5-Minute Crafts VS

5-Minute Crafts VS 5-Minute Crafts VS

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Hi everyone!
Here you can find fun DIY-projects, crafts, beauty tips, food hacks, and funny life situations that everyone can relate to.
Have fun!
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  • 1:04 works its just really hard

  • 0:45 didn't work 😐

  • 3:54 yeah umm she didn’t have that much makeup on just saying

  • 3:48 Really this IS Magic ? It's a shit OMG

  • Hello me

  • Amazing and suka

  • 굿모닝💋💌

  • Banana one is false

  • Annoying girls

  • That glitter better be biodegradable

  • You don't know the difference between a pumpkin and a squash?

  • Awesome 👍🏻

  • I love your channel channel is the best

  • Me a Leo but tries not to attract attention

  • Why do they say bad things about virgos and cancers i mean you know whats werid my aunt haf cancer when she was a baby and her sign is cancer WTF.. and im not a clean freak i act like a Leo or a Gemini.. Im Virgo

  • These all hacks are useless

  • The song of this video is LED Monster-Anyway Song: Anyway Artist:LED Monster

  • I wonder what's in that soil!

  • 5:21 - 5:31 helps with corona

  • Where are my virgos (my sign), geminis, Taurus, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn (no in my family is, and Aries (still no one in my family has still) Leo (still no one i know) Libra (im tierd of writing this) and all of the above have a nice day.Ps♡ my bday is August 24 whats yours comment below.

  • So unclean

  • Eu não fui grossa bem grossa não sou só quero o bem pras pessoas

  • Olha que você vê a bola X do copo de barbear isso não se faz comigo ele se move não pode fazer isso está errado está faz outras coisas ideia entendeu cadeiras não se faz isso não se faz mesmo assim eu cancelo o seus o seus vídeos

  • Awesome

  • its so nice and cool

  • Mais falso q menstruação do Pablo Vittar

  • The first hack scares me and the one where the cleaned the makeup palette I already do that No lie

  • Me artó la canción dice toda la hora lo mismo!! Pero las ideas fueron geniales

  • Que lindo a minha tia pegou um carro da rua 😊

  • i like 2

  • I hate this guy she is ruining her magic tricks I just hate him!

  • Corona is here we can't go out and get all this stuf!!!!

  • Your srurving your Kid

  • What if we don't have the stuff in this "stay home" life!!!!! Hm?!?

  • Why show 3 tricks 2 time 3:14 & 8:09 3:47 & 8:40 4:02 & 8:17 "50 migic tricks" more like 47 magic tricks

  • 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡

  • All the life hacks don’t work only some works

  • 10:30 Yo: it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa El video: para que encuentres a tu hijo fácilmente

  • kurd net

  • kurd net

  • kurd net

  • Do not put honey in your hair just think of slime in your hair...

  • I don't like how the same boring music goe son for like 10 minutes

  • 6:40 (saving it for later)

  • 6:07 if it's dangerous why show it and how do u even do it I thought that u gave to have something in ya mouth and jaut like spurred it out and look wierd bc it's above the ear and how does it even work plzz andwer

  • 2:10 is fake 100% fake i have one of those and the nail polish is like flexible plastic you put fake nails on there and I saw the white part of a fake nail.

  • You Are so Gentle to save a homeless doggo!

  • 3:31 she better be prepared to squeeze her cheeks for awhile

  • If you are reading this... (I hope you are doing well!)

  • What was the point of having chap stick when you had Vaseline

  • Freckles are so cute I wish I had them