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This channel is dedicated to making videos about stuff I ( Joel) find interesting or intriguing and that's it, basically.
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Carbon Fiber Jet Engine
Carbon Fiber Jet EnginePřed 11 měsíci


  • What about a 3d printer that can print free 3d printers.

  • make a rocket that that can fly outside with a parasute with the laval nozzle

  • Frencie

  • Idea: Try implementing the rocket nozzles with homemade sugar rocket engines.

  • If I had a 3D printer I would print a hammer to smash tomatos. 💥

  • build a train wankel engein

  • Basically ghost rider engine

  • Whoa man slow down, you will burn the entire house lol

  • can you make a balloon powered turbo jet engine

  • make a plane with only nicola tesla parts

  • idea: put this "rocket" on a 3d printed airplane

  • devils toothpaste anyone?

  • Idea: make an aerodybamic stable rocket that can actualy fly high in astraight line

  • Nice

  • *DEEZ N* ozzles

  • You sod make at tamado obligates

  • The bravo reference 👍👍👍👍👍

  • this link is how to make steel 3d printed

  • Should make rockets with a combustion engine

  • I think the videos is very educational four kids who would like to invent and put their ideas into the world

  • Idea: you could try making a harmonic phonograph With your 3-D printer

  • What would happen if you use the devil's toothpaste engine to power up the wenkil engine

    • Using the devils toothpaste wouldn’t that clog up the wenkil engine or to make it explode?

  • Video Idea: build a rocket and shoot a tomato into space

  • Video Idea: do a blooper of all the fails and tell us what you learned

  • What about trying that motor with a bike to create a motorized bike?

  • Doesn’t a impeller need a shroud like a jet drive boat motor? Just a thought might get more thrust?

  • Idea: test TurboJet engine inside vacuum chamber to confirm it does the job and keeps the engine running longer with less oxygen in the chamber.

  • Build a microwave plasma jet engine! If that goes well, make a gas / electric hybrid

  • Idea: What if you took your elephant toothpaste and turned it into a multi stage rocket for a cool effect and for a height differential

  • 3D print a new 3D printer

  • Hi Integza! Have you ever thought about designing a bedroom nightstand that follows you and shoots with an airsoft gun?

  • Idea : a rocket with post-combustion

  • Turbo lag lmao

  • I would like to see an underwater rocket. Also called a torpedo :) would be awesome to se, maybe it wont overheat as easy...

  • Make a video where you design and test different fuel injectors, such as swirl, coaxial swirl, and pintle.

  • Great work! Rotary engines are some of my favorites! I’m intrigued by the functionality of such a small, but complex engine. If I had to suggest anything, maybe see if it could move a bicycle using regulated co2 canisters which release periodically to conserve pressure. It would probably have to be put on a horsepower ratio for more torque, but that part should be straightforward. Keep it up!

  • VIDEO IDEA (from Milo and Louie): We think you should retry the dry ice experiment with a 2 liter bottle, 3D printed fins and maybe a specialized breakaway nozzle. You put water in the bottle with a good amount of dry ice. The water heats the dry ice adding a great deal of pressure in the bottle until the breakaway nozzle pops off and allows water to come out. We have done this with a purchased set of fins and used a cork and it gets up 300+ feet. The bottle can handle about 10 atmospheres. Check out our dry ice rocket here:

  • 8:24 engines lock up due to over rev

  • I've seen people use a vacuum chamber to draw out all the air/bubbles, maybe that could help the next time you needed to cast something!?!?! btw... AWESOME videos!!!

  • Design a larger ç02 fuel tank and build a rock from there

  • Ah..... I will taken even a broken 3D printer I am trying to break into the field hard - My Idea for a Show : Since you been doing Rocket Stuff Lately. Do a Collab with "BPS Space" Dude is like a mini Elon Musk. He is Smart, very passionate about Rocketry, and shows up and puts hi money where is mouth is, lots of IRL build experience , Does circuit boards for his own flight software. You can even make it a online/video based collab like doing a video call , explain what your doing , he will agree to partner with you to continue onto the next steps of your rocket projects. recap learnings, boom bam , I need any 3d printer man. Thank you for all your great videos you share with the world!!

  • you could build a a RC rocket powered glider

  • I have binge watched Integza and this is by far one of my favorite builds. That engine glow when it sprung to life is just sexy. Why isn't Integza recommended to every ElectroBOOM, BobbyDukeArts and ColinFurze fan out there?

  • Привет всем любителям турбореактивной тяги!

  • can you build a wankel engine

  • És um espetaculo !!!!

  • I would love to see this experiment again but mix the sugar with the ceramic resin

  • Hi my idea for next vid: why not build a launchpad for the Co2 Cartridges, remove the valve control system and replace it with a very simple needle hammer system that is attachet with the launchpad it self, I'v made a 3D model to illustrate my idea if your are interested

  • Video idea, could you use this valve and co2 cartridge setup to test nozzles for spinning a tesla turbine and see the most efficient nozzle

  • 3d print a full rx7 and make a air operated RC car (dont forget to change the apex seals every ride xD)

  • Idea: make a scroll compressor and see how much pressure you can build (you could use CO2 cartridges as a reseivour or just plastic bottle). Then you could use pressurized gas to power something ;).

  • Hey, use tomatoes to make a rocket. Just saying.

  • Why not use a 3d printed air pump to try to use with the rotary engine?

  • rocket powered plane

  • or you should make a chicken slapping/cooking machine using the tesla turbine

  • nice vid I think you should make an rc mower because a vid that was made less than a year ago got 656k views

  • "Why is it so hard to build one?" **Proceeds to build one in this video** Doesn't seem as hard as you thought

  • Make starship model🥸

  • Wachese está hizo funcionar un turbo como motor usando pelets como combustible

  • He fell in love with rockets

  • While you make the drone, why not make it a ROCKET POWERED drone?

  • Haha those cartridges are from Decathlon cycling department. I know because i work in decathlon cycling department from Romania. Thats really cool!

  • 3d print a Lamborghini with 3d printed engine

  • This reminds me of some of those old pressure-fed RCS systems used in Gemini and Mercury

  • It seems its not a very big deal for u to make leanardo da Vinci helicopter..🤔🤔

  • Topic for next video: Make tesla earthquake machine.

  • "Brap brap brap brap brap"😍😍😍😍😍😫😫😫😫😫

  • Best wishes bro 👌🏻 great job.

  • Dude you should work on some aerodynamic wings to go with the rockets!!!!

  • Make 3d printed liquid piston engine

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  • Possible unaccounted variable in your design. CO2 is liquid in the cartridge, so it behaves like one. Any liquid that makes out of the nozzle into free space is providing reaction mass, but not providing pressure. So you might be getting higher thrust values, at the expense of 'burn' time. When designing the rig, the cartridge should (optimally) be vertical, which uses gravity to keep the liquid at the bottom of the cartridge, allowing only the gas to escape. The gas leaving the cartridge should be opposed to the direction of acceleration (either gravity, or actual acceleration) as that keeps the liquid out of the gas stream as much as possible. a small expansion chamber would prevent droplets that do manage to escape from getting all the way to the nozzle. Ideally, you want to keep the liquid CO2 as warm as possible without exceeding limits on the storage... so some way of warming to about 45C... as the packaging (at least on cartridges I have, YMMV) says not to exceed 50C. Keeping the boiling liquid at that temp provides maximum pressure for the nozzle for as long as possible. Highest pressure for longest time equals highest possible efficiency from the fuel. Keeping that temperature is a non-trivial problem though. Use of paraffin wax as a phase-change medium for thermal storage might work though.

  • Could it be possible to drop the coated ceramics into the solution like a mentos/diet coke situation using a one-way trapdoor to force the Devil's Toothpaste out the side?

  • What if you used a Co2 Cartridge to blow the Hydrogen Peroxide through the Catalyst through the Nozzle. Without the Plunger????

  • Idea for future vid: make something using every tool and machine in your shop. It could be anything from more rockets to model planes to a super sized wankel engine car!

  • The carbon dioxide in those bulbs is *not* in a compressed solid form; it's liquid. Carbon dioxide won't stay solid, regardless of pressure, above about -57 C. In those bulbs, at room temperature, the pressure is about 50 atmospheres, which is plenty to keep the carbon dioxide liquid, which allows putting a lot more of the stuff in that little bulb than merely compressing gas (even to much higher pressure). You can get dry ice *out* of one of those; if you vent it quickly enough, it'll get so cold the carbon dioxide freezes -- but I assure you, there is no dry ice at room temperature.