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11:15FPV Review of the ONEBOT T6F Ebike!
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13:20FPV Review of the Aniioki A8 Pro Max Ebike!
12:52FPV Review of the Hiboy P6 Ebike!
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13:45FPV Review of the Zora Master Cargo Ebike!
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11:52FPV Review of the Ghostcat F1 1500 Watt Ebike!
13:41FPV Review of the Aipas A2 Elite Folding Ebike!
4:33Police Officer Came Out of Nowhere! | MasFace Vault
10:01FPV Review of the iENYRID M4 Electric Scooter!
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10:44FPV Review of the Ausom Leopard Electric Scooter!
10:53FPV Review of the Navee S65C E-Scooter!
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7:12I Got Banned On TikTok [Motovlog 433]
I Got Banned On TikTok [Motovlog 433]zhlédnutí 15KPřed 3 měsíci
9:59FPV Review of the Hiboy Max Pro Electric Scooter!
12:54FPV Review of the Macfox X2 E-bike!
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10:52FPV Review of the Tenways CGO600 Pro E-bike!
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11:15FPV Review of the DYU King 750 E-bike!
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11:47FPV Review of the Vanpowers UrbanGlide Pro E-bike!
13:14FPV Review of the Engwe Engine Pro E-bike!
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10:27The Hiboy EX6 Electric Bike Riding Review!
The Hiboy EX6 Electric Bike Riding Review!zhlédnutí 3,8KPřed 6 měsíci
17:33First Ride on the Cyrusher Ranger! Best E bike Yet?
16:24Is the Vanpowers Manidae E-bike the Best We've Ridden?


  • Wow, didn't know Sheriff's ride bikes.....! Very cool.

  • He scored, well done

  • You married up bro!!! Men, never hesitate to put it all on the line! No fear

  • Lets hope hes black

  • Blud playin gta v with chief keef💀

  • The cop was silent because he was trying to think of a reason to arrest him as he was arresting him.

  • I don’t answer questions. The right to remain silent is a fundamental to operating in a public capacity .

  • My man forgot to read the Miranda rights 😂💀💀

  • Lol... it's Ottawa. What did y'all expect 😂😅

  • You got buds. 😂

  • She’s never been slapped before

  • Tag and papers are for control

  • Bro is devil's son

  • No Brasil falta eles levar o Guidão em bora na hora de tirar a chave

  • Bro go watch the full video

  • Perfect respect from both. Great post and share. None of that big flair crud...!

  • Clone this guy immediately.

  • How I Met Your Mother

  • Why aren't Indian kolkata police like this man

  • 😅

  • How about the driver pick on someone his own size. Then we will see if he still has the balls to get out of his car. What is the biker to do....take his abuse simply because he didn't like the biker filtering. The elephant in the room is that his girl probably eyed the biker causing the driver to get jealous.

  • she can ASK you to do that stuff BUT YOU DIDNT HAVE TO

  • Shouldnt have been on that phone shes holding so tight

  • I just watched a white woman pull over a white man on a bike and she called him bro…..These officers are totally way too aggressive already because this man is Black….. We have to stop acting like race doesn’t matter just read these comments and see. If this was a white man they wouldn’t be talking to this man like this.

  • Illuminati

  • I don't think that this was necessary

  • I hate these kind of people, he’s a cop let him do this job

  • Well he juat debunked all those "ACAB" degenerate basement dwellers..

  • A real person that's looking after the community and not serving the badge and on a power trip big respect 👏

  • Wow officer you want my money too.

  • Registration is for the state to know who has a note. Don't violate my 4th

  • When a white person calls a black person the n word

  • "Youll never be on these fields never again" 👩🏻‍🦲

  • You are a far better person than I.... cuz I ain't given the PoPo nuthin' 😂😅😂😅

  • Peek the 350z pass as they speak🙂

  • Motorcycle bros need to take it easy, that thrill is cheap and has no worth.

  • Why is this a trend nowadays? I see all these motorcyclists getting pulled without tags.

  • Bro I use to stay over there the west side of Fort Worth

  • Bro just responded to a cop with “ well then you guys gotta stop *Doing your job* to then” 😭😭💀

  • True professional

  • Such respect for this trooper! He shows the love and respect to the guys but also shows his care for them being firm n direct which is showing he cares not that he’s hating or an ass…!! Plus no matter how good of a rider you are everyone has at least one incident small or big and that’s a fact!!

  • Why people go around without plate?

  • 3 officers is just unnecessary

  • What a genuinely good guy