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Hello Internet! I'm MatPat and welcome to FILM THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite movies and shows? So do we! From figuring out the biology of Attack on Titan's Titans to revealing the dark secrets of Disney movies, we cover it all! Want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories? Join our community of Loyal Theorists today!

But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Film Theories! And CUT!

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  • Matt saying he was in middle school when Titanic came out...meanwhile, I was only 3 years old. Welp, that put THAT into perspective

  • able to make it across.

  • Idk.. if some well dressed man offered me some money to play a small game, and if I lose all I get is slapped, and I don't even HAVE to call the number on the card he gives me, I'll take my chance playing with him til I win. Then walk away before I lose that money.

  • What if you just like you try the glass bridge and just climb one the iron like monkey bars, think about it, monkey bars-

  • hercules ?

  • My man matt patt why did you watch it in the dub why

  • Awesome and cool!

  • Yes

    • I’m one of the 10 people who haven’t watched squid game

  • All the 5 year olds are going to change their name to owo, and their profiles.

  • About the glass bridge: the rails of the two paths are close enough so that you could walk with one foot on either side. Even when all the glass panels explode at the end, the rails remain intact. Did I miss any rules that this could not be done?

  • this is my kingdom come

  • Do one on a series of unfortunate events please on the Netflix series

  • It’s so easy to say what you should’ve or could’ve done when you’re not playing.

  • In the marbles couldn't they all survive if they just traded all ten of their marbles for all ten of their partners marbles? It didn't say they had to keep their ten marbles.

  • Here's what I don't get: the guards are wearing hoodies (so their FOV is limited). And they are pretty much walking right next to hundreds of desperate people who have nothing to lose. Why can't the said people unite, sabotage the guard, get the guns from some of them and actually - pull off the heist? Yes, most of them are gonna die in the process, but they're gonna die on THEIR OWN terms, rather than by random game rules. It's not like they have something to lose anyway. What a missed opportunity.

  • Or for the glass game use your shoes

  • Cool

  • Good job matpat for giving me nightmares from the intro 👍

  • I'm pretty sure they cheated. (Spoiler) The lowest number is the boss and the highest number wins?

  • Couldn't you just climb on the sides and avoid the glass? Or better just crawl, weight spead out over a larger area is less pressure. Untemperated glass *might* be able to support your weight that way

  • 5:33, now hold up a second, isn't that suit red not purple??

  • Got a feeling that in a short time their will be a comment on here or reddit debunking and blasting this video like some of your other ones. No idea why I just feel it.

  • This is so fun For OwO TwT

  • hm

  • Not matpat using the dubbed 🤢

  • You spelled owo as omo

  • I saw this recommended so I binged the entire series just so I could see your new episode

  • This will help during Mr. Beast's Squid Game

  • I’m one of the 10 people who haven’t watched squid game

  • Why don’t you do more avatar thanks for reminding me

  • With all those comparisons am I the only one who thought Korean was

  • I'm sorry, but matpat you are wrong. Sang-woo did brake the rules. It is said in both the dub and sub that all players need to compete against eachother. Stealing another person's marbels breaks the rule since the other person wasn't competing.

  • Fun fact: the lion king is based off of Hamlet the Shakespeare play

  • 11:01 griffith is very happy to hear that mat

  • yo man, you should definitley do a film theory on the ENA series, since the new game is going to come out soon.

  • I dont think Squid Game is the next Hunger Games. But I do think it lead up to it. I think that once Saw went public in the future after that the concept could have been adapted for squid game and then later on in the future the concept was adapted for The Hunger Games. Saw is the prologue. Squid game. The Hunger Games is the epilogue.

  • Parents: My child should be seeing something really educative and interesting! Me:

  • Love the sponsor

  • The only 2 games where death is for sure us tug of war and glass Bridge. All the others you can easily survive. Tug of war is the only one I haven't solved. But glass Bridge could have been solved in three manners: 1) glass factory worker 2) walking on the edges to the next panel instead of jumping 3) when sound is discovered. Have the last player go back and grab the shoes you left behind and use those to deduce where to go. (Time sensitive I know) And for Marbles the rule states "take all 10 of your opponents marbles" says nothing about needing 20. So you can easily trade marbles and claim you both are winners. It's not rule breaking

  • If Michael Myers had a crossover with the superhero universes, they would explain his powers by saying he has the X gene

  • I’m Not convinced marbles is a 50% death game. The rules say you need to get your opponents 10 marbles. Nothing about them also having your ten. So if you swap pouches you both win?

  • Do you Siri on my little ponies equestria girls

  • Once the game begins you can’t stop playing

  • I watched this show because of peer pressure and I enjoyed it People should just calm down and enjoy the show

  • I read the thumbnail as “join the film theory family”

  • I think the glass walkway game was hardcore hopscotch. That’s the playground game I’m pretty sure it was based on.

  • how to win squid games play the paper game until you have enough money dont call the number XD

  • "quality of sound" that one kid in discord chat: *NO*

  • Now for a vid on Justin y and iwdjy

  • I'm hoping that most, if not all of these topics, are covered in Season 2.

  • This is just a theroy but repunzel dad and Anna mum could be siblings they both have brown hair and blue eyes. 😁

    • So they Anna and Elsa could be cousin with repunzel

  • It's crazy that this gor 150K likes in 2 days. Shows just how popular squid game is

  • can u make a halloween kills episode?

  • This was a great analysis.

  • Malawi isn’t part of Tanzania

  • Oh RNGesus please let me get out alive, if with figgy pudding it would be great.

  • MatPat : 86 thousand dollars is enough to pay back debt, pay for a surgery and put a downpayment on a house Me : *cries hysterically in Canadian*

  • what I don't get about the tempered glass game is why did nobody just kick or punch the glass in front of them to tell if its safe.

  • You are literally the first person I’ve seen to point out that there didn’t have to be only one winner in this game

  • He’s showed up in multiple Rick and morty episodes

  • I know what is wrong..... the ending

  • Or, there are 2 other options, not giving him food and keeping him in a dark jail because he won’t have what his body need to keep his cells alive or make any more cell and because his cells are multiplying without control, he will be running out of everything’s needs to make those cells and keep them functioning. Another way would be, to not damage him because his cells will work more than they needs to, so his cells will keep going where they aren’t needed aka too many cells.

  • I see Sophie’s Dress red Not purple… am color blind

  • I was waiting for you to do a theory on this 😂

  • I commented on this five years ago and don't REMEMBER MIKEEEEEEEE IM GOING DOWNSTAIRS

  • Stan on da phone is better than Obama on da phone

  • It's yuan not won

  • Heh heh. I tried the unsub challenge. Take that, analytics!

  • Are we going to do dream works death count like matpat did for Disney in 2018

  • respect for the heartless robot who was the only reason they survived all those years

  • Both players could have survived marbles

  • Heh laughs "in Gods will"

  • It's easy. Just make sure to show up with some good quality plot armor

  • In the marble game they could have just tossed the bag of marbles to their partner at the same time and both won. The game states you must acquire all 10 of your partner's marbles. It doesn't say anything about losing your 10.

  • So selfishness is what's causing people to lose? Wow! Who would have thought that was the message