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  • Welcome to 2020

  • We know you have the OnePlus 8 Pro. We know it Marques. We know it.

  • 5 cameras are normal now in 2020 lol

  • 40k doll 😭

  • Its more like "Whats my phone's settings in 2020?"

  • quarantining and chilling

  • This video is sponsored by iphone...

  • Since I live in the Western nations, no Google features is an advantage from my stand point. A phone without Western nations influence and its popular hacking of software choices or legalized govt access monitoring is great. I think having less popular software beyond these Western monopoly companies of Google and Apple is not a bad thing. Since software companies and device manufacturing companies sell out to governments, I prefer to use the one with the least impact on my privacy and life invasion. If I lived in the East, an Apple or Google operating system phone would make more sense since the Eastern govt does not have easy access or the authority to access and spy via apple and google software. The true battle here is privacy. You can have a phone with the same issues from eastern govt spying and monitoring as you do the west, but which govt would have more power to disrupt my life, take away my freedoms and make life more difficult than it has to be? The answer might surprise you. Since there is nothing for the East to gain in using control leveraging from spying on me personaly and since there are less qualified hackers of the P40 apps in the West, I feel that the P40 pro plus is one step closer to privacy freedom if you live in the West. Unfortunately, we don't have any country in the world that does not alow government interferance in manufacturing devices and software. P40 pro plus makes more sense to me because the people who have the right to access and manipulate its software have no power over me where I live. It does not take me long to learn how to operate, or learn new software. What I gain or compromise on new P40 apps is no drama but the privacy is priceless.

  • LOL Too close to tablet size!!

  • It exists because přîāşę the 🅱ëåņš

  • I wonder if he thought he was going to be as big as he is now back then.

  • 20 million views

  • Well I made these changes to my Samsung note 10+ as soon as I bought it last November. Runs great now.

  • Marques : " slightly disheveled deconstructing studio" Me: *looks around my house

  • "kid today..."

  • Hey Marques why havent you done a review on the the galaxy tab S6

  • I recognise the intro music it is the song fall in Eminem’s album kamikaze

  • Happy Belated Birthday Uncle Randy!!! (if you dont get it press >> 0:54 )

  • The poor C64, VIC-20 and Atari on the shelf at 8:02 get no mention that entire scene 😢

  • 5G is dangerous! Birds and people are dying in England and China. It's all over the place. Radiation fills the sidewalks and birds are dying falling from trees thousands. Say No to 5G!!

  • So basically Marques wants the other companies to do the same thing they did with webOS on the Palm pre sniff. Android and iOS just stole and appropriated almost everything from webOS which was ahead of his time. But Marques is right companies do that all the time, but what hurts me most, is how late they were to copy it AND make it like a big new thing years later. Also how they just "devoured" it and leave "nothing" left was crazy. This world is filled with vultures

  • Where is the full review of find x2 pro? Eagerly waiting for the next review

  • I thought you will use Z flip as your daily phone and tell us how it feels like and if it's durable, maybe the video somewhere and I missed it?

  • My girlfriend: "you ex used to WHAAT?!" Me: "yes, yes she did. Please... COPY THAT."

  • Actually, this is the worst review ever

    • No helping comment below ... mostly are trying to insult marques in different ways

  • So no one is gonna talk about the floating camera unit in thumbnail?

  • Why do you encourage other manufacturers to copy but you don't encourage people to buy the phone?

  • Am I the only one Samsung user watching this who had done these things already

  • Would be nice If they fit perfectly while wearing the Motor cycle helmet and have some sort of intercom features between 2 sets of Air pods

  • Your next computer is not a computer, but its top specs... is a computer money. 🤦‍♂️😂

  • Accidental touch on curved screens is a complain from CS-tvrs who can afford not to use a case, for the rest of us, they make the phone slimmer on a case and no accidental touch issues 👍🏼

  • His just a good looking German blood

    • With high intelligence I'm jealous and envious, curious, love him as a pioneer

  • Y’all know he had that remote months before it came out

  • I want😭


  • Please why the hell will anyone need an ipad

  • The normal charger works just fine, idk why you called it garbage. The other ones are just really good.

  • can you make a review of the nokia 9 pureview?

  • I think the pixel 3 and 3a are still the nicest looking phones around, especially compared to their sucessors..

  • I'm getting one next week

  • Are we at peak smartphone? Marques : yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but yeah, but no

  • I still use my SEGA Genesis I often play Chiki-Chiki Boys, Sonic 2, strider, Shinobi, Altered Beast, Centurion and MK2.

  • All of this is so unnecessary 😔 Jesus is coming and that’s going to be the best day ever.

  • Those screens behind you needs to be remounted,, it looks cheap

  • this just popped up in my recomended

  • Past: 3.5 mm jack to 3.5 mm jack *dongle* Now: Lightning to 3.5 mm jack *dongle*

  • This phone is no match for Jerryrigeverything

  • Google a little too smart nowadays.

  • Now with LIDAR feature, more Australian smokers will buy this iPad now.

  • Perfect review, saludos desde Perú.

  • Woke ppl, where you at :)

  • I’m just now getting a iPhone 11. Apple always taking my money. 😆

  • When that fighter infrared borders was made, at the time in the ‘90s, the people were using incandescent lights, not fluorescent ones in order to save power.

  • Please like so he can do an iOS version of this video.

  • Marques should do a video on tech that enhances video conference experience.

  • Hi. Thanks for your testimony. Best

  • 2020

  • this is the coolest car key

  • There is absolutely nothing “minimal” about this setup lol

  • probably feels like holding an open sandwich

  • I woudnt waste money on that

  • Recommended

  • You tech guys really dont understand the possibilities of AR. Many new ideas where spring from the accessibility of this Technology🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Bring back old moto razr for lesser price...physical keyboard but with latest android specifications......

  • This laptop is so trash My sister both one and I dont see her using this garbage after a couple of weeks This is so useless And the wifi, OMG Even my 7 year old samsung tablet is better at recieving internet comnection from wifi But this thing took me a day just to downlaod one app Its not worth its price Just buy a cheap laptop and Im telling you it will work better than this shit

  • did 5g give you corona??

  • Great we woke on this..but they already put it on the planet..the dude has the phone..smh

  • this is so sad marques has tiktok. f in the chat.

  • I'm sad there is no headphone jack, but I'll learn to live without it. I'm a note serise fan, and I definitely want to upgrade my note 9 to the note 20 now my contract is over.

  • My Pixel response to voice commands, I don't have to touch it.

  • How about an actual 100% display and the rear camers being punch hole type cameras? I dont think that is possible with today's technology standards.. but maybe in couple years yes

  • Yay.!! Cancer for everyone! Just wait!!

  • This looks amazing! It's so much better looking than any Tesla, period. I think that the interior of the Tesla is disappointing, no matter what you drive.

  • Can you install win10 on it??? It should just fly, even with that specs, my 2GB ram 200eur 2 years old Lenovo netbook, installed with Windows 10 runs waaaay faster, at least it feels like that.

  • Do you work for that company ,man ? Cause you are a good salesman ! But I am not a ginny pig , so I leave `` IT `` to you . ciao !

  • YOUR brain and body is recieving the same shot ,man , ``speed kill `` ... so have fun with `` IT ` man !!!

  • I have the 13-inch MacBook Pro and I honestly hate the butterfly keyboard it feels weird to type on it

  • Ty!

  • I had a pair of Bose QC35 but upon upgrading the firmware today they not only wouldn't connect, but they require location. Suffice it to say I recycled them. I'm here looking for an alternative.

  • The 32GB Ipod costs $299 technically $300

  • sadly the quality of ROG is ''meh'' have ROG Phone 1 and ROG phone 2 the 1 TB ROG phone 1 drop at the corner part like 2 feet level with shock proof and dang goes to the repair center ROG phone 2 with shock proof, with cotton based protection inside the bag and dropped in my office table and goes to the repair center for the 2nd time. Sorry but I won't buy any further models. Note: I really want the phone and my number 1 phone for me due to comfortable handling and design that's why I had the 2nd version in 1 TB limited version. Please be guided that if you ever buy this phone IT"S NOT SUITABLE FOR OUTDOORS.

  • Everything is good. But the name isn't the best. Like, if I went to my friends and told them I bought a "POCOPHONE" I'll probably be ridiculed for the name itself. I hate to think the name overshadows the specs of this beast.

  • fuck you cheap content

  • My first smartphone was either the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4s. I can't really tell the difference.

  • Should this laptop be good for making music?

  • No mac os no buy

  • Whhhhaatttttt??? 😂😂

  • why are you getting a tesla cybertruck? duh, because i need my ass licked by tesla fanboys because we no longer have toilet paper. actually, i'd guess he's getting one because he doesn't need a truck.

  • You unintentionally predicted the next Apple Watch! Always-On display!

  • Dude..... 30GHz.... through to 300GHz You didn't mention the connection between 5G and Corona Virus.. yes no joke... a damaged immune system and a virus created just for 5G exposed people ... created by the good old USA... awesome!

  • thats what she said. 3:00 lmao

  • If you press your phone against a window you can achieve better images

  • Can I have your old iPad? 🤣 Anything to get an iPad! 🤣 hahaha I’m a teacher and desperately need any iPad that can use the current apps on the app store. If you would happen to have any lying around, that would be great! I lose nothing by asking... 😂

  • This is the America 5G, the Chinese 5G is nothing like this.

  • The best part is he still have these old videos up on his channel, Most CS-tvrs delete their old videos after poppularity but this man is confident about his early work as well, Massive Respect 💯

  • 5G makes your dick shrink

  • Yeah it's warming up your battery and frying your ball's.👍

  • I just wish that after this, they should have a more reasonable modular pc option than just the mac mini with egpu.

  • Why was this in my recommended

  • 19:9 ratio is better than 20:9 ratio