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Homemade and Do It Yourself (DIY)
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Nashwan Yousif Eido
Lecturer in Plant Physiology
Horticulture Department,
College of Agricultural Engineering Sceinces,
University of Duhok, Zakho Street 38; 1006 AJ
Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
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Cell Phone, WhatsAPP and Viber: +964 07504321178
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  • loved it

  • Dest xosh

  • Bhai kuch bol bhi dete to acha hota ya km se3 km caption hi de dete,, e ro hmka koi scientist ka lab lg ra ha

  • Brother if you see this how many pallets did you need to do this and because I live in an area where bigger people are at would you suggest reinforcing the bottom?

  • How many pallets did you used?

  • جميله بس لو عملت الخطوات من البدايه. حتئ نعرف اشون الاحجار خليته اشون طلعت مثل المثلث

  • Go to woodprix if you'd like to know how to make it easy. Good solution for every woodworker.

  • Que tipo de lijadora tienes?

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  • Possible measurements of the parts used


  • Muitolegal

  • sen harbi garip bi çarsın

  • Wow

  • Very nice .... great .... I am from Kurdistan region north of Iraq .

  • Copost konse chis ka h please batao

  • I really love this. Can you please list all the pieces required and their sizes? It would be very helpful. Thank you so much from Ireland ☘@nashwan

  • Nice job. Now for the grass...

  • Good😍

  • Gercekten çok beğendim eline emeğine sağlık kardeşim

  • Where can i learn this course.

  • Super travail Bravo 👍👏

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  • Ну, если "на коленке", и "за 5 минут", и "на недельку" - самое оно. Дно слабое, сидеть неудобно, подлокотники фигня. В остальном - хорошо, что не спалил дерево на шашлык...

  • 👍🤝

  • Muito bonito esse sofá, pode falar as medidas por favor?

  • What is that you used to burn the wood to change to that color?

  • برا دێشێی فایبەرا خۆ یان فەیسبوکا خۆ یان تشتەکێ بدەیە من ھەتا بشێم دگەل تە پاخفم؟


  • Bro which chemicals is used ?? You don't mentioned

  • Надо прекращать доски в дрова пилить)))))

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  • good job👍 from japan😀

  • Really fabulous work.....

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  • ده ست خوش سه يدا


    • @Calandraco Iscariote Thank you very much dear calandraco 🌹

    • @Nashwan Y. Eido spas ji bo dem û spasiyên xwe ji bo jêhatîbûna xwe, silav ji ileîlî

    • I guess two pallets I needed

  • Quer aprender a fazer Peças unica com madiera e rezina Acesse.

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  • Класс👍👍👍

  • Sir I want to know pine wood is successful for furniture like sofa , table, bed, box or not? Please suggest

    • I think for tables and chairs maybe going more successfully than other, but in general there's no problems for all of them

    • Thank you for your reply... 1 more questions which type of furniture will you recommend for pine wood... Plz sir reply.. Actually I am working on pine wood project.. Thanks

    • Yes, of course it's very good for them

  • Can you please build a hat? Ta.

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  • Look good!

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  • Easy & perfect!

  • والله بتجنن لو لونتا كمان لون البحر بتطلع احلى وشكرا إلك تعلمت منك كيف اصنع شلال يا مبدع بدي اعمل شلال بحديقه بيتي 🙂 تم الاشتراك بتستاهل

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  • Eres un chingon !!!! Saludos desde Mexico.

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  • Круто, респект, на коленках при помощи кривого сверла и ровных рук из кукундерной доски такую красоту сделал.

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  • Спасибо за видео. Я сделал такойже диван. Отлично получилось

  • Great job,where did you purchase the cushion?

    • @james miller Maybe it has but I don't have it, sorry

    • Nashwan Y. Eido Does the spongy shop have a website address,if so could you give it to me...... Thanks!

    • Thanks, from the spongy shop!

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  • Very good, hi from Russia!

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  • Muy bueno amigo gracias por el video

  • Good job!!!

  • Better than IKEA

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  • A qui quien copio a quien, son los mismos pasos de otro canal que elaboró el mismo sillón , que piratota y a si tienes seguidores , se original ,no te robes los videos de otros.

    • Elaboró el mismo sillon no se piratió el video. Lo bueno vale la pena reproducirlo .

    • @Nelson ChZ tu comentario es síndrome me la cuarentena, solo cuídate y este tiempo que te tardaste en pensar que responder , dedicacelo a tu familia, no sabemos cuándo nos toque, cuídate y suerte.

    • Oie julio no seas idiota al hacer el mismo sillon nos da mas ideas a nosotros para poder hacer el nuestro, no importa quien lo hizo primero, si esta en youtube es porque quizo ser compartido ... no pienses como u pendejo

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  • Sooo, what was up with the measuring tape the whole time? This went just about as I figured it would. No wonder the world is in the shape it’s in.

  • Buena idea lo hare en casa

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  • Fácil de fazer,eu usaria grampo no lugar dos parafusos,seria mas rápido

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  • Well done👍 I like that. Now you can make it full set garden furniture. Like bigger corner sofa or like U shape. That be great👌

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