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Greetings and welcome to Bozo Memes! 😎

Here, I take pleasure in editing and reacting to amusing videos from different parts of the globe. My goal is to spread joy and laughter, and to challenge my viewers in "try not to laugh" and more 😂
You'll find a variety of content on this channel, including hilarious and heartwarming shorts that bring a smile to your face. You can look forward to watching comedy videos and much more.😊

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  • this reminded me of my german elective teacher in middle school who spoke 7

  • Ryan hale goat

  • I need one just to play with it

  • Wow that was so cool

  • Bro said i speak a bit if *insert language*

  • my man's literally doin solo vs duo bruh 💀

  • Crdits

  • like one level above us it’s just learning language. like my fluent and ancestory language is greek and i know like 10 other languages 7 don’t exist anymore🤣 jk

  • Nah imagen know spanosh nah if he do and i see him nah its gonna go down

  • This dude's "a bit" is a lot for me wth

  • I didn't even notice the guys in the corner💀

  • If you feel useless, look at the two people at the bottom.

  • Is that pete davidson

  • Bro looks and sounds like Tommy from that’s amazing or is that just me

  • Bro is a legend😂

  • Bro is a built in duolingo 💀

  • I speak more languages I speak Arabic, English, French, spanish, Korean and Chinese.

  • Bro I didn’t even see the two people at the bottom until I saw the comments

  • Azərbaycan

  • And so

  • Bro I just got the original video before this obe

  • Best thing I've seen all day

  • I’d kill ya 😂😂😂😂 that’s great


  • They are not failures to their father.

  • Bro took bilingual to whole new level 😳🐐💀

  • He bought DLC

  • i thought that when she turned off the light his head would turn red

  • What his channel

  • He will definitely be able to protect you and yours

  • To be fair...I'd shit my pants too

  • 10 bro

  • Bro I’m still learning English at 12 yrs old 😭

  • I didnt even notice the two guys on the bottom right lol

  • Bro some don’t lay eggs🤦🏽🤦🏽

  • Bro is duolingo himself

  • Another freebooter😒

  • Does he speak a bit of wookie

  • I'm going to hire to be my tranlter

  • Bro really said bin chilin

  • His ghost left his body to go to heaven

  • They got him good

  • Bro is ready to travel the world

  • Nice self-own, Karen. Way to go.


  • There was a red light tho 😂😂😂

  • Dude no way I just watched the OG vidie and scrolled down and found this 😂

  • Materials will never replace a Life or love. Love this video

  • there eunglssses dustytaraduca