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  • 😊❤😮😢😅Thank you all have a bless

  • love stolen videos

  • Scope that close to your eyes is crazy

  • Lisa closed her right eyes while scope💀

  • Women ☕. She could just have shot him using the gun when she was testing it. Lol

  • Theres so much wrong with this furst he drills the hole in the bullet with the casing and then he has no space between the scope and his eye💀💀💀

  • Never ever have many men interns in the room watching the women virgina getting checked you should always ask if the patient is comfortable

  • What if people don’t have phones

  • This movie was actually garbage

  • this was explained all wrong

  • thats not how silencers work

  • “He killed a passerbee”

  • The Happiest Statement:😂"But it didn't work!"


  • Kids:👁️👄👁️

  • Why did you have to tell us to us when it’s fake it’s kind of sad because it’s kind of mean to make someone sad and make me sad so maybe you should stop posting fake stuff😢

  • Battle Rifle *

  • Battle Rifle *

  • Sooo we’re in mercury?

  • Wrong casting. In real life, a black woman did that to a white man.

  • " You are already under my genjutsu " - Jack

  • Movie title: Terrible at Suicide

  • Bro wtf 😂😂

  • if FCKN GOD tells you you have X days to live, then you better go on the most insane and dangerous adventures you could possibly think of. if you are destined BY GOD to die ONLY after X days, that makes you immortal for those X days (as demonstrated by the mother who tried to smother her son)

  • Nobody knows how god looks like only when you die and go to Janet/heaven you can see god but only if you were a very good person

  • George Clooney

  • bro is in a creative mode on minecraft💀💀💀

  • we're in copper 5 with this play

  • Nine hundred and eleven

  • There’s a reason why we have never heard of half these films on reels F##k me how do these films make it off the script

  • Name??

  • Why does he look like vaas?

  • Bro was touching his eye tot he scope 🤣

  • Im pretty sure thats not how death works

  • If i know my death, then i know how much time i have to do shit, like pulling a random jock at a gym and start kissing him

  • Dumbass kind of a god

  • 200

  • What is the name of this movie❓

  • What's the name of the movie

  • Wats the name of the movie

  • Is that vaas?

  • What about pain

  • he couldve used an oil filter as a suppressor though it wouldnt work as well as a proper supressor (from experience)

  • So we are doing the impossible

  • They should go to meet oggy there😅

  • Grandma wilding 😂

  • Люди, вы такие оригинальные🤦неужели не видно, что уже все написали про ошибку автора видео

  • Well he Jesus ❤❤❤❤❤

  • First of all if you’re eye is that close to the Scope you’re gonna get a crazy black eye when it recoils

  • He made a posinouse bullet blud