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Dr. Mikhail "Mike" Varshavski D.O.
Actively Practicing Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor living in NYC
#1 Health/Medicine Influencer w/ 8,000,000+ followers
An avid explorer of life. Just a man and his dogs against the world. Human first.
My goal is to make the field of medicine relatable, understandable, and fun!
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Nike Challenged Me...
Nike Challenged Me...Před 3 měsíci


  • i stepped i a glass shard on big toe....when i was 8 and took it out and cleaned and then i was good👁️👄👁️

  • 3:07 red blood cells standing around not delivering oxygen...this man is dying right now

  • This coward has refused to debate Dr. Judy after to having agreed to do it 3 separate times. His excuse was that he was too busy, He probably voted for Hilary..

  • Also correct me if I’m wrong but I heard from someone black women have higher chances to die due to giving birth what’s ur opinion on this ?

  • Eat a doctor a day...🤦‍♀️ Wait.

  • Apex is better than any other battle Royale anyways(you need to turn up your sensitivity it’ll help a lot)

  • *punches a wall* "My man doesn't have matching scrubs on?! What are you doing??"

  • My dogs Bear and Silas kinda share (Bear steals it from Silas) a bone like that!! I also didnt know your dogs name is Bear so im kind of want to see him now… Edit: i've seen him now and he looks nothing like my Bear, my bear is a medium sized doggo while yours is a big pupper

  • I love Bear. My first dog was a Newfoundland, and my current dog is a Leonberger, which is a cross between a Newfoundland, Great pyrenees, and Saint Bernard.

  • When he said my shirts aren’t reasonably over priced, there like 40-50 dollars’ were as my shirts over here are like five from the dollar store 😢

  • The knee thing... that happens to me much more often like every 2 months for about 4 years now. It used to hurt a lot the first time and every next time it happened it hurt less and less. For me it happens on both my knees. Soo it does happen

  • You are ider demonic or Satanic!!!

  • This hurts to watch... Good thing he's adorable.

  • All science is funded by money. The people with money can influence the research. CDC and WHO are still funded ( government or non-government). It is not like they live making money on their own by selling T-shirts. So, if their research is the ultimate truth, then I'm sorry to say that nothing in science is ultimate truth. It's just people with money influencing people with logic and the people who believe the people with logic.

  • this is like a kid showing his parent a joke(or a meme), and it turns into a whole lesson

  • I’m just bing watching your videos to make me feel better

  • Scorpio?!??

  • Hey Dr.Mike great. Haha a doctor heart ,body and mind disorder phewew


  • Soo... majority of the people in my friends family have had/ died from cancer.. is it normal for it to run in the family, or is is coincidence?

  • Yo mike we are waiting for ur barshovsky world 👀

  • Do not burn your feets 4:03 makes me laugh 😂

  • All very well, but my gut is churning because of your defense of Gates, fauci, Kadlec and the official narrative. Bullshit Gates doesn't make money. Go check Amazing Polly. She shows all the links between all the so called humanitarian charitable causes, big parma, political figures. That you claim RFK Jr anti vax just shows your lack of insight. He is not anti vax, he is anti unsafe vaccinations, which comes about by the vaccine makers not being held to account for ANY injury or dead caused by their product. The HHS was supposed to furnish, by law, documentation every 2 years to congress recording the safety, improvements and injury from vaccination since 1986. As of 2018 they had not provided this information for the 32 previous years. The hundreds of millions of dollars Gates "donates" to agencies that benefit his drive for global vaccination / tracing and his eugenics program makes my skin crawl. I think you should widen your knowledge base rather than just reading the scripted MSM narrative.

  • Bye guys am going and watch this show adios

  • Minecraft: cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, zombies, skeletons, spiders, endermen... Dr.Mike: why are there animals and monsters in the hospital? Open fire? Blood? No elevators? Minecraft players: is hi stupid or something? Animals and monsters just spawn themselves everywhere, those are torches and they are mostly used in mncft, no that's not blood it's called Radstone, and elevators don't exist in minecraft. PLEASE DON'T BUILD YOUR OWN HOSPITAL😑😓

  • Is roxy still alive today?

  • What happened to her ? Now

  • Should physical exams feel awkward?

  • Dr. Mike: "I love drinking water but I know it's not gonna make me money..." Also Dr. Mike: Spills money water. I wouldn't quit your day job just yet

  • anybody else notice the clip from doctor strange around 3:50

  • I love Bear. My first dog was a Newphie, and my current dog is a Leonberger. (Mix between newphie, great pyrenees, and a saint bernard)

  • I need a part 2!

  • Doctor Mike I have a medical question, my dad broke his knee a few years back (around 8 years) and he never got surgery to fix it and it's still broken today is that bad and is there anyway he can relive the pain he has without surgery because we can't afford it

  • Is nobody gonna comments on how HE WAS GONNA USE A PEN TO DO SURGERY

  • He "fact-checks" this virologist saying she has no proof of those claims, yet he hasn't provided anything that her statements are inaccurate. Why was youtube so very desperate do delete her documentary every time it appeared on the platform?

    • If it is censored by CS-tv & the mainstream media ...that means it's *true.* It's getting pretty easy to figure things out, these days.

  • 1:29. I tried, I really did. Less than two minutes in and it’s apparent you have only one perspective. One media channel shows the violence while three other channels show the peaceful protests, almost to the exclusion of the violence. And since when do you expect the news to cover something other than the violence? Why are you making a video? Is it about something peaceful that happened or is it because you’re jumping on the hype train of death and destruction that buys you clicks and strokes your ego. You are a divisive, condescending, imbecile parroting useless talking points and perpetuating further conflict. Wish I hadn’t clicked.

  • Dr Mike have you reviewed Greys Anatomy season 8 episode 24? It’s a plane crash involving the surgeons. Lots of different medical occurrences happen.

  • Here is a random question, but what did you have for breakfast this morning? If you want a more serious question though, is vaping bad for you? My parents vape and my grandparents smoke... what’s your opinion on this?

  • I love your videos I just found you today.

  • Ohkay. I want to see how you use facetune doc 😅❤️ teach us maybe

  • I'm definitely looking forward to your Sims4 journey. Subscribed!!

  • O que ele tá fazendo ? hahahhahah

  • The CS-tv clip has 200000 veiws but this vid has 22m

  • 0:35 I diagnose you with bloody diarrhea.

  • i cant be the only one bothered by how he dosent know whats happening between the charecters and he dosent know whos with who or whos baby its is

  • I have a random question, I have brown spots on my eyes. How do I get rid of them? love your show btw

  • Actually if you can see energetically, you can tell exactly what type of tumor it is.

  • when ur on season 16 and, christina, addison, adele, mark, derek, lexi, arizona, callie, izzy, george, burke, and richard’s hair are all gone

  • What is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

  • “Fear” Well, you were/are an engineer. Sir Others should have feared you 😈

  • I need a dog because i have clinical depression 😂😂😂

  • What I am wondering about are all these posts on social media about various creepy neurological symptoms from all kinds of people that either have had COVID or suspected they did. Additionally, lots of people that never had any symptoms are mentioning elevated d-dimers and docs suspecting blood clots, TIA's and worse. Am I the only one seeing this? Should we be taking Vitamin E or something to perhaps try to prevent clots? I wonder how many medical professionals are looking at this aspect of this disease. I mean, I could be seeing a pattern where there is none, but, I am wondering if some of these asymptomatic or mild cases may still carry some serious consequences...? Help us doc :)

  • Nuncus???? “You-you know it” “Ah i do? Ok.”

  • If you live in Australia call 000 for emergency

  • In the same way you say the media only shows violent protests, they also only show black people being killed by police, which is less than 1%(unarmed). Its being done to cause uproar. Read unbiased FACTS please. Get the information first before you jump on any one bandwagon. People have died in these protests

  • Dr mike your cooking gave me stress lol 😂


  • First aid = Vagina?!?

  • Eilishavacodoes_ there post was accurate because my house is one mile from the highway.😂

  • I like you

  • I wish our PM was this straight forward

  • Doctor Mike: "Don't eat chips, don't do it." Me: *Literally eating chips while watching this* "😶" [cricket noises]

  • Omg this was brilliant! I want to see Bear.

  • Yes please continue sims !!! Like so that Dr Mike can go on

  • Cases come to house after regular doctors have failed to recognise the problem. This is the reason House starts off with really uncommon diagnosis or questions because prior to coming to him, all the possible common diseases are already ruled out.

  • As someone who has to get blood draws very frequently due to kidney problems, I can say that cold spray is my worst enemy. It was nice when I was younger but now I discovered I have a mild allergy to the cold, or cold urticaria. I got all the tests back negative but I break out in hives whenever I’m outside too much in winter. The doctors do believe I have it and the tests that they do are not very accurate because the test I got was putting an ice cube on my arm but since the rest of the room was warm I didn’t react. Like I said, I have a mild case and it doesn’t get in the way of my life much, but I feel bad for those who have worse cases. So pretty much I have cold urticaria, post infectious nephritis was I was 16 months (kidney infection), and a severe dairy allergy that I have accepted I will never grow out of. I’ve known since I was a baby that I couldn’t have dairy but I live a normal life. Same as my peers. I like doing normal things like going to the movies and my friends know whenever we go somewhere we have to go to a safe place for me first. I wouldn’t switch my life for anyone else’s. Edit: spelling of cold urticaria

  • dr. mike, there are a lot of students wanting to be doctors but not knowing where to start. can you make a video on the procedure behind it, what to do first, what happens in medical school, the stages/levels and idk, just how to become a doctor in general- including specialising? i'd really like to know cause im aiming to be a psychologist in the future. thanks for any help.

  • this bro is saying that you need sunblock I've never had a Sun burn in my life and I never wear Sun block I just get so brown that you could confuse me with a Mexican and I and white AF

  • as much as I love you, dear god watching this made me cringe gET SOME KNIFE SKILLS. KNIFES the best way to hold a knife for control (slicing and stuff like that) pinch the back of the blade or just in front of your knives bolster, with your pointer finger and thumb and hold the handle with the rest of your hand. while mincing things like garlic I like to first, while it's still unpeeled, crush it with the side of your knife, then take off the skin. while mincing it, hold the handle with your whole hand. the tip of your blade should never leave the chopping board and just move the handle up and down and move the garlic back to the center every once in a while. once it's finely chopped, take the blade of your knife and hold it at an angle and spread out the garlic almost like a spread. after a while, it should almost become a paste. while chopping things, bend your fingers into a "claw so that your fingernails are parallel to your palm. hold the food your chopping with your claw. put the blade of your knife against the middle of your finger and move the blade up and down. KNIFE MAINTENANCE ok first off, how do you sharpen your knives? there's a couple of different ways to do. a pretty common way to sharpen your knives is by using a sharpening steel. while holding the edge of your knife at around a 20-degree angle and while holding the steel up, move the blade down and out toward your hand, then up and over and do the same on the other side (you should do this fast for a sharper blade but PLEASE be careful you can really slice your hand like this.)if you have any southern knives (knives that are sharp on one side of the blade) you should get a sharpening block. there are two main different kinds, one with small grit and another with big grit. wet your stones for 24 hours or more. after 24 hours, using your big gritstone, pinch the blade with one hand, and lightly hold the handle with the other. hold the blade at 20degrees to the block and quickly move it back and forth along the stone while moving it back and forth. after doing this for a bit, start using the small gritstone, the small big grit will sharpen and smooth your blade while the small grit puts an edge on your blade. (also for getting good knives I suggest getting it off of Korin, they might cost a bit but JESUS A GOOD KNIFE DOES IT A L L CUTTING BOARDS while using a cutting board ALWAYS put a wet paper towel under it. that way the board will not slip from under your blade. I do suggest getting a thicker board, but that's personal preference bc it just feels like it has more control. I also suggest getting a wooden cutting board because a, it will last you MUCH longer, b, it will look more rustic with time, and c, for when cutting something hot, you wouldn't want to cut a hot steak on a thin piece of plastic. to maintain a wooden cutting board just oil it with mineral oil once in a while to keep it healthy and moisturized. if you have any wooden tools please dont let it sit in water for too long, it will dry out and warp or crack. SAUCE while melting butter, I suggest cutting it into small cubes and stir frequently, that way it'll melt faster and is less likely to burn. a good tip for keeping seeds out of lemon juice it to squeeze it into your hand and filter the seeds through your fingers, for measuring wet ingredients there are liquid and dry measuring cups, for both of our sakes please get some. to reduce a sauce you shouldn't let it get to a hard boil, let it get to a light boil at most and stir frequently and let it reduce until creamy. the reason why the recipe didn't explain much about the parsley was probably that they meant parsley to taste, so add a pinch (around 1/16 of a teaspoon) in, stir it in, taste it, see if you want to add some more afterward (ALWAYS taste your food as your cooking, you wouldn't go do surgery on someone with a blindfold on and try and go and fix what you messed up later). while adding in seasonings like salt and pepper I suggest grinding it into your had and from your palm, take a pinch of it, and add it in. also, I suggest getting some flakey salt like Fleur de sel or kosher salt because you will get a better idea of how much you're using while pinching it. and did it say fresh or dried parsley? it'll make all the difference if you use fresh or dried. OTHER TIPS to accurately measure things like butter or lard, you can fill a liquid measuring cup with some water and add some hard butter in until he water rises the amount of butter you need to measure things like molasses, get your measuring item and spray it with pam or some cooking spray, that way when you pour it out it comes out much faster. get an American Test Kitchen account! they test out different recipes and different variations to find the best possible and easiest version of said recipe. they also test out different kitchen equipment btw if you are using flower for something like bread sift it in, it'll get rid of any clumps. and while measuring flower or things like it scoop it into your measuring cup than using a butter knife slice it into four, the use the straight side of the knife to scrape off any excess flour. that way you get out any air bubbles and get a more accurate amount.

  • Isn’t is a mnemonic device for the bones in your hand or wrist?

  • Hello sir🙏 I need your help. I'm first year MBBS student. I'm so much confused and depressed for last 3 years... I think I'm suffering from high fear, that I will do some mistakes & may be I'm not right person to becoming doctor. Actually my dream was to be astronaut but at that time I could not fight against my parents for my dream but now Still I can't accept that I can be a great doctor.😭😭😭 Universe gives special dream to everyone, is this special dream of my life???!!!!! I'm so much kind and I love to help people and I don't want to be mediocre also, I want extraordinary life 😖😖😖😖😖Is this only fear of medicine or something else 😫😫plz help me, this is golden period of life at 18 , I don't want to waste it in being depressed😨😨

  • Stuff has changed, man... but like this is still one of the “good” channels of today

  • I chuckled a little too hard when he spills the cashews.

  • Me: **watches this video to educate myself and possible improve my habits for my overall health** Dr mike: **says vagina** That little voice in my head: **he said vagina hehehhehehe** Moral of the story: even though I’m consciously very mature I still have teenager brain deep down

  • lol my dad is a mirror image of this guy (he's a nurse practitioner). Same color scrubs, same general look, same iPad, for Gods sake.

  • Sorry if this is a silly question, but why would delivering on a plane be really quick? Amazing video by the way!

  • Wheres your plant?

  • When he cough I thought he had covid but then I look at the date and it is 10 month ago

  • When he cough I thought he had covid but then I look at the date and it is 10 month ago

  • 4:45 you sound like a Karin

  • two cute doctors in the thumbnail 😍

  • They have REALLY good chemistry

  • I like to drink Twinings Mint Green Tea. Mostly green tea with about 7% by weight peppermint. I love it and is great for your breath!

  • so I’m legit scared

  • Royal oak chronograph?

  • Watching him build a “house” was one of the most uncomfortable things to watch😩😭

  • Years ago, on a humorous fake news Web site (could've been The Onion), they posted a satirical article called If the News Media was Truthful and it showed a headline titled "Things Mostly Okay". There are instances in which the Media is vital to raising awareness of us turning into Nazis, but often it's clear that many outlets follow the "If it leads, it bleeds" doctrine.

  • Definitely keep playing The Sims. I play so if you have any questions...

  • Dr Mike is the real one here

  • Why can't I see the 37k COMMENTS you tube and the plandemic

  • The retractor one made my arms hurt just thinking about it

  • Can you react to romantic doctor teacher kim please . Season 1 episode 1, u'll love it

  • What about getting blood tests and vaccines - is this safe?

  • I need more of this! 😂

  • Dr.Mike what’s behind the green glass door?

  • Still a plandemic your not facts

  • As a simmer I cringed quite a bit, but this was fun to watch nonetheless. You will learn. We all start somewhere.

  • I’m not too sure about now but my uncle is a heart surgeon and he is covered and I mean COVERED in tattoos