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Hello,my name is Pedro and I have been in the aquarium hobby for 30 years and have been keeping natives just as long. This channel is dedicated to the collecting,keeping,breeding and the conservation of North American Native fishes. Also have DIY,native aquarium set-up,aquatic plants,aquatic insects,and crustaceans. If you enjoy aquarium and want to learn more about native fish. Then this is the channel for you.


Rainbow Darter
Rainbow DarterPřed 3 měsíci
Tadpoles Madtoms
Tadpoles MadtomsPřed rokem
Native fish talk
Native fish talkPřed 2 lety
Native Fish Talk
Native Fish TalkPřed 2 lety
one more try
one more tryPřed 2 lety
Plans for 2017
Plans for 2017Před 2 lety
I'm Back Update
I'm Back UpdatePřed 3 lety
Update Nov  5, 2015
Update Nov 5, 2015Před 3 lety
Update May 29,2015
Update May 29,2015Před 4 lety
CatastrophePřed 4 lety
Keeping it cool
Keeping it coolPřed 6 lety
Brindle Madtom
Brindle MadtomPřed 6 lety
Grass Pickerel Fry
Grass Pickerel FryPřed 8 lety