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  • I just watched the movie It's only been in theaters for 3 days here) and immediatley came here. Also the audience reaction was incredible. Like literally everyone was shook. Like idk I saw the castinglist, I saw J.K. Simmons and Tom Holland on it but I was like yeah whatever someone probably just put it there as a joke or sth. I literally gasped when I saw J. Johna Jameson and then Tom Holland I was basically dead.

  • Science = Magic

  • If Black Widow ever to return what's the point of Soul Stone "certain condition" then? Ya'll need to move on in this shit..

  • I still don’t get the hype, tbh.

  • Holy shit yes

  • Mind=blown!

  • My dad refuses to watch What If on Disney plus because he thinks it’s gonna confuse him to much and he also thinks it won’t tie in to the live action movies. I really hope the watcher and all characters come to live action so I can make fun of him😂

  • Didn't Deadpool dress up as batman in his first movie?

  • God , I hope not.

  • You're crazy! 0:02 ... You're welcome!

  • Don’t …. Don’t give me hope

  • Remind me that Gamora also come back to end game! after the dead in Vormir

  • The first one might be more possible since Gamora was the one sacrifice in the main timeline Still hoping to get more information about the Soul stone in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, maybe with Adam Warlock with his connection to the stone in comics

  • not after suing disney...

  • Yoda's species is made by the force. It creates a member of his species every few 100 years to bring balance to the physical world and train people to be Jedi.

  • Amazing! Great video.

  • Was the Johansson lawsuit against Marvel part of that amazing plan? :P

  • so Linkara is playing the Batman? Sorry that what it looks like when he punches the glass meeting Nigma.

  • Pretty sure any chance of ScarJo returning as black widow is done for with the whole court case situation.

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I mean if it IS a mash-up universe that peter is in (in no way home) maybe that would explain dr strange’s behaviour and how all these villains can co-exist? Ish??

  • my life would be satisfied if you said something about resurrecting rdj's tony stark in live action

  • Disney and Scarlett ARE on good terms again!!! Both sides are looking forward to working on future projects together🤗




  • Is 399 a pewdiepie reference??


  • Such wild theories 👀

  • Just for that bloody one advertise...

  • I would love to see Black Widows return, but I just wonder how much bad blood there is now. Narratively a return is possible, but realistically?

  • Solid.

  • Does anyone know if venom will be stronger after eating Carnage?

  • Facts: homies don't let homies get kidnapped by religious cults.

  • 5:01 that is reach as f

  • matthew 4:17'repent and forsake your sins because the kingdom of heaven is coming soon."

  • You might be right! I totally didn't think about the light in the wormhole having 2 points. Really smart catch.

  • Haven’t gotten through this video yet but I would like to say, do you really think this happens considered Scar Jo just won that lawsuit? Have a feeling neither party makes that happen

  • With the multi-verse, anyone can come back now.

  • Can't wait to see Piotr Adamczyk in action !!!

  • Personally I think Loki and Sylvie made the multiverse then Dr Strange and Petter Parker collided the multiverses

  • nobody will do a better job than johansson

  • After suing Disney, Natasha ain't coming back from the dead any time soon!

  • Or, we move on from Natasha

  • Anyone notice Maria Rambeau's face being blue at 3:44? Weird.

  • helix!

  • Yasssss I was hoping you'd do a video about this

  • Quit watching after the TVA is a black owned business garbage.

  • But, but, there was 8 people on the elevator.........

  • my favorite "it always happened" movie was the rom com "The Lake House" with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves

  • I said it

  • I like how Cletus got beat by his father and then combined with carnage who then got beat by his "father"

  • Won’t be ScarJo tho Lmao

  • 13:22 and 13:27 Does he use the reality stone to get to that size and does he use the space stone to make that portal

  • Don’t give me hope!!!

  • reaching...

  • This is madness

  • Huge props for Jessica with that Million Dollar Ventilator line, it was KILLER. Still has me in tears laughing

  • I knew the movie couldn't be perfect 😑

  • Still hoping bullseye will return in this lmao

  • Jesus Loves You

    • Amen 🙏 Jesus is king!!

  • God Is Good

    • God is great 😁

  • Hopefully this was part of the lawsuit settlement :D

  • Jesus Is King

  • I can see venom helping the spider men and probably copying their abilities. The fact that the hive was mentioned and how they are all linked to their home planet, Knull will be a thing

  • Nah Scarlett is done with Disney

  • If what you are saying is true, you have gained my trust

  • weird, last couple weeks you guys were saying the TVA was just hanging out not doing anything, what changed?

  • When are we gonna grow into nerd toddlers?

  • Nat as Jesus. Can I get an AAAAAAAAMEEEEEEEEEN🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • You’re reaching too much.

  • Ok

  • We have clear answer ironman and natasha will NEVER be on their own movies anymore.. Cameo? Maybe Because disney just don't want to pay too much price those actor actresses THAT'S WHY THEY'RE DEAD on their stories

  • Nah. She's gone.

  • BatChest

  • Scarjo's court settlement has ended Black Widow. Period.

  • What about when Steve went to replace the soul stone in vormir;a soul for a soul....

  • Natasha believed to be the weakest avenger also Natasha: is the main reason why the uni/multiverse was saved

  • 'Loki did a pokie to the cloakie' prove black people can rap outta anything.

  • thats why i don't want to try cocaine