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  • Setien tienen que jugar 4,3,3,almenos hasta que termine la temporada .....🤦‍♂️

  • Griezmann saved us! Great job!

  • Griezmann the best player❤❤

  • 💙♥️ Griezman like ⚽⚽

  • Thanks griezmann for helping us again

  • Where does the legend messi

  • Que campo merda e esse...parece uma quadra o bagulho

  • I dont know how will they defeat big clubs if they had so much problem in defeating ibiza. Defense was like shit against ibiza

  • Rakitic out

  • Me dribbling a Ball at a game My coach : pass the ball

  • Empesa a entrenar y poner los Jugadores adecuadosssss......!!

  • En buena hora de la que nos a salvado griezmann de jong y alba me parece con los pases para los goles esperemos para la siguiente ronda se lo tomen mas enserio por que lo de hoy estubo cerca de una gran desepcion

  • We can’t win playing like this. There is a lot to be changed before the UCL knockout comes

  • Line up vs valencia should be: Mats Alba Umtiti Pique/lenglet Busquets De jong Arthur Perez Griezmann Messi ©️

  • tiki taka vs Cross cross cross

  • I took an L in Ibiza Almost...

  • Força barça🔵🔴

  • Griezmann weak he surely is not a 120 player I mean people hype him up but he scores because he as a lot of support from his team.

  • Y los mandrilistas quejándose de robo😂😂😂

  • 🦸‍♂️griezmann ⚽️⚽️⛳🥅⛳🔥🔥👏👏👏👍

  • 😍 Griezmann ❤️🔥

  • لا يحتاج برشلونه رأس حربه غريزمان يكفي يحتاج طرف يمين على مستوى عالي وقلب دفاع وياليت يكون فان دايك

  • Football stadium or night club?

  • ♥️♥️Griezmann

  • If Messi and Suarez are not there for fc Barcelona then griezmann is there

  • Merci Barca💪👏👏👏


  • Finally his been sack FREEDOM!!!!!

  • Why does the music sound scary?

  • 7:02-7:10 Grizi😂😂😂

  • Barcelona ❣❣❣❣🙏🙏🙏❤

  • 😉😉😉😉

  • Hero ❄️ = Griezmann's Bullying 😂 = one goals of UD Ibiza

  • Forget new number 9 signing, we have Griezmann. 💥💥

  • اكو عرب هناه

  • Damn this music is scary

  • Unprofessional Ibiza players

  • Español alguien

  • Super Grizou 🔥

  • Horror audio?

  • 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • Copa del capitana

  • This video was so close to being deleted and never being uploaded.

  • guy with the jersey will be disappointed 3:00

  • Hearing all this house is too funny it's only right

  • Hola equipo de fútbol Barcelona saludos cordiales atte rover

  • setien: like no place for valverde to vote as my opinion 🤭

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • The players are acting rude at least say Hi when they say hi to u instead of putting earphones in ur ears to not answer to anyone

    • They are focusing and listening to their music which gets them in the good mood before the game!

  • It's maybe shamed more than dramatic because like you we play with first degree players and the new head coach that surley is better than mr. Ernsto against and with a 80% of the game possession against a Segunda División B club and finally we won with a 95 minute goal what the LOL

  • Visca el Barça!!!

  • Messi messi messi

  • So none of the players signed the shirt of that man😥😥 I feel sad for him

    • Because of safety of players the players are requested to not go much closer to public as we saw they were kinda running!

  • Frenchie b

  • Griezmann 💝💝💝👍 From Assam

  • U know the drill.Last number of likes is who u r. 1-Messi 2-Grizzy 3-Cr7 4-ronaldinho 5-Yashin 6-Zidan 7-R9 8-VVD 9-Maldini 0-urself Plz subscribe to my channel

  • 9 minute ago

  • Plz make episodes on the setien era like you did a couple months ago

  • Griezmann❤️💙💪💪💪

  • Desde cuando asensio es guardia del barca? Min 4:07

  • Maestro Setién mucho porque trabajar, se puede mejorar y acercarse al estilo Barsa. No olvide la intensidad y esa defensa está muy frágil.

  • Neymar come back to Barcelona MSN PLEASEEEE

  • full match u live catch ...

  • Griezmann: I perfectly took a pill in Ibiza

  • Missed his phone call celebration!!!☝🏾🙍🤘🤘

  • 3:00 Feel bad for this guy

  • IBIZA was the better team no doubt

  • Grizi was taking full enjoyment

  • People who want Griezmann as a CF➡️ 👎

  • Griezmann is the best !!!! 💪🔥🔥🔥 Like si crees lo mismo

    • Marta 17 griezmann is the worst

  • a friend made fun of barça losing and i said "they are gonna win, you'll see" and when i got the results i was like hahaha in your face

    • A.D. 10 i am not in instagram bro i am so sorry 🙏

    • @YASH SINGH yash bhai insta products ho kya. Aadi5499 my username on instagram plz follow

    • @King Salah just ignore this scumbag ..he is literally in every barca comments

    • King Salah fuck off asshole bhosadapool fan

  • Trash

  • Nice i am supporter barcelona

    • mk sonam lama that king salah is a asshole and pathetic and toxic fan

    • @King SalahWhy..I the biggest fan of barca.....You didn't know about me........you fool .

    • mk sonam lama plastic supporter not a real fan

  • Griezmann! 🔥

    • Shraddha Gogoi 😁🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • i love messi

    • King Salah messi won 6 ballon dor salah 0 hahahahaha so tell me the truth who is better

    • GIORGI GAMER Messi is a diving cheat terrible player

  • Visca Barca❤️

  • Messi the best player in the World's 👍👍

    • A B Siddique A B Siddique salah is the best player in the world

  • 😘

  • Se sucribe ami canal

  • level

  • ❤❤❤

  • 🇹🇱❤️

  • Valverde out😡😡😡😡

  • BARÇA, BARÇA, BARÇAAAAAA❤❤❤👊🇧🇷🇪🇦🇧🇷🇪🇦🇧🇷🇪🇦

    • Eu sigo o Liverpool. Mas meu coração é CULÉ. 🤩🤩👊Adoro o Liverpool. 👊

    • King Salah fuck liVARpool fuck salah mane firmino

  • Barca are back 💪💪

    • Ali Lotfi they are getting relegated next season just watch

  • انا فرحان لئن فازت برشلونة MSR


  • I literally hate your sence of music for this video...😂 Seems like apocalypse

  • sludame bro hola griezmann

  • Wow 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • Best line-up: Ter Ştegen - Semedo, Pique, Lenglet, Alba - Busquets, Arthur, De Jong - Messi, Dembele, Griezmann 🔥

  • Like si quieres que Griezman se quede por siempre al barça 😢❤

  • Barcelona is the best football club on this planet 😘😘..

    • Knowledge is Power worst football club in the planet even man united are better than you Liverpool are the best team in the world

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤