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Hi, I'm Danny Duncan.. I post videos that make me laugh. Hope you enjoy.. Love you guys!
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Making Kids Cry!
Making Kids Cry!Před rokem


  • 1000 likes on this comment and Danny cuts his hair

  • I would pay Danny $100,000 to drop that guy with kid size 13 shoes and let me watch his unconscious noggin bounce off the ground. 😂😂😂 iM tHe RiSk MaNAgEr

  • 11 + 4 :)

  • when u become a “risk manager” u also get complementary tampons


  • Someone had the golf le fleur converse in that whole argument with Kobe

  • Looks like a kind of scuffed version of maxmoefoe LMAO

  • No clue who danny duncan is, but i saw reckful was in this video

  • Bruh when Danny was roasting all those dudes I was dead asf 😂😂😂

  • bruh

  • I dont know how to spell the little black persons name so im not gonna try but when he smokes does he only smole half a blunt sorry shitty joke

  • Fuck the goddamn haters bro if you need someone short on your team hmu 5’7 but I’ll fuck some bitches up

  • Was that movie wedding crashers

  • in the risk managers defense, Danny is a reckless nerd that has no sense value and breaks shit all the time

  • He’s falling off

  • I’ve been watching Danny for a very long time but his interaction with those people at the party makes him look like an asshole

  • The house you were looking at is The old team 10 house

  • Having a shitty day until I saw you posted lmao

  • Epic


  • Congrats on 3 mil man

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA the guy on the scooter

  • I can recognise reckful so well just from the top of his head

  • i came here from LSF

  • Danny’s right. Even when he was broke af, he’s always been the same character in the vids

  • 100 grand who ever can beat my ass. Rock balboa just pulls up and he’s like put the gloves on you bitch

  • danny don’t smoke

  • bruh absolute tools the goofy goobers making a gay ass tik tok


  • lmao wtf is reckful doing with danny duncan. collab would have ever imagine

  • That tiktok stuff was so fuckin cringe

  • I took what you said from what you said when you did that one groove videos along time ago when you say just do what ever you ehant in your life but I don't smoke or nothing like that but know I just don't give a fuck

  • Mans literally just put 100k bounty on himself😂

  • Grow up

  • Shout out to the guy wearing le fleurs

  • Danny, I will get "legalize eating ass" tattooed on my ribs to meet you!!!!

  • Man says you very egotistic about ur self to Danny Danny’s wearing a shirt saying virginity rocks definitely

  • Man he should’ve knocked tf out of him

  • He goes from a virginity rocks to a save oj shirt lol wtf

  • Jake Pauls Old House 5:19

  • Lol he doesn’t even ask for likes or subs he don’t care

  • does anyone notice at 5:49 the guy making out w a girl looks like Alex from davids vlog

  • 5:17 old team 10 house😂😂

  • risk manager at it again abusing power. we need change.


  • that is no stranger that is Byron Bernstein, very famous guy!

  • Silly Danny.... thats called kidnapping.

  • That’s not a stranger that’s Rekful or however you spell it lmaoo. He’s a dope streamer.

  • I live in Pensacola FL 😂

  • “I’m the risk manager at this party”...... “You’re egotistic”...... Lol says the one going around telling everyone and bragging he’s the risk manager at the party talk about egotistic🤣

  • I thought he was gonna hit the jump at 0:23

  • The most egotistic people I’ve ever met are the people in frats so that’s pretty condescending of him to say to you.

  • Byron come back!

  • Holy shit, hi Byron <3

  • The risk manager gets absolutely no pussy at college

  • The people that go to UCLA are honestly gay as fuck and would get worked in a fight by anyone at any other college

  • Oh no the hat

  • Lmao I didn’t expect reckful to be in a vid

  • Yo danny put the sunflower hat in a huge fucking pile of shit 😂

  • This fucker could have been a pro skater, baseball player, basketball player. Who knows. He's good at everything.

  • Fuck that dude, you did nothing wrong😂 but I’ll fight you and lose for $1000😂

  • Cameron wouldn't smoke weed only the black Cameron does

  • How much that chardizard card go for

  • Who let danny in the berrics???

  • Your videos always keep a smile on my face the whole time I watch your videos

  • Risk manager - PUSSY AND THE OTHER GUY

  • “I’m the least egotistical person” “I’ll give anyone $100,000 if they can beat my ass” This is why I love you Danny. Never change.

  • Danny i am a fighter i will beat that bitch dude for you. whats his name

  • My boy reckful!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lol I wonder what would Danny be like if he wasn't so cocky just a thought I think he floats on ego rn we needa bitch to break him!! Lmao 💔

  • 2:42 What the fuck


  • God frat boys are such douches. You should hire a crew of like 100 fighters and have them hide near a frat party. Then go in and piss them off and start a fight and have your crew roll up on them!

  • 1:58 - 2:03 two cleanest 360 flips ive seen in awhile

  • I’m a big fan but why are you being a douche to the guy when it’s his house, be a man, swallow your pride and just get tf out

  • My tick tock is jon_theboss

  • we need a compilation of tesla funny moments

  • “Make me feel tiny” 😂😂😂

  • Goddam I love Danny Duncan

  • #bigdickenergy

  • THATS MFN RECKFUL omg I didn’t believe it when I saw the thumbnail my mfn hero.

  • Andrew was gonna get all the pussy there that’s why they mad. lol

  • Did he just go to the old team ten house 😂

  • Burn the hat for a prank

  • danny is a man

  • Danny the virgin

  • “Make me feel tiny”

  • The newest episode of Danny kidnapping a homeless man

  • Might have to take you up on the whole ass kicking offer Danny 😂😂

  • what a little shit should've taught him a lesson

  • Im tired of looking at your face😂😂

  • gotta figure out who the bitch boy is.

  • Rick manager is pussy , so r his boys

  • Danny should’ve beat his ass

  • Ok bet hit me up Danny 100 grand please

  • So much for sober since 15

  • I think it’s fine

  • Danny rember when u were actully a good guy and would joke around and still be respect full but now ur just a dick and its gettung hard to watch ur video's its sad to see u like this cuase u were my favrotie youtuber now ur just annoying power got to u and now ur just a dick

  • I love your videos and I bought one of your jackets and people don't understand they think my parents forced me to wear it 😂

  • whos eema? eema dick