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Danny Brewer covers Thoroughbred horse racing in detail on his popular blog, Horse Racing Scoop.
Danny Brewer is a native of Smyrna, Tennessee and has been a “sports scribe” since 1993. Having covered a variety of sports over the years, Brewer is currently a member of the United States Basketball Writers Association, College Football Writers Association, Turf Publicists of America, is the chairperson of the Rutherford County high school football Top Ten Committee, and a voter in the national Thoroughbred polls published by the National Thoroughbred Racing Association.
Danny still covers a variety of sporting events throughout the year, but Thoroughbred horse racing holds a special place in the heart of “the Sports Brew”. His first real exposure to the sport of kings came in 1989 during the thrilling wins by Sunday Silence in both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness. A year later he attended his first Kentucky Derby as a fan and saw Unbridled prevail. Brewer’s detailed coverage of th


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  • UR Wrong again lol like all of the so called experts me I wait and see and never been wrong lol

  • There is always the POST, BREAK & TRIP luck factor , If A Thousand Words didn't scratch and Honor AP had a better post and break who knows . You have to hand it to Authentic, bad post and bad break and he still won.

  • I think Authentic will win! 😀

  • Honor ap

  • Excited to watch a horse like Tiz the Law. Honor AP can win the race too. I also like two sleepers in here.

  • Tiz The Law! I wish i could find a longshot like " mine that bird" but after that last race, he was playing with them! Good luck!

  • Tiz the Law-> Thousand Words ->Honor AP for trifecta.... yrs ago lost a lot of dough when I bet on Funny Cide for the triple crown.. yeey am a loser

  • I need gamine or swiss skydiver for my oaks derby double.

    • Wow way to go out on a limb🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Like the masters,they should cancelled the derby this year....it is meaningless if not early in season.

    • @simon 1256 the most prestigious golf tournament in the world held the 1st weekend of april...

    • WTF is the masters?

  • Gamine will not lose to these, SS, Donna Veloce and Speech underneath. About a $20 tri

  • Several horses have had time to rest and train. Bill Mott's horse finished 4th to Tiz the law in the Travers. He's now ready. Baffert has 2 horses in and that Patrick Biacone horse looks good after having a rest and more training. he could go wire to wire.

  • The only horse who could beat TTL on Saturday is running in the Oaks . The showdown will be The Preakness !

    • 😂😂

    • But I hope you're wrong and honor ap gets lucky

    • You may very well be right, and to the guy above me, I would assume hes talking about gamine

    • Who? Swiss skydiver,who ran ELEVEN lengths slower at saratoga. Not in this lifetime...

  • Is fantastic

  • Very fashion

  • Very good

  • Hard to think any of the other horses can beat Tiz the Law. He has done everything so easy this year and I truthfully don’t feel this field is any better than what he’s faced .

  • I will be betting that TTL has peaked and let all you favorite betters line my pocket. I just hope we do not get another Marry-Go-Round race. I think the point system has taken a lot of the strategy out. Would like the old system back.

    • I made money on horse racing exactly like that. Get good sure things, even at short odds, but make sure deep research supports your pick

  • Gamine. In Front. Let’s Go. 🐴🔥

  • Gamine the ovious winner and a good post position #5

  • im gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you.

  • 0:34 teens24.online

  • Tiz the law...bring to new York triple crown ...🏆🏇..

  • It’s not the same without fans

  • Tiz the Law is THE LAW!!!

  • Gamine is the real deal and may be the best filly since RUFFIAN. She should win the Oaks and maybe the Preakness if she Carrie's the distance.

  • Definitely worth Tri Boxing Art, Honor and Tiz, gotta beat Tiz to win any money and I'm not looking to cash an $8 Exacta or $20 Tri so I like when people go out on a limb and pick something different.

  • At rate out

  • Your dreaming buddy

  • Tiz the Law is going to destroy them I am afraid! Mike Smith almost cost Authentic last time out as he fell asleep in the stretch!

    • @Danny Brewer Smith is an all time great. Not lately though. He hasn't been winning or riding well at Del Mar.

    • although he is not perfect I am still a Big Money Mike guy

  • Well, I disagree, lol. Like a million other's, I will use Tiz the Law on top mostly, but on a smaller scale will throw a couple shots on top for the upset. Max Player and Attachment Rate will be my long bomb hell Mary's. Good luck!

    • @Danny Brewer yeeaaahhh the owner is a professional baseball player I, don't know his name but they got a good horse, I hope he hits the board, Tiz the law is a badd azz!!!!

    • @Lewesley Acklin The King is a very live longshot of sho !!!

    • King Guillermo is my Longshot to hit 2nd or 3rd ,he won the Tampa Bay derby @49-1 , and came in 2nd behind bafferts Nadel in Arkansas derby by a length and a half.....30-1 derby Longshot King Gillermo,go get em boy 🏇💨💨💨

    • Tiz is very logical to use on top of sho -Best of Luck!!!

  • You know what, people let agree to disagree. Tiz the Law has been showing people all along that he is only getting better. You can best believe Barclay Tagg and his staff have been training Tiz very carefully up to this year’s KD. I have always liked Mike Smith and John Sherriffs and Honor AP but if you go by what you have seen and not what you imagine Tiz the Law has shown he has gotten faster and he has gotten stronger. He is my top choice in all of my combos. Enough said.

    • Yes sir!!👍

    • Give me a couple of your combos sir , I could use some help 👍🏇💨💨

    • No doubt Tagg knows what he is doing- Tiz has already proven he is one of the best- and he will be the popular choice with good reason!

  • Yes you know well man. Honour AP is the 1. He will be honouring AP Indy who got injured after winning the Belmont in 1997 and was going to win the Kentucky Derby so now Honour AP as the name say s it all will be honouring AP by wining this Kentucky Derby and all who will not listen to this will be giving the bookmakers their money and probably a lot cause they’ve been fooled by Tiz the Law. Great staff 👍

    • Yimmi Lopez-Hidalgo, he got this one but I promise you he won’t get the Preakness. Tiz will rebound from this in good order or they will meet in BC Classic.

    • Yimmi Lopez-Hidalgo it well run race. He did his best unlike certain other horses I won’t name.

    • It gets to show that no matter how much you respect the Law, the Law is also there to screw you. Happy days. For the bookies.

    • A. P indy had way better sons that he could ever be, pulpit .

    • @Yimmi Lopez-Hidalgo look so tix win times, nobody has came close to 1 time

  • that is a moronic way to decide a horse. good luck with that.

    • Moronic choices seem to be my specialty :)

  • Great video Danny. I like your pick. As Trevor Denman would say. He’d need to sprout wings to catch Tiz The Law nearing the wire. Go Tiz.

    • You are likely correct and Trevor Denman is great!

    • And go King Guillermo for 2bd 30-1 Longshot

  • Art Collector

    • Got scractched . I had Art down in a few trifectics i got to change now

  • You are crazy do honestly believe honour ap wins this?

    • @Danny Brewer very true👍

    • I am crazy but like the rest of them in the gate...he's got a chance!

    • Yimmi Lopez-Hidalgo, well hey to each their own. Not knocking Honor AP but I will stay with Tiz the Law. May the best horse win, fair enough?

    • Read my comment above. AP will win on the line 1000%

  • Tiz the will win the 2020 derby

  • Jonh Velazquez.. Authentic.

  • I had Tiz the Law since the first round of the Kentucky Derby Futures at 11-1...! 💰🏇🏇🏇🍀🍀🍀💵💵💵💵💵

  • Tiz The Law

  • Gamine

  • Tiz the Law, as of now!

  • You did highlight Maximum Security so you get credit for that. DQ not withstanding.

  • Country House is the winner. Congratulations to Country House and his trainer Bill Mott !

  • Mike Smith is now going to ride Cutting Humor so, keep that in mind. But my long shot winner is Long Range Toddy who seems to be doing really well in his pre KD training.

  • I'm not too impressed with Tacitus' hind quarters, they look a bit gaunt.

    • he is a nice looking gray son of Tapit

  • Vekoma

  • Maximum security..my bet 💝

    • nice choice

    • You got screwed!!!

    • I agreed. I would go with #7-Maximum Security (8/1) & #5- Improbable (5/1) & #1 War of Will (15/1) for exacta box amd trifecta box. And to "show bet" on #15-Master Fencer (50/1) speed figures and other stats ate mot avail except ran at Hanshin Race Course in Japan going 1-1/8 miles in sloppy track and finish 1st. 4-races ago with closing style running. Master Fencer will be ridden by good closing jockey Julian Leparoux.

    • I’ve got em too

  • Now who y'all going pick now Since Ohama went to the beach?

    • Had a 4 dollar pic 3 all/12/7 50 cent tri 7/all/5,6,8,13,16,17 Friends split a pick 5, had the 7 no 20 History for now. Good luck on the Preakness

    • had three tickets on Security but we know how that turned out:)

    • Game Winner is my horse.

  • Roadster game winner improbable

  • Thanks for your picks. I'm not a pro-handy capper but betting horce race for over 30-years. I'm going with #7-Maximum Security (10/1) lone front runner with top Beyer Speed Figure of 102 & top "LP" Speed Figure of 123. M.S. will run wire to wire although 80% of professional handy-cappers don't think so. Underneath I will have #3 Be My Standards (20/1), #5 Improbable (6/1), #8 Tacitus (10/1) and #12 Omaha Beach (4/1 M/L favorite). This year, Bob Baffert trainees won't be in top 3 fihisher (sorry Bob).

    • Security lived up to his numbers- track was made to order for him- nice call

    • @Sail Oria complete refit Well, I was right about Maximum Security although disqualified by crook stewards. On Preakness Stakes on May 18th. My pick will be horse name "ALWAYSMINING" who's odds is 5/1 (by Horse Racing Nation) right now but I predict at post-time probably around 7/2 co-favorite with Improbable. Underneath I picked; Bourbon War (6/1) and Owendale (6/1). War of Will and Improbable most likely 4th. and 5th. spots. For longshot, Laughing Fox (20/1) for 3rd, 4th or 5th spot.

    • Not buying any of your handicapping...Max Sec will be stepping on his tongue by mid stretch trying to hold off 6 or 7 horses and will be behind Tacitus & Game Winner and a handful more by the wire, many of which you named... Or Win Win Win may win...good luck!

  • Get ready for the Derby in the slop ladies and gents.

    • Indeed!

    • @Ron Walters Omaha Beach has scratched 3:00PM (PST). So now Max Sec has pretty good chance to win since there's one less pace presser #1-War of Will, #5-Improbable and #20-Bodexpress (too far out).

    • @Jimmie Rasmussen Omaha beach wins,🇬🇧becomes. 2, Tacitus 3rd, Win-🗼WIn, Win for the super-decay. For sure!

    • It will not rain this year's Derby according to weather forecast in Louisville, Ky. It will shower May 2nd and 3rd (light shower stops around 4:00PM). Ideal temperature on Derby Day with 70° at 3:00PM and sunny.

  • Tacitus...from a sailor!!! Game Winner and Country House for the trifecta...big payday!

    • partly right-nice call

    • @jesusisnotallright sclosest place qas over an hour away...tried online and they needed all these proof of ID things...just to take my money...gave them drivers liscence, soc sec card... bank, W2 no good, need a mortgage or lease or utility...fuck them, that's a big reason I am leaving this country...if you aren't in debt, in the system You are excluded and it will get worse...because I owe nothing and have NO bills...I pay cash for rent, elec, cell phone...thats it...oh and cash to my son who graduates PSU next week with no loans!!! Goodbye to here in 1 year.A couple hundred for the boat would have helped LMAO!!!

    • @jesusisnotallright s you were the winner...tried to, but fate bent me over once again and I made no wagers...No tracks near here..glad you hit...I think Tacitus was checked some at the.turn because of Max Secs zigzag run...Preakness maybe!

    • @jesusisnotallright s most definitely...at time I didn't know OB would scratch and Smith would be available...good call!!!

    • @jesusisnotallright s $10across on Tacitus...$2 ex box Tacitus Game Winner $2 ex box Tacitus Co.House $2 ex box Game Winner Co.House...$2 tri box those 3...$54 flyer towards Oria, my boat, hahahahaha! Good luck!!!

  • No beaches in Tennessee my friend. Lol, no rain, no chance

    • We used to have some sand on Percy Priest Lake...does that count?

  • The San Vicente proved to be a pivotal race.

  • what about jockeys who intentionally jump off the horse? Google it there's alot of info on it

  • It's all fixed

  • Nyquist, Mor Spirit, Gun Runner, Brody's Cause. If there is a horse who could spoil it, it's Suddenbreakingnews. Good luck to everyone!

  • "Your favourite turf writer from Tennessy"; You Yankees, where do you get that shitload of confidence from? It always amazes me; You can be a total dumbass and still become the president of that great country; Just rattle your shit away and the masses will be awe-inspired;

  • can you spell the title of video your right?

    • +Danny Adams - Lol! I thought at first he was asking "who's going to the 2016 Kentucky Derby".

    • +Danny Adams - "can you spell the title of video your right?" ?? I suspect you meant "can you spell the title of your video right?" Seems lots of people aren't aware that they can edit their CS-tv comments by clicking on the 3 tiny vertical dots to the right of their comments..

  • The worlds most famous race? Bold statement and untrue

    • I've been studying sports picks and discovered a great website at Sebs Sport Crusher (google it if you are interested)

  • Life is Corrupt

  • stay away from corrupt people..not the horseracing itself..be a horse judge ..since your judging things. look for good in things.not bad.

  • horse racing is extremely corrupt.

    • +Mr right - Not likely big money races like this. It's rarely easy to play games at the lower levels. One way is to have the jockey simply not let the horse run full steam. Or intentionally box him in. Then, next time, when the odds are higher, turn him loose.

  • Great comments.....I am hoping for a Vox Populi/3 yr old of the year/HOTY! He is the most beautiful, charismatic, talented,genuine(never phones it in) runner of 2014...hope majority sees it that way.