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My name is James and I love supercars! My dream car is a 2004 Ferrari Challenge Stradale, hence the screen name "Strad"man.

I own a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo in Arancio Borealis and I live in Park City, Utah.

Check out on Facebook and Instagram @thestradman for pictures as well:


I got a NASCAR!
I got a NASCAR!Před 14 dny
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  • Couldn't find words when it first happened...even to finish the vid..I'm glad I managed this time. Like someone else said seeing the happiest person or the person who brings out the joy in us cry and breakdown is so heavy on the heart..even made me think about how it would be loosing him as well...just wanna let you know James I have been with you from day 1 till the wheels run off and I love you bro..Stradman 4 Life. Papa Strad will definitely be resting up in heaven. $2 shorts lol you're a chip off the old block as well 🤣 . Be grateful everyone ...always ❤🙏 God Bless!

  • Oh no what a meh run

  • would you c8 corvette or bugatti veyron

  • I respect stradman like no other but my guy was all over a Sabre that’s 3 mill but passes up a 50mill car

  • 2021

  • where do you even get all this money?

  • i bet that laferarri counds louder irl than the thunder last night THERE WAS A HUGE STORM IN SARASOTA FL LAST NIGHT

  • Lambo Became a Tesla

  • Fastest I’ve gone is 210 … couldn’t imagine any faster than that

  • It sounds like a jet pasding by

  • The musatng guy probably spend like 30k on the car but spent 150k on the engine building it


  • You got shouted out in a mrbeast video lol

  • A yellow gtr??😍

  • What is the box where you keep you keys called

  • Love you Man

  • Cia

  • Sorry

  • Ało z Bogorii iWork lub MIPS

  • Why did you only get 1 run?

  • Did he just do that to the gto. It's THE classic car

  • Quick question when you can get to this what are you going to do when there’s electric cars

  • I know how it feels this is making me heartbroken

  • What the sh!t are you doing

  • We need the Gallardo back come on James

  • The pagani zonda cinque is definitely the single greatest car in the world

  • take your time bro

  • Ayo!?! , He sleeo while driving

  • James: Who is this girl? Berlacher: James It's Tessa your girlfriend Tessa: Am I a joke to you?

  • Bruh I live in Idaho

  • The Front is soo ugly sorry

  • There’s a lot of nice cars in the Parking lot the Honda Accord

  • Bang main growtopia

  • that mcds employee look like she straight hated the chiron lmaooo, on sum rolls eyes

  • imagine if he was able to do that nascar

  • 11:05 WHAT!

  • Do a wide body build on a 2021 Lamborghini huracan evo rwd coupe. Like if you agree

  • 11:13 is no one gonna talk about how were they all sleeping

  • are we just going to ignore the 250 GTO

  • My mom use to work at that school

  • every dad on a highway driving a minivan:

  • This video is always sum I wanted to do with sum of my best friends if I do make it one day

  • I could literally see how much pressure your hand exerted in the race

  • That car speed detector is trash cuz it cant get the real speed

  • Poor people seeing this vid😥

  • Papa Strad looking out for his baby boy 💪😎

  • Stradman: As the previous owner when I talked to you about it, they definitely got the speed reading wrong. The speedometer is maybe off by 1 mph -- the cobra driver was by the speed marker, and said that he saw you going a lot faster than 191. He theorized that the reflective surface of your purple wrap may have had something to do with skewing the results.

  • He’s so lively in when the world gives him ups and downs

  • I’m super sorry about ur dad I wish I can help…

  • Nobody: Stradman: there goes a squirrel while going 200 mph

  • We will know soon next video "Testing my Bugatti top speed in Mexico"

  • Strad just wanted to say that you have helped me a lot through covid.

  • I reckon you should re wrap it

  • Love the picture of you and your father next to that badass Lamborghini and the mountains in the back drop just looks great, I'm sure he's proud of you... And im going with the 213mph and I was hoping you were gonna re run the car but next time you gotta get your wing figured out

  • 7:15 poor bug :(

  • don't worry he will always watch your vids watch you and watch your family he be there there for you

  • omg u posted this video on my birthday

  • I was looking at the speedometer it 100% said 213

  • regera

  • 111111000000000subscrlbed

  • I guess these famous guys did not even look at the 2008 GT500, stock transmission and rear axle, full interior, a/c, cruise control, stereo, subwoofer, ect... Just a guy who understands cars and works on them for a living.

  • 100 1000000000000000subscrlbed

  • James i hope you liberty walk your murcielago and im 12 year old

  • good job stradman i would be mad at bugatti , maybe the different key you used messed things up maybe even tho its meant to help

  • 20000000000000000

  • You have too much money

  • In love how this man is still happy after a break up that’s how you handle it Attaboy James.

  • Bro im watching this very late but March 4th is my bday which is the day this vid was created

  • You let off before the sensor

  • You slowed down before it tracked it

  • All that hype, 🤔

  • Fuckin guy tells his friend to change clothes

  • Fuckin guy tells his friend to change clothes

  • were you acually asleep at the wheel?