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  • veryi nic video

  • Who paid you

  • Gotta admit,.... this kid definitely showed us the remote with a hope to stop us from accidentally pressing the power button (on remote)

  • how many are watching this on note 2?

  • This guy is just inspiration for many people

  • What if Samsung joined the console wars?

  • “I’m doping up.” - Bill Nye, 2020

  • Guys don't buy oneplus products on oneplus website they will take your money but won't deliver the product and it's very difficult to get any help from oneplus support team even if you get in touch they will just escalate your issue no action will be taken place better go for a store or on amazon oneplus sale i wil highly recommend not to buy oneplus on oneplus website

  • എന്റെ പൊന്നെ 4K

  • I trust you, Arun Maini and Linus Sebastian.

  • Kobe’s hairline goooone

  • Good Luck..

  • Moto E and, if I remember correctly, one iteration of Moto G shipped with the cable, but no charger. Thing is, they weren't $1k

  • I bought 4 brand new wheels for my Nissan they cost me 600$... so what the fuck ???! I’m gonna dump my iPhone and buy Samsung!!

  • Nintendo once sold the 3ds xl without an ac adapter. I still think it's a shitty move.

  • Testing these cunt customers the hardware similar wheels cost 12.99 a dozen

  • Just stick with technology, and don't get into psychological things, you are not good at it

  • 6:13 that’s where I am gonna go for my birthday!

  • I have an iphone 8 but for a while now i've been thinking of leaving apple and going to a different type of phone. Hopefully I make the right choice in getting this one.

  • This was 11 years ago CS-tv are you sure that there’s nothing else you want to recommend

  • Apple: lowers price to manufacture Also Apple: increases retail price

  • Who pays for all the tech you review and own, definitely not CS-tv

  • I haven’t got the update for iOS 14

  • Hey marques I whished u would have asked Craig about why can’t they bring night sight to x and xs because if a pixel with midrange chipset can do it the Apple they hype so much about the chips and protecting the planet why can’t they get this feature down

  • Lmao 😂 just got this my recommendation and I’m not complaining

  • Marques, you were rewarded for being the creator of the decade, and not the black creator of the decade.

  • Fun video, but a few things: 1) No mention of the Super NES? 2) NES was released 1985, NOT 1983. 3) Sega's profits plummeted in 1994, and they didn't exceed Nintendo, as claimed. Check Bloomberg's report entitled, "Sega!" from Feb 1994. 4) No mention of the Sega CD? Or the Saturn? Ie, the reason Sega tanked right after the Genesis.

  • As usual great video

  • With the router look, it should have built-in wifi for 0 ping

  • @marques brownlee i am watching all your videos. you are rocking

  • It's like trump wanting obama's birth certificate.

  • the man behind the tech reviews

  • I don't know how it sounds But.... ... ... .. ... ... Because of being a kashmiri I m watching this vedio at 2G speed..GOD help us...

  • lol

  • The kid seems good at this youtube thing hopefully he becomes a big CS-tvr one day🙏🏼

  • xperia 1 ii's review?

  • See you all in 11 years

  • Why do you use google messages instead of samsung messages

  • Love it MKBHD. Keep up the good work!

  • Who else got this in their recommended lol.

  • dont expect anything

  • u checked the comments as soon as he said u should never check comments lol

  • Damn. Seeing Kobe felt so real. R.I.P.

  • CS-tv recommend me this in 2020. After Kobe's accident. 💛💜 RIP Mamba

  • I wish apple watch cellular could host wifi for other devices such as mac. That would be a killer feature

  • my man really interviewed Muse and only put them in the vid for 5 seconds

  • Why is this recommended to me right now?

  • there is the option of taking back old chargers to recycle on there stores they show in their new product launches how recyclable their product is

  • That's a major slam slide across the floor. Is there a screen protector on it?

  • Hey bro you’re rich

  • Me upgrading from a s6 edge plus to a s10 plus. Cant wait for the massive leap

  • Cancel culture police all around us

  • What is wrong with the audio in this video? Constant hissing...

  • It's like buying a car with no tires

  • Mans got 3k dislikes Lmaao howww hahaha

  • Gimme my damn charger 🔌...faaaack you mean ?

  • 5:06 I wish I looked like that during and at the end of my phone calls.

  • How much did they pay you to say all this? >:)

  • iPad Challenge you say? Lol. 🤣 My MacBook Pro broke and fixing it would have cost me what I initially paid for it so I figured I’d just save up for a new one, and max it out while I’m at it (cause why not). I’ve been using a 6th Generation iPad as my main computer for the last TWO YEARS. Now that was/is a challenge. Only another $1,000 to go till my challenge finally ends. 😂

  • Marques Brownlee for 11 years ago had a better camera quality than PewDiePie has

  • 6:48 "SUGGUST"

  • I still have it. It still runs pretty good

  • I watch at least 3 CS-tv videos and read at least a dozen Amazon reviews making sure to check for any patterns in the 1star reviews before any major purchase I make. I almost always get exactly what I expect. Never limit yourself to one source.

  • I’ll switch from iPhone

  • 2009: NO!! 2010: Nah 2011: Why would we? 2012: heck nah 2013: nope 2014: someday 2015: Ahh.... NO 2016: Because I said so. 2017: not at this time 2018: soon 2019: wait for it 2020: YES

  • how much did safwan pay you

  • What if it was my first iphone

  • Wat

  • CS-tv brought me here.

  • The Golden age! From 70 to 11.6M!

  • We trust you

  • I trust you! Your content is real and good !

  • kind of like your honesty!

  • AdnsndndnejnrndjddhhfhdghjejdnfbfndjdkendjdjfhdfjdkeghekdjekfkekhfjefjhdhfhfhshdhxjdjsnsndnsndjdnebdjdhsksnshsndbnsndhdhsnsndbdbshsbsbnsnsndnddndnZ

  • Wher does the cube go

  • 2020 CS-tv recommendations are....

  • Z Flip better🔴

  • I know you likely won't see this since it's so far down in your comments. But I really admire you for having the pride mkbhd shirt. Great to see you representing causes so openly

  • a little compromise in favor of better built quality.

  • 15:20 Hilarious! 😂😂😂

  • So they can make the widget stack which looks amazing, but you can't move the whole thing 1 row! Android needs to make the PIP like this, sucks that you can't resize it.

  • Looks like that kid from stranger things

  • Man 10 years ago hahaha

  • Funny how the younger the iPhone brother gets the taller and bigger it gets

  • So how do you CS-tvrs make money?

  • Who has been scrolling through the old videos 😅

  • Any expectations for new Airpods in 2020 or coming year ?

  • Stay away from these. I haven't tried the Pixel 4, but I had a original and a 2 XL. The 2 XL, phone just randomly bricks after a couple of days. Verizon replaces that, THAT phone bricks after a little over a month. Being as how it's been past the grace period, I have to buy out the entire fucking phone PLUS buying a new one. That one at least lasted a little over a year, but guess what? Fucking bricked again about 2 months after I was doing paying back the old fucking phone. Fuck Google, and fuck Verizon.


  • Your extra love for iphone tells me not to trust u.

  • Sir! Love from india. You need to make a video on you journey from start.

  • July 13th 2020. I was recommended this video. Can I please join 100 subscriber giveaway?

  • Elon Musks accent is so strange I love it

  • you have so muchh phones i just realised the video linus did on the tour of the studio can i have 1

  • CS-tv 2013: nah CS-tv 2014: maybe next year CS-tv 2015: what video CS-tv 2016: iPhone 5s? CS-tv 2017: ohhhh that video I remember that CS-tv 2018: maybe........ next year CS-tv 2019: let’s wait until he gets a iPhone CS-tv 2020: yeah he got a iPhone let’s recommend it right now

  • Hii sir... Have one question how do yo take care of your eye... As you a lot of time in front of blue screen..plzz reply..✌

  • Thanks Marques well said and express on ur life experience. I read that article from Neil Degrasse Tyson it was interesting and well express the truth abt the society we r living in today its such a shame how we r still deal with this as a race.

  • Elon seemed comfortable asf compared to other interviews

  • Thanks for the insight on your channel.

  • marques spends so much time explaining the content everyone: floor gang comments