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Made in Poland Made in Poland

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Hello everyone :)
We are a team of brothers Darek and Sebastian.
Our goal is to inspire people around the world by doing extraordinary projects.
If you have been with as from the beginning, you know that we started from scratch, but fortunately we try to make the workshop as well equipped as possible.


Chain Saw HACK 4
Chain Saw HACK 4Před 2 lety


  • Respect for u man really good job!!!!

  • сколько ебатни потрачено в пустую

  • ні одного польского комента нема

  • I'm so stunned...that's incredible.

  • Good!😁👍🇺🇦

  • Wow

  • What is the music in 16:25

  • What was that blue liquid when you where cutting

  • Wydaję mi się, że bezpieczniejsze by były gumowe paski klinowe zamiast łańcuchów. Wiadomo ,że to solidniejsza konstrukcja, lecz co będzie gdy coś zblokuje wał? Miałem taki przypadek w kosiarce, jak zblokowało to paski się tylko lekko przypaliły ale nic nie urwało (w kosiarce bijakowej traktorowej)

    • Były paski na dużych kołach pasowych, ale przy grubszych gałęziach się ślizgały. Na łańcuchu jeśli coś jest za grube, to silnik staje i tyle.

  • So you got a shaft from a junkyard that had the pulleys and saw blade mount already on um and then just put an electric motor and belt on it? This soo weak its not even funny, rest of your stuff is pretty cool but this is Major weak sauce all you had to do was throw on a motor and belt...

  • Sounds like disc golf music in the background

  • great an outrage o como se dice en argentina una barbaridad de bueno!!

  • rest in diy 🤣

  • First video. And I have to say, the fact that you add in safety precautions, seems so rare to me for homebuilt tools. It looks lovely and works well, keep it up

  • 👍👍👍👏👏👏

  • What's machine you using for cutting ayran plates & for welding please let me know

  • Good to watch the devastation you caused to the weeds my Polish brother! But the Makita is a little pricey..

  • Nice build, may I know the size of caster wheel you used. Thanks

  • Please make a CVT treker

  • Video of how to overcomplicate a simple task....

  • as a mag. drill user I commend your work on this stand. its heavy duty and I like that. The only thing I question is the laminating of sheet steel in the base, it might cause the magnet to over heat during prolonged use or heavy drilling. I used 1/2" plate for my base and it has served me well for over 20 years.

  • Super dobra robota.

  • Loved the video but I wish the demo was longer.👍

  • Polska?

  • Cool stuff! Prefer to use a splitter axe while I am physically able, though.;)) that's more fun for me.;))

  • I don’t know why I’m watching this but that laser cutter is so cool!

  • "Labour is scared of his master" Well done

  • This guy is a dam good fabricator. Great work

  • Wow! Super!!!

  • Owww yeah

  • Мдаа, американский газ дорогой, вот и приходится переходить на дрова

  • Jaka to jest farba konkretnie firma itp. .

  • Perfect! Thanks for sharing! What do you think of welding bearing balls to the ends instead of plastic closing ends?

  • Ролик про что? Что этот чудак на столь крут, настолько и туп. При таки возможностях (станки и инструменты) не может купить нормальною мотокосу? В конце ролика видно. Он просто не умеет косить.)))

  • Có cần Máy phát cỏ lắp vào Máy xẻ không có thi cho 1 cái Liên hệ số 0353958946

  • Super

  • Could you make one very similar to this but for the purpose of cutting copper wire into little pieces

  • 👍

  • But how can I learn to do such things too ?

  • You're an awesome tradesmen! Greatly impressed as I can't handle exhaust fumes, so love the electric splitter! Very rugged design! Envious of your Mag Drill with Core Bits, and have learned lot's from your Video! The option of splitting vertically is appreciated by those suffering from back injuries, and with a good medium lenght Pik-a-roon blocks of wood can be just dragged along the ground, avoiding lifting!

  • Liked and Subbed! Awesome content sir!

  • No Polak to potrafi 🙂 gdybym miał sprzęt to też bym konstruował 😋 pozdrawiam 🙋‍♂️

  • The axe blade sticking out is a big concerning

  • Хуета

  • What kind of welder do you use in

  • It's been too long since I was last in Poland. Those zloty notes gave me a "that looks familiar but I cannot place it" feeling for a couple seconds.

  • Nice job mate, awesome. How much time you spend to build this?

  • WOw thats great..I would like to know the diameter of the crank ?

  • Dope bench tools too

  • Bro that craftsmanship is on fucking point, keep up the good work and the precision

  • Wow good work

  • probably took a lot of work to get that good💪💪

  • I like that, they looks very professional

  • Your music choices ensure people WON'T watch all the way through.

  • Poderia passar todas as medidas

  • Very nice work!

  • Is not 100% safe . Nice work . Safety first .

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏☺

  • auto wowwwww subscribe....

  • 💪💪💪💪💪 grandissimo

  • Здорово 👍

  • Ja pierniczę kawał dobrej roboty! Taki spawik na końcu miód malina!!

  • Dude fabricates his own miter saw while the rest of us just buy a chinesium one from Lowe’s. With the gauge of steel you’re using that thing will withstand a nuclear bomb lol.

  • That's a lot of work, great job!

  • Not every workshop has so many machine tools.

  • THANK YOU...for sharing. Very nice.

  • if it works its good! just not as efficient maybe!😎👍

  • Piekna robota , gratulacje ! wlasnie rozmyslam nad tym jakby tu zbudowac mala stolowa szlifierke plaszczyznowa bo tu gdzie mieszkam wszystkie surface grinders sa wielkosci stodoly i waza tone

  • Good machine

  • Very good, Muito bom.

  • Excellent experience you doing very good mate 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Да красиво. Но,что мастер сделал? Раму? Все остальное готовое. Конструктор по факту.

  • Dziękuję, że promujesz Polskę. Bardzo dziękuję

  • We all just going to ignore the fact that it took this guy only 20mins to build all this?

    • It’s a time laps it probably took him 2 or 3 days

  • Instant sub

  • Nice, brother! Great work.

  • I believe the motor oil you use to pull the single wire through the square tubing will rot the pvc coating on the wire. Best to use water based dish soap or best is actual wire pulling grease. You can still wash it off.

  • Genius very brave.

  • Only thing you give dimension for is the stainless pipe that goes on the inside???

  • Отлично! Супер!

  • Wow, this video has a ridiculous amount of views for the content. Congrats

  • Dd

  • Да запарился на счет пилы. 😀👌🤘🤘🤘👍

  • Doesn’t matter which trade. Hairdresser to this guy. Watching a pro is unreal.

  • Ye thats crazy clean

  • Wow your work was so clean, if i Wish ti improve my skills on this where should i learn?

  • Just change to a blade on the weed wacker.