesn’t say his t’s 😂

  • 5:51. Me

  • Is it just me or why did Shane go on 2 knees?😂😂💖𗁤

  • the ice cube is to help get rid of hickeys lol

  • Ryland " how do you hide your face? Shame " with MAKE-UP! Omg I will use that xD Im a Taurus too and married to a Libra xD

  • I fucking died when he blew the shit out of the egg 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryland wouldn’t have any subs if he wasn’t with Shane! She a goldiggaaaaaa

  • I don’t think you realise how uplifting your videos are, at a time like this I’m getting so many laughs out of your videos... so Thankyou

  • i just noticed girl ryland gives me avril lavigne vibes bc of the lil nose and curly lips and shane b an avril stan its all coming together


  • Nobody's. Is should I give up

  • Hahaha hahaha. ... haha.... HAHA!!!

  • Hahaha

  • I'm drunk right now and haven't watched y'all in a month so I'm going to keep commenting until somebody notices hahaha

  • You're way better Shane validation..... I still love you Ryland I love you even more now that you're with Shane and Shane's with you

  • ..

  • .

  • .

  • " your fuking right"

  • 6:25

  • Morgan’s not even funny to me, she’s cringe

  • You guys make me so happy😭😭 i aint ever see such a cute couple I feel like Shane is finally himself and you've helped him through a lot i love youuu

  • can we take a moment to stan rylands mom?? shes literally wearing shanes merch

  • Anybody get the impression that now shanes super rich from conspiracy palate that they have all just given up with CS-tv? 😢

  • 2:40

  • Everyone before Quarentine: "Idgaf about being THAT clean." Everyone during Quarentine: 7:46 😂😂😂♥♥

  • No one: Not a soul: Shane:Yo I ThInK-

  • 4:13 Shane somewhere saying "MEEEEE."♥♥♥♥😂

  • 15:21 and 15:33 I don't know if this was an editing mistake but they included the same clip twice I thought it was deja Vu and I thought I was tripping but I wasn't sooooo... ♥♥♥😂😂

  • Who else was happy to see Shane again seen as he isn’t uploading videos ☺️

  • I love that’s gert is wearing a lil dicky shirt

  • You don’t post enough! I need to get my Ryland fix! 😭

  • After Shane goes “Morgan we’re drinking” her little “WOOOO” in the background is sending me 😂

  • Ok disclaimer! This comment isnt meant to be hate! I just found it funny! Shane: I'm overwhelmed buying so much makeup Me: I'm overwhelmed with all my schoolwork that no teacher even cared explaining to me. Lol

  • I’m just now seeing this vid but the edits are so funny omfg

  • I look like Adam Latonia 😂😂😂

  • Thought they said 2courses .. meal and a desert ...why did she put a donut in the meal??

  • I wanna own a farm and the animals just because. I don't wanna kill them or even sale the milk and eggs

  • why did i see a comment saying logan and jake paul are a better couple

  • Why i lowkey ships andrew and morgan!?

  • Oh Shane. I know you have issues about your body/looks but you really need to work on the negative self talk <3

  • Quarantine has brought me here... 🤷‍♀️ Side note: James & Ryland are gorgeous! ♥️

  • and sam an cat

  • Those expression of Shane when he saw the golden sequin look. I can't deal with it. Its laughing abs out

  • i like how ryland wanted to go downstairs (20:24) at first and that shane was downstairs like i truly feel theyre soulmates

  • Are they gay?

  • oml look at his mouth on 7:04 xD

  • imagine jeffree does rylands makeup at their wedding 🥺

  • "Get your underwear from Walmart, ladies. Your man's not gonna know."

  • Okay but like Andrew and Morgan would be cute together- anybody else agree with me TwT