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We're House Poor!
We're House Poor!Před 20 dny
Is This A Scam?
Is This A Scam?Před 22 dny
I'm $622,000 In Debt!!
I'm $622,000 In Debt!!Před měsícem


  • She better hire him 😂

  • I really don’t understand why some men have cougar fetishes. Maybe he doesn’t want to have kids so he is forced to be with a wayyy older women. But other than that I always look at men dating a women 10+ years older and see those men as incredibly beta/inadequate/inferior. I wish I didn’t think like that but it’s just super strange to me.

  • Its just as important to take care of your health as it is to take care of your finances.

  • Dang Ramsey’s TOUGHHHH lol.

  • Golden rule is that if you need credit you better already have some credit. I'd keep that account open. It took my brother months to build up his credit score to get a mortgage because he'd always paid cash for everything. A credit card he applied for gave him a measly $400 dollar limit! Ironically he had about $30000 just in his Checking Account that he intended to use for the mortgage deposit.

  • This guy is done. What an idiot.

  • Was it a boy or a girl?

  • Sounds to me like there needs to be a 4th woman the guy isn't paying child support to. She would be better off finding a new, more responsible husband. The homeless guy down the street would be better than her current husband.

  • The coronavirus is coming. R u putting money away? Stockpiling food.

  • There are three people at fault here. The woman for not managing her accounts; the Ex for not doing the same. How the heck does HE not notice 8k missing from his accounts? And the payroll folks for not responding to her calls. She should have tucked the money away in savings, investments, whatever to have it ready to send back.

  • My partner has 4K of credit card debt and we’ve been behaving like the worlds ending. This is mean but it puts me at peace. I’m glad I’m learning now and n I before it got worse x

  • Why did she even call!!!! I hate myself for listening to her.

  • Dave has HAD IT!!!!!!!

  • It doesn’t sound like Dave will be voting for Bernie Sanders.... 🤔

  • Major flex: "The building I'm sitting in is 20 million"

  • Dave was too diplomatic, she wants to marry a 22 year old unemployed mechanic in the Dominican Republic who she has met 4 times and she is 23 years old - she is the poster girl for young and dumb...

  • “We” gave birth. Funny guy.

  • No

  • Come on, if she hasn't found a job in 5 months, she needs to change job fields, or just get a less paying job. Remember, not everybody can be brain surgeons. You take the job's you can get, and not be picky. You can always keep looking for a better job, while your working.

  • Everything about this is stupid

  • Have taxes taken out out of your check or not filing? I'm not sure.

  • You're dead on about servers not wanting to work on Sunday's. Its all entitled people who just came from church. They think they're better than you. They run you around and are super picky and impatient like they don't see you have other tables besides them you have to tend to. And then they tip you 2 dollars or even worse one of those papers that basically says sorry no tip for you because their extra 'tip money" goes to the church collection plate instead.

  • If you can’t make it in California making 27k a month idk what to tell you

  • How is he supposed to get a mortgage without a credit score? Furthermore - why are credit scores even such a big thing in mortgages to begin with? 🤔

  • I'm sure separate accounts don't work for a lot of couples, but it works very well for us. My husband and I have separate accounts and one joined account for everything we need together (food, eating out, electricity bills, etc.). We don't have any debts except the mortgage and we are paying it off just fine. This financial system works very well for us and we have been happily together for ten years, married for five and also proud parents of a three year old daughter. I think because we have separate accounts our marriage works so well. We both have different hobbies and therefore spend our money on totally differently things and because we have separate accounts there is never an argument about things we buy for our hobbies. We have seen other couples argue about this a lot, this was why we decided to have separate accounts. I think another reason why it works for us so well is that we both don't stick a 100% to paying everything 50:50. When I went on maternity leave I had less money than him and for this time time he put more money into our joined account. If he should earn less money than me one day I would put more money in it. I think separate accounts can work well, you just have to be on the same page when it comes to the majority of your finances. Greetings from Austria (Europe).

  • I’ve tried using all the several approaches and systems offering to bring in huge cash in only a few hours a day. In that time, “Mοnοlαn net4α” (Google it) was revealed by my mates. Every day, I am earning about a hundred bucks. Check it out personally. .

  • He’s probably a doctor, or in the tech industry, I’ve seen people in California especially in the tech industry make really high salaries

  • "Dave, you're ruining my marriage" "Sell the car."

  • I would just sell house and work on cargo or cruiseship.. There are certain nomad jobs that allow work and travel without necerrary to pay loan, mortgage. What's the point of own property if it makes you poor. It doesn't make sense, imho.

  • 29? She sounds 50.

  • This situation is common, the solution is the company usually has an "advance" form to submit. They will hand you a part of your next paycheck early to cover your travel expenses with, then after the travel you submit receipts and a report then they pay you back for the travel costs. Plenty of people use advances for travel even if they have credit cards. (Sometimes because the cards are maxed.)

  • "Adults devise a plan and stick to it, children do what feels good" WOW! If you can't say "Amen", you gotto say "Ouch!".

  • The fact that she told Dave in the beginning of the call that he’s the deal breaker in her marriage with her husband is very telling. There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes for sure. Also, her saying “better than I deserve” was so cringey! It sounded like she was mocking him.

  • Everybody here are saying they pay off thier credit cards every month. Credit card debt in america is $825 billions. Somebody is lying.

  • I was prodded by family into buying a house, then insulted to my face by the "prodder" when I spent the money to replace the roof, windows, and water heater, and add insulation.

  • My credit score shot through the roof when I paid off my car loan. So much so that it lead into qualifying for a mortgage shortly thereafter.

  • just lol...

  • I am.disappointed about this advice. Why buy a diamond ring at all?

  • House, kids, alimony. Run, don't walk and don't look back.

  • Pappa Dave the marriage councilor.

  • So quit and do what ?? What’s plan B ?

  • Term life insurance is way less then whole. Buy term and you have your insurance if you die. Put the difference on what a whole life premiums would of cost in a good mutual fund or something. Win win situation

  • I paid $2,982 for my CDL A (had to get a loan, sorry Dave) HOWEVER, I’ll be debt free in 6 months AND once I have a year of experience (and my hazmat) I can write my own ticket. Seriously people, if you’re motivated you can be making $80,000+ in two years with a Class A license. Heck, if you’re seriously motivated and work like a maniac you can be doing 100,000K + within 12 months (oil industry needs drivers!) It’s not easy and the hours can be long and it can be a dangerous job BUT find yourself a decent company and just put in seat time and you CAN DO IT! Btw i was in school for 2.5 months.

  • My buddy got married and I got them a gift and I got a new suit and that’s it

  • Hi, I was hoping for some advice, on how to make a living while on SSI and transition off it and still be able to pay and afford medication when it costs $40,000 a year not counting medical insurance?

  • This man is so mean. There are over 300 million people in this country and not everyone is going to have the same story.

  • Biology? go for Bioinformatics and DNA sequencing in addition to labs that you can work at even while studying and cover some of those student loans that can't be touched with bankruptcy. You need to get on medicaid and wipe out those medical bills somehow they can write them off if you visit their billing office.

  • 👌❤️

  • How do I avoid men after me just to get into my pants?

  • Haha “maintenance” that’s so messed up

  • Checked the sate and yes it is Texas and their love for those fossil fuel guzzling trucks...

  • Haha marry me with massive debt and I want a house

  • That car dealer just got a huge profit and that business owner is probably on a vacation at this point...

  • Omg! I love this video! It literally just opened my eyes 👀, how plastic is skewing our perception on spending. Great lecture, Dave! 👏

  • She wants her to masters, stay at home to sleep with her others while her husband works to pay off her debt, then leave him. Get rid of that woman.

  • Yes not working on purpose so he doesn't have to pay child support. She doesn't have standards she takes care of him while he plays house husband HES GOT IT MADE.

  • I bought a new Honda Civic in 2007 paid it off in three years, and plan to drive it for 20 more

  • Rice beans & plenty of veggies for health please Dave! Thanks

  • I declare BANKRUPTCY !

  • Watching these makes me feel like Bruce Wayne

  • I know a lady with an income of $800 and has a car payment of $375 She still owes $7000 on a dodge caravan

  • Stupid morons.

  • I used the GI Bill and got my degree debt free

  • Its not worth it! MOVE ON please use condoms with her.

  • Steps to lower the cost of college: 1. Maximize AP classes in high school. 2. A basic job and leave at least 1 year between high school and college to prepare and you can be in the job during that time. 3. Do those so called scholarships to lower your cost of college. 4. The "2-year" degree using your AP and is in the path of your selected major to lower tuition costs and complete the 1000 level and 2000 level requirements. 1000 level and 2000 level are the lower classes according to the University of Toledo Ohio numbering system. 5. After completing the above steps, you will lower your cost of college significantly ad any money that is left over in costs would be 10% of the original debt and more manageable a $5,000 loan is easier to pay off than a $50,000 loan.

  • Some people are stupid and they hate looking in the mirror

  • 4:07 Every feminist is screaming

  • Didn't listen. Already know Dave's answer. My answer? I have only had a credit card for a year now, no other debt, and my credit score has stayed between 780 and 805. P.S.-I have a low limit and nearly 12 month emergency fund.

  • Substitute teacher with masters degree It's sad

  • Good grief, I tell girls not to date guys with criminal records. Not dating a guy who's in freakin' JAIL should be a no-brainer. Unless the girl has no brain I guess.

  • I went onto Amazon and ordered a 🎻 while waiting on Blabber Mouth Bradley to get to the point.

  • This call sounds fake.

  • 😅😅 he made me feel guilty thankfully I’m learning from my mistakes

  • The challenges of living without a credit score are very low unless you are trying to buy things you can't afford to buy. BARZ!!!!!!!

  • Dang😳😬😬😬. She probably brought a $46k truck, and got a $7k credit towards the remaining loan. Silly, silly couple.

  • She needs a housing voucher! Why do people act like they don't know what housing assistance or section 8 is.?

  • Way to encourage her!!

  • I wonder if Dave will address the market plunge.

  • Sounds like she wants her Cake and eat it too

  • how to you decide to lease a car double your annual income? Someone needs to send this girl back to school so she can learn basic math.

  • Don’t worry guy, vote for Bernie, we’ll all pay your loans.

  • I do agree with everything but like he said it’s really common sense 😂 He seems really annoyed. I get some people need to get screamed at to get it. I feel really lucky that my parents told me all of those things growing up.

  • Hey Dave, what’s your advice for 18/19 year olds heading into college and what to keep in mind when it comes to saving money?

  • Dave should be lecturing our gynocentric society. Today’s men are the victims of a mentally insane culture that celebrate every flavor of victim and direct their rage at the faux “white patriarchy”. The best thing men can do for their own lives is to stay clear of marriage. Christian men are just as susceptible as non Christian.

  • What about a charge card? Like American Express, I love my Amex card because I can earn reward points every month but am not allowed to carry a balance on it.

  • Happened to me. Mom made me get one. She used the majority of the money for home repairs and I'm stuck paying for it. Only 9k left.

  • Pay off debt...bankers hate when you do that

  • I'll call in to Dave's show and let him that I got scammed by a Church. Wonder what his reaction will be. Not all churches are good for your finances. Just saying

  • Time to live at home!

  • “I OWN a home, the FIRST mortgage is $X, the SECOND mortgage is $Y”. Ummm no you don’t

  • Car payments are for 5 years. That average number $501 over 60months is $30k. But those people had the car when they were say 30-35 yrs old. The 401k you’re talking about, Dave, is put it there and forget next 35 years kinda place. Yeah sure you convert it into $5M. But after paying it for 35 years which is 35x12x501 = $210k. Even if you buy a car with $501 payment for 5 years and use the remaining 30 years into 401k you still probably end up with $4M.

  • Good luck trying to change her.

  • I quit my job because it was paying less and less and our clients had. o integrity. I would rather make minimum wage at something I liked then maybe $80,000 a year doing something I hated

  • That's not true if you have frequent flyer miles you can get a lot of free plane rides on your vacations when you pay off your credit card every month and get the air miles you are wrong

  • I had a used Jeep, paid for. I traded it in for a pickup truck with payments. I miss my Jeep :(

  • And the crash is here

  • They can either curtail their spending and pay off the $16k or they can sell the trailer.

  • 24 with 6 kids, she was busy

  • $11 an hour...........mmhm... ok....rubs beard

  • I always come to this video when I’m feeling like buying a car