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  • I gotta give my boy Marques a big respect for not removing his old self videos. Hats off.

  • That is dooogshit

  • nice try but still a bulky awkward piece of equipment - don't see any advantage at all.

  • I was wondering what the fuck is going on with this video, why the weird ass music and why he's talking like that, then I looked at the upload date.

  • this feels so 2012

  • For “web browsing “👀

  • Yo where can I find that cool laptop wallpaper?

  • What happened to the messages dark mode?

  • Samsung copies apple? Lol most of the shit apple has was sparked from samsung/android phones. Smh.

  • liked for "that's what she said"

  • Shitsung sucks again

  • Get you on here to my friend. Lol pick me!!!

  • "he sounds like elmo" who knows

  • I feel like a new tech will come around before 5G infrastructure is common.

  • Very nice phone for the price considering what jesus phone X sold for at launch two years ago

  • How much money do need to stop saying what Samsung asked you to?

  • Watch this break again. They should have canned this thing ages ago

  • The intro is waaaasaaaay too loud. Please put it to the same level as the video. My poor neighbours.... Thanks for the amazing video. The front screen is still comically tiny

  • Yeah 64GB of storage is really Pro. 😂 Laughs in Galaxy Note 10+ starting at 256GB.

  • All my life I have been full Apple and all my family is too. Then, like a year ago, I started getting deep into the tech comminity and started realizing how poor was Apple at inovating, but I still had my doubts if they were as bad as everyone said. Now that I see that the Iphone 11 is just the Iphone XR but with another name and another camera Apple has finally succeed in disapointing me. I will start proving other phones from other companies.

  • I like the fold but it needs a s-pen to make it my potential buy. I am currently a note-3 user and the "width" of this phone is a dream come true :)

  • Thanks youtube recomendations

  • 1999: Flip Phone 2019: Flip Phone

  • Wow I wonder where apple got the three cameras from. Hmmm. Samsung had three cameras in thier s10. Really original. Everybody will say, "oh my God apple thought of this first". I'd be fine with apple if they didnt steal ideas. They take advantage of you and your money. Get a samsung. Its literally just the smart decision.

  • That Matrix background though lol

  • هااااي شنو تررا محلوو

  • This guy does not deserve this phone I do

  • Won’t you do a tab S6 review?

  • It looks like he is more excited for the I Phone 8 Plus😂 I have I phone XR

  • Wow it looks like my anker power bank when it’s folded 😮

  • stupid as 2019

  • LIke excuse me "Samsung copy a lot o things from apple?".. is apple using samsung amoled panel not enough to say apple is breaching the line by few miles.? There's no apple hardware that is in any samsung devices but apple has samsung hardware in their devices like thats it bye bye apple for innovating how to get the hardware from somebody else's.

  • The way technolodgy advanced wow

  • Hopefully he made up his money when he got played at Stadium Goods.


  • They copy apple? It's not 2009 anymore

  • You will know if its durable if jerry got his hands on it.

  • how much does it weigh?

  • 5g will kill your children and animals. Please do everything you can to not let this be in your cities

  • Your like a girl with that phone!

  • This foldable products are like 3d cinema: very fun at the begginig because its new... But its never going to be a thing.

  • Specs on this thing are soo out of this world that it's seriously tempting me from my S8 with half day battery life and slow feel of it. Very alluring

  • Thick console? LOL.... that was super portable when it first came out.

  • So it's a tablet

  • Guys this smartphone is too everyone can't buy this phone...... Please dedicate some cheap phone.... View my channel....

  • Can’t wait until you can fold it into a cube and stick it in your mouth.

  • 5:10 they copy apple in alot of thins... they just make it better and cheaper

  • All Very good information and presented Very well. Good job man... Easy Sub (decision)

  • You've came a long way lad❤

  • Fuck Samsung and anyone who buys from them Screw them and their shit phones

  • Yes... If you have an extra one, I would very much like you to send it to me thank you:-)

  • Marques, to say Samsung did anything to take a “stance” is just ridiculous. It’s all about the bottom line. Samsung wanted to be first to market for obvious reasons. And they would accomplish that at all costs, even if that meant shipping out a phone that was not fully tested. Think about it, now they can be like “oh we’re the good guys see, we care about the customer”... HA. To think it was because of any other reason would just be naive.

  • I thought I was the only one who is here because of CS-tv recommendations.

  • Love the concept. This is probably going to be my next mobile. Moving away from Apple. iPhone 11 shows Apple are running out of ideas

  • They got the message with the fast charger!!!!! It’s like man using a screw driver for the first time!

  • Take my money now please

  • This is gonna go the way of 3D televisions.

  • I think it's the same thing

  • Lmfaoooooo!!!

  • Nice ideea but the price is too much for most.

  • well at least samsung is trying to innovate. respect to that.

  • Next big thing since iPad. But It wasnt Apple🤨.

  • GF2 would have pen support and would probably have some form of ip resistance. Maybe even a larger battery and better screen

  • 6:18 Eight awesome angles!

  • samsung is killing apple nasty

  • Did anyone see my Nintendo DS? I think I lost it

  • I just can’t see this being a thing. I mean, it can fold in half. That’s it. What’s the only reason to make a device this way? So it’s half the size and can maybe fit better in your purse or pocket? Man not worth the money just for that feature. First, you’re sacrificing performance with these devices compared to a full tablet or smartphone. Second, devices these days are small enough already where theres really no need to have them fold lol. If you can fork over the $10,000 for these things, hey, go at it man. For the average joe, I can’t see this blow up to become a trend.

  • Shout out to Samsung for the innovation

  • im a editor & love the editing on vids 😍

  • god its so ugly

  • Am I the only one think this guys is cute af

  • Literally said 📖

  • 😂😂 No comment

  • I would love a Note version with a pen! Could actually do some drawing or something!

  • So as an FYI, Samsung are giving a one year free screen replacement warranty in the UK to ensure if someone does manage to break the display, it'll be replaced free of charge. Having had hands on with the revised unit, you can feel a difference when it "snaps" together etc.. It does feel a lot more robust and the improvements, although minimal, give you a much more secure feeling. The "snap" when you close the device feels a lot more secure, the app continuity works flawlessly, and the folding is a lot more natural feeling. They'll be in stores as of the 18th of this month and worth checking out.

  • I don't beleve that anyone is copying apple, on the other hand i'm pretty sure that apple haven't had an original idea ever

  • If only the dual screen case had its own battery to basically extend the battery life of the phone itself...

  • I still remember that time when iphone 3GS came out and i bought 2 of them on the same day... Now i can't even buy 1 ...

  • If I were Elon, I would walk around the factory looking at this cool stuff all day.

  • When he showed it at the top of the stairs and thought that he was going toss it down.

  • Ipad pro was foldable(bent) out of the box but we didn't hear you talk about it like this

  • That's an awesome galaxy fold device


  • I get the Trypophobia with the iPhone11

  • my galaxy s8 android has had dual headphone capability for years

  • Don't like it, don't want it , I'd rather put 2,000 down on a new car.

  • Who else is going to sell one of their kidney to buy this galaxy fold 👍

  • yaaaa that's hot that's hot

  • “Other companies wouldn’t have recalled the phone.” ...Wasn’t it Samsung that shipped phones that caught fire and only first responded a month later with an informal recall?

  • After seeing the video iPhone decided to launch Fold Phone “Iphone Fold Max Pro” in 2041.

  • Better than that thing called iPhone 11

  • same same same

  • It really is expensive though. Btw, though I won’t be buying it, wish they had added an S-pen.

  • *it looks like a wallet because it holds your money* permanently

  • All that but they still haven't added a "numbers line" option at the top of the keyboard.

  • Would definitely buy if carriers offered it

  • only 2 cameras? what is this, 1919?

  • Used to think you were the smartest, most level headed you tuber on tech then you said 'Samsung copy Apple on most things' dude I expect better from you, you know Samsung innovates way more than Apple and Apple use Samsung displays, just fed up of the truth not being told, the Apple is best lie is based on a 10 year old concept that is no longer relevant. Yes Apple do some things very well but do they make the best smartphone in the world, NO, it's not even close anymore.

  • Bank: And what did you want a loan for? Me: This really dope folding phone. Bank: :T

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