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  • Arrogance ended lots of major multimilion dollars companies such as Nokia, blackberry, HTC, LG and if sony didn't take that lesson it will follow.

  • I loved sony but sony ddnt love me.

  • If sony sold through US carriers as the Walkman x1 , and x5 respectively people would buy them. US carriers is how americans buy phones. They have best buy for sure but even they dont know how to sell these

  • Sony was hohum on the Symbian train... when Ericsson all but withdrew and let Sony Ericsson take over the brand of phones. . I do regret that Aony isn't too serious about mobile devices.. like how Sharp, NEC were... in Japan.. till a few years back

  • Marques, you realise that, however famous and influencal you may be in the tech blogging world, you are still a youtuber (and God forbid a western one).... and you think you can give advice one of the most self-centered stuck-up old-fashion-business practices insular-style company on the face of the Earth? Man, even if what you say might ring a bell of common sense to that bunch of suited up old farts accountants on the board of Sony JPN, out of sheer HONOUR preservation, they wiill keep on going the opposite way.

  • Very well explained. As an amateur photographer I’ve always liked Sony, but you’re right.

  • I see the reason for the multiple camera modes. The cameras they make are also specific to either video as in the a7s4 and then for photo as the a7r4 and then they have a cinema camera the FS7 and other versions.

  • Sony doesnt sell through carriers, that is just ignoring the US market

  • Give it time a few more years youre obsolet

  • So why's special about the phone? Him : Got bigger finger print scanner?

  • i love the marketing strat! nicely done :)

  • Sony is a big enough company that I think they have the freedom to make phones like this in a market where nobody else does, Unlike One+ and Apple. They essentially took the pocket supercomputer concept and made it in to something they can call their own, and if you want a phone that has these features then they are the ones making it.

  • If am not mistaken, RAZR was the first ever "flip phone" way before smartphones were "upgraded" to how it is now till Samsung Flip came & took it to the whole another level. 🤷🏾‍♂️ This RAZR+ is something that I might buy if it can compete with the Flip 5. 🙌🏽

  • They can just remove the bezels, make internal metal frame, screen size will become 6.8 inch, name can be Xperia X, and also one 18 inch bezelless tablet Xperia X Tablet

  • Video idea(maybe for studio channel): Shows us how big of a difference it makes when pro photographer takes a picture from Sony vs it's own automatic mode. That way we know all those features are actually useful and not just gimmicks.

  • In other words, Sony needs to make the Asus Zenphone 9 and put SONY on it.

  • Why are they even coming up with a phone that has LESS later on? they think they're gong to sell a lot of those? the nice big screen folding phone looks super, but make it IT and no more.

  • so says an apple guy


  • Why not just buy the last gen version? As your "entry level" device.

  • 1000 Dollar an hour business consultants can't give this clear advice and roadmap to Sony. If Sony follows Marques's advice and gets a hit they should dedicate a special version in his name.

  • This is the smartphones for those want to do digital's very futuristic....loved it❤

  • Trickle charge? How to activate that?

  • But aren't their camera lines the "Cayennes"? This feels more like a high end camera accessory with Android than an Android phone that also doubles as an accessory

  • Sony should stop treating their smartphones as their DSLR

  • the problem with current smart phones is being rapid turnover and you feel missed out after the new phones starting to rolling out. Brands like Apple and Samsung generally keep their previous gens flagship updated reasonably to some degree. I am afraid that if I bought a phone outside those 2 brands my new phone will get neglected by the manufacturer in a short time. my suggestion for Sony to make their Camera app open source and allow users to get wild since i don't think they have enough personnel in phone department to keep that continuous development ongoing.

  • Honestly, before Porsche, there came Ferrari. Enzo had to start selling his creations to fund his love for racing.

  • Make Compat Smartphones Great Again

  • The phone you described at the end of this video is the phone of my dreams! Also, didn't know the impact the Cayenne had on Porsche. Fantastic vid man!

  • That's exactly what I want, give me a sony phone at a real price with a intuitive camera app, headphone jack and sd card slot, maybe even ir blaster ?

  • they have the narrowest demog.... LIKE THE SCREEN

  • I guess the hint is that next video will be about robots...

  • So in other words, make a lower spec "affordable" midrange device that blends in with all other mid-range smartphones but let the Sony brand carry itself?

  • 6.2 inch screen is a sweet spot . If u see s20s n fe's n other. 6.2 or 6.3 is what mass want around the world.

  • I had no idea Sony still made phones so this video was a big surprise!

  • i am still rocking a Sony Z3 from 2013, glad that they still do the shutterbutton thing :D i had to put a costum os on mine and it is sluggish but still kicking 10 years later, only sonys can do that

  • never launched pro mod

  • Headphone jack>

  • I would actually buy Sony over samsung just because I like that design so much! Drop the price. maybe 1440p, 90hz display, Thinner bezels, and a small phone. like 13mini.

  • Sony needs to visit the smartphone graveyard

  • The carriers dont subsidize them, which makes them more difficult to get.

  • Sony looks absolute garbage, I am gonna spend my money on the latest iPhone 15 pro max instead. Around the same price range for both.

  • I use a 60Hz phone and I don’t understand why people hype up 90/120Hz displays. 60Hz doesn’t feel sluggish even if you are used to higher refresh rates on other displays. There is no need for that refresh rate just as there is no need for a 4k display. There’s no real world benefit. Especially when the rest of the hardware can’t keep up with the display anyway.

  • All I heard was Marques pleading Sony not to cancel their pro smartphone line-up.

  • I dont agree with smaller phone...Sony shoud make new Sony Xperia Z Ultra:)

  • Colours, colours, colours! The black isn't as interesting for the masses. All the other phone manufacturers make colourful phones. Where's the Bright purple or yellow or "Green Haze" or whatever phones? The colours really matter!

  • In a world of Chinese Phones , People would love to have mass phones with significant hardware and software from Sony,Nokia,HTC ,Asus.

  • By not following Apple like all others in the market seem to be doing...

  • I can’t use this phone. That’s just one more screen for me to break 😩

  • Great video Marques! Loved the in depth analysis of the situation and the advice you gave, hopefully Sony sees this and implements your suggestions.