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I'M TOTALLY ADDICTED TO MAKEUP and upload unbiased Product Reviews, Tips, Hauls and Tutorial videos on Drugstore & Luxury Beauty Products three days per week! xo's ~ Tati


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  • Tati... its cheekMATE... not cheekMATTE LMAO it's not a matte blush.

  • 😇😇😇🥰

  • Tati be lookin like Gym Kardashian in her thumbnail 😂😂😂

  • Love when you try out the different products I'm always interested to try them but can never afford to buy products that I'm pretty sure wont work

  • I have never been influenced by hyped make up palettes in the past but I want to get on this bandwagon. The colors look amazing ❤️❤️

  • Watch out for the bird! I have Chihuahuas.

  • A hawk almost got our yorkie:( can drn and see what they recommend. They get dogs all of the time :(

  • Off topic: I love erika's chocolate hair

  • I don’t like Tati but her and mums relationship is so good

  • I got on the 2nd waitlist and I can’t wait for December to come bc I’m already obsessed with this pallet!! You go girl

  • Okay, I subscribed! What sold me on your channel were two videos that you did in 2017. One was the eye shadow tutorial (thank you so much for doing that!! I desperately needed it! And the other was the one full face foundation and contour. The eye shadow one was so detailed in the instruction you gave, I was ecstatic! Thank you so much for that. I'm sure there are other women out there who could benefit from it, too. If you have changed or improved any technique, please do a video on it so we can all keep up and improve ourselves.

  • Love the finished look!!! GORGEOUS:)

  • Lol Cheekmate not Matte, hence the shine!

  • The blush itself looks nice but that super pink just doesn’t work well for your bronzed skin

  • I have three dogs sharing our area with a bobcat right now so you're not alone with that kind of paranoia

  • Sorry tati, you have too much blush

  • what was that liquid bronzer you were using?!

  • We can see that tan from outer space 🤣

  • You look beautiful as always but not digging this look. The shadow looks muddy and all one color. Kinda looks either grey or brown. Blush is too much and shiny. Might be application.

  • Wait..when jeffrey reviewd the brushes he said they were stuck to the cover....I don't get how they got different pacageing

  • What is it with you and wild birds? 😄 Also sorry if this freaks you out but I think they can grab small dogs..

  • Your brows look amazing! And I love the bronzer on you 😍

  • Ok tati im here to tell u the truth cause i love you. That blush is terrible. 😂

  • We had a problem in my neighborhood where hawks and eagles were attacking and killing dogs 👌👌👌👌👌

  • Is this the dress Kourtney Kardashian also wore?

  • Have a beautiful day everyone!

  • The minute I saw your starbucks drink my mouth started watering hahha. That drink is sooooo good!!!

  • what art Maybelline foundation

  • Your lips are always so on POINT!

  • protect your lil puppy the hawk will pick them up !! keep your eyes on him while he’s outside

  • My tati palette arrived to Ireland and it is sooo beautiful, even more so in person! I cant wait to wear it for all my christmad parties!

  • Okay Ladies what do you think the next Tati Beauty Black Friday release is?

  • oh dear the name is cheekmate so it uses the word MATE! as in Aussie Slang "mate" not matte....

  • Keep an eye on Puka if hawks are around. They may be a little desperate after the fires.

  • If you've already tried it, why are you doing it again? Use another low rated product :)

  • Not to freak you out but my sister's coworker had a small dog that was carried off by a hawk.

  • You have white coat hypertension 😂 amazing!

  • Hi Tati! I feel like it’s been forever since I watched you. I missed it! You are such a breath of fresh beautiful air!

  • Getting so nervous at the Dr is called "whitecoat syndrome!"

  • I live in the country and they do swoop at my small dogs. Be careful!

  • White coat hypertension is pretty common. I get that too. I actually have really low blood pressure (my mom has a machine that I use), but because of the white coat hypertension, my blood pressure is raised every time I go the doctor to normal levels. 😂

  • I so agree with what you said about foundation. If it’s not full enough coverage I don’t see the point. There bb cream for that kind of finish anyway. And you’re right just skipping foundation all together looks so so nice if you’re looking for less coverage.

  • I agree Tati that blush was a pass the shade is beautiful but that finish smh

  • Brow anxiety is so annoying! I’m the same way, with eyeliner too! 🤣🤣🤣

  • the color of the blush is kinda weird

  • Great video miss Tati, as always I love you and all your videos!

  • Gonna tell you anyway...yes hawks pick up small dogs. My roommate was walking her Yorkie ON A LEASH and a hawk swooped down and picked him up. Thankfully she pulled on the leash and caught him, but be AWARE!

  • I love when you pull the bang part of your hair towards the crown of your head. It gives me valley of the dolls think you should rock it! 💜💜💜💜

  • Scarecrow. They 100% are coming for pookah!

  • Do you still do videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday?

  • Yes a hawk will grab a small dog in a blink second! Keep your eye on your fur baby when outside!

  • WHERE IS THAT SHIRT FROM??????? So pretty I must know!

  • Wouldn't take a chance... owls and hawks have been known to go after cats and small dogs. Keep your baby attached to a leash and don't leave unattended.

  • My blood pressure and pulse are highest at work (no surprise there), my pulse standing still at work can be 120+. It is lowest at the doctors office. When they take my pulse and blood pressure it is always perfect or a little low, even when I’m sick. Blood pressure and pulse is high at the dentist, but I’m terrified of the dentist, I have been since I was little. I get sick to my stomach when I have to go, I used to cry so hard when I was little they had to send me home. Lol!

  • Everybody was trolling this woman who had her chihuahua stolen by a seagull here in the UK :/

  • That blush just looks like sunburn on her

  • Im very fond of butterflies. I've made beautiful craft things depicting butterflies

  • Wondering if anyone else has not received their palette yet?

  • Thank you! Sometimes you just want a shiny eye, okay?

  • TIL: I have white coat syndrome 😂

  • Be careful with Pooka. They will actually get a dog. We live in Seattle and my mom has to be carful with her toy poodle and the Hawks. Love you!! 🤩

  • Tati please do a video using the palette on yourself!

  • Don’t leave Pookah outside by himself. Just don’t do it.

  • Logan💛

  • Hahaha same!!! My blood pressure spikes up when they are taking my blood pressure!!

  • It’s currently 12° here in Virginia and I had a nice tan all year long and now I don’t and whenever I watch your videos I’m so envious of your nice tan🥰🥰 as usual you look beautiful and Logan is super cute!

  • If you have a hawk lingering around your yard I would suggest getting a light colored collar or a vest that Puka can wear. That’s what I do for my pups. Cause the hawk probably thinks he is a rabbit or something and the vest will smack the sense into that hawk and ward him off.

  • I got emotional watching this. Congratulations on a beautifully well done launch party!!

  • No to both blushes 🤨 colors are too pink/bright. Takes away!

  • Yes they do....Get a bigger dog to scare it!!!!!!!!!

  • I loved the first blush alone! 🥰

  • hawks will take small dogs and that's why we never let the yorkie out without the great dane... because... doggy bodyguard

  • You should review Florence by mills

  • 😍😍😍

  • I have white coat syndrome too lol I'm loving the eyes!!!

  • Please hug me back please

  • I love makeup school tati!! Not a lot of people explain what their doing and I'm one of those people that can't just watch and needs an explanation.

  • Tati where is your necklace from?? It’s so pretty!! 😍😍😍

  • Big birds will swoop smaller dogs up. You HAVE to either keep REAL close to your dog in the backyard or constantly keep em on a leash. I’m over here in Texas and I hear stories of dogs being carried away all the time. There’s no good way around it, you just have to be careful.

  • Don’t let your doggo out alone! Always watch to make sure their safe 🐶

  • You guys are so cute.. and this was a great video idea!

  • Tati, what kind of eyelash glue do you use?

  • That blush color is killing me. It’s really shiny

  • Can you talk about the Natasha Denona metropolis palette??? I’d love to hear your opinion on it. I think it’s one of the most beautiful palettes she’s ever made and I want it, but I gotta find out if it’s TatiApproved first.

  • That lip color is beautiful on you, makes you look very youthful and fresh!

  • I have the same thing with blood pressure and blood drawing! I get so freaked out for no reason. lmao

  • Logan is too cute!!!

  • For someone who's looking for a very fresh, natural, glowy look, that blush might work well. It seemed a bit patchy, though, or like it didn't blend well with the concealer and bronzer.

  • Be careful with Puka. An owl came after my Yorkie once!

  • Blood pressure? I thought you were going to say getting blood drawn.

  • Fruit stripe gum mmmm awwww

  • Logan is literally the best baby boy ever!

  • 8:21

  • you need to get a photo of this hawk and have it identified because some birds WILL take small dogs.

  • You act like a young girl jajajajaja love anyways but be more your age

  • You are no overreacting about the hawk. I wouldn't let puka outside without you being there....and stay close.

  • Tati! Why don’t you tie your hair back?! Love this video 💕

  • Kiss lashes are THE BEST. My favorites are Ritzy, Peony and Daisy. They last forever and I also really like the glue that comes with them. The first pair I bought lasted me for 3 freaking months and I used them almost every day. I still have my first pair until now! They take the cleaning very well and they're just just overall perfect. Wish I discovered them earlier!

  • Tati! Holy smokes! I love u! My husband got me new makeup brushes, and u were right better tools are GAME CHANGING!

  • Hawks are definitely predators. I'm not sure what you can do to protect your dog other than to keep him inside. We had three huge bald eagles circling our yard a few years ago, eyeballing our little Boston terrier. They didn't get him, but three of our hens went missing that week. Good luck. Hugs.