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  • I used to be a Samsung fan boy, but since my first v20 I'm lg all the way now. My brother has the samsung 10 plus and I still prefer my lg g8 or my v40

  • I can hear your saliva when u talk its so distracting...

  • the truth is that the $50 clones on Amazon do pretty much the same job. I have both and the difference is not thaat huge (admittedly there is a difference).

  • Ah yes, this may sound like a complaint but its hard to find wallpapers for 2 6k monitors so you need to find 12k monitors - oh yes first world problems at its peak

  • using OP7T, never looked back

  • Kindly make an update the sentences while you’re communicating words in front of the screen. To understand your accent.

  • Well, thank you Impossible Project we should say

  • Pocophone FTW

  • Bixby is bebe, she is afraid to give the wrong answer so she takes 500 goddamn years

  • Nice vidéo 😁

  • Who’s watching this with Air Pods or air pod pros

  • Because there really not that expensive to make

  • Apple just a company for creating problems and solving them.. I was using blu headphones since idk 2012 ig... Airpods just ...original and sec version was a nightmare... i dont wanna hear ur cheap pop music from ur expensive airpods... they created a couple problem , nice audio and sound leaked(in and out).. they solved with airpods pro... apple can you just stop doing a thing.... you cause problems mate.. Just stop selling problems...

  • Watching this on note 10+ feels like a nostalgia trip...!

  • I would personally amputate my own feet, for youtube to stop shoving garbage like this up my ass daily...

  • Why the hell is it in my recommendation in 2020?

  • So if the Oppo Reno Ace charges from 0% to 100% in about 30 minutes, it will charge 1% every 19 seconds. Woah


  • He meant "Antartica".

  • Mannn 4.4.4 KitKat was the bomb but the UI now looks weird 6 years later. Lol

  • MKBHD's morning thoughts: "so, which smartphone shall I have today?"

  • Gotta be looking for the bat signal when driving on of these😂

  • Can you not just download apk files from the web and use them on these phones?

  • Yea, i'm still using note 3.

  • Fuck Google and their advertisements

  • Yo bro why you copying my keyboard, mouse and mouse pad?

  • He send the awards to every company?🤔

  • Why is this in my recommended feed now???

  • Doesn’t know what 187 means??

  • Great video as always, but you really need to move your monitor or just stop looking at it. Talking to the camera while looking above it is really hard to watch.

  • This phone arrived to Chile like a week ago, I don't know if it's the same case for other countries

  • Anyone else watching in 2020?😂

  • Airpods: degenerate horns of an iSheep

  • twb came out several years prior to airpods concepts

  • Ok budda

  • I want the note10 plus im watching on a S10e

  • This is no longer a problem as all phones have MASSIVE batteries and I'm sooo glad it isn't

  • Please do a "what's in my bag " and " what's on my phone"

  • So they all sell something something buds

  • "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" Mark 8:36 KJV. I pray for your soul sir.

  • Free markets at their finest. One company comes out with a product that makes a bunch of money....competitors jump into the market and create competitive products, driving the average price down and pushing innovation.....consumers have plenty of choice at a variety of quality and price points.

  • Think pixel 3 was better.

  • Apple garbage use sumsung screen with micosoft setup.

  • recommended in 2020?

  • i watched LTT video of this in which He explains the ridiculous cost of owning it!

  • Would love a smartphone tour :D

  • Who’s watching this because you had to actually buy one!?

  • Apple makes a product and everyone follows. Thats the game. Deal with it.

  • Great video. I also just posted my unboxing and review of the golden iPhone 11 Pro. Have a look 😊

  • Congrats now you have 10mil subs

  • Help! My bose quiet comfort 35 have some problems! Like: they have some Bluetooth problems! When I just want to hear to Musik every 10 sek the Musik Breaks 0.5 sek

  • Now 2020 and wtf im doing here

  • this video is a relic

  • I'll take the matching thin bezels of the S9 than hole cuts or notches with asymetrical chin.

  • Do you know that Huawei manipulates the Shenzhen jurisdictions and sent its own employee into jail for 251 days without any proof? It is evil af and many Chinese social media platforms are still blocking it.

  • ????? 0:38 ??? ? ? ? ? ?

  • all 2.7k dislikes are companies which made airpods clones ;)

  • Bruh

  • Amazon has been pushing Bluetooth headsets you can talk thru for years now. All apple did was make a Bluetooth version of there headphones.

  • Do a backpack vid

  • Peterrrrrrrrrr

  • Love my $40 Airsounds Pro

  • Plot twist: He has been playing with these techs for 3 weeks.

  • From personal experience I definitely think the asking price for beats is a bit much but when it comes to second hand prices there are super good deals. My girlfriend got me beats solo 3 for 70 bucks and they have been amazing

  • Also the IconX

  • Ive seen shorter clone of AirPods than the real long ones and honestly the short ones look even more dope

  • Huawei mate 30 is the best Smart phone

  • From a musicians point of view, no headphone jack sucks ! Straight away that renders my irig useless and stops me from being able to hard wire it into my mixer. Apple have forced you to have to change your setup and go buy more ad ons such as Bluetooth headphones or an audio interface dock (not cheap!).

  • Why does everyone forget that the Galaxy gear iconX were released 6 months before the original airpods

  • Apple seriously fucks anyone they want in the ass. So overrated. 250 for AirPods, whenever I see someone wearing them I take them for a fool.

  • I Swear, Marques is the whitest black person on the planet

  • yea.. this aint midrange my dude..

  • I had the dark Blue (remember this color?) Startac. I only used it for a few weeks coz it went missing but I loved every moment.

  • Didn’t the CEO of Huawei admit that he uses Apple products all the time? He said he wanted to push Apple to innovate by creating a threatening rival to them. He’s been very open about this

  • His intro gets cooler each vid- love the work

  • IPhone 236: *can transform to anything* (car, house, person, etc.)

  • "The rest of the stuff, like brakes, wheels and tires..." Yeah, mate. The rest of the stuff is what a car IS.

  • Do a big shootout between all of them, please.

  • bixby worst

  • CABLE !!!! :(

  • Wireless headphones have helped me in some places, but I still prefer wired headphones because Bluetooth just isn't as good yet.

  • Are you full time CS-tvr i mean you earn everything from CS-tv??? Answer I'm asking from Himalayas of Nepal

  • 2020 viewers here!

  • thoez are not problems bro, that goes to show you feed the average consumer, not the pro or enthusiast :P i mean: what abaut the Pint right line on the display or one drop is 99% a damage or that huge battery drain, screen flickering? huh? dude come oon >(

  • undeniable, apple just really good at making money from its sheeps, and then android phone makers thought they can do that too. damn it

  • 4:36 samsung had wireless earphones way before the galaxy buds people just didnt know because gear icons where way ahead of time

  • oneplus 5 to iphone 11

  • We can blame the people who bought the iPhone 7 making the headphone jack absolute

  • Since he didn't mention it, Apple didn't come up with the idea first. The first major player was Samsung a year before with the Icon X (now called the Galaxy Buds) and then came the AirPods. Convinience made the AirPods popular as I still use my Icon X 1st gen and the battery now dropped to 30 mins of playtime on a single charge while it claimed 1h30 mins when it came out.

  • Man I wish I owned a HTC but I was only 10 back then😔

  • Me with my Galaxy Buds:

  • cApITaLiSM iSN't iT gREaTe

  • The category "budget phone" feels pretty meaningless when you include the OnePlus 7T, which is **twice the price** of the phones you picked as the winners of the category.

  • Because they are expensive. People need cheap alternative.

  • Am I only the poor

  • you are An Overrated shit

  • Mark ass brownie

  • This was a blast....

  • listening with my airpods pro :)