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  • 19 October 2020

  • Hi

  • Hey 👋 Marques I really love you please review Xiaomi mi 10T please .

  • imagine playing gba emulators on that thing


  • can anyone else hear the sound of the fan in his studio or its just my earphones going haywire.

  • late 2020 - early 2021 : need a blind camera competition

  • I never expected Infinix phone on this channel

  • If I had money, I'd only buy sony phones, everything sony is super awesome in tech. If they made shoes, I'd buy sony shoes, that's if I had money.

  • Weird how youtube recommends me a video about the iPhone 5s when the iPhone 12 just came out

  • through video like always

  • It looks like a phone made by T-mobile. (t-shape)

  • Why do you need that

  • Flagship or non-flagship? A51. Terrible chipset, good camera, nice screen and basically does everything a smartphone does, just with fewer software features and less... pizzaz.

  • Bruh i'm in 480p

  • why is this recommended to me? after 7 years. 😂

  • Sad to see Samsung, oneplus and such make phones with barely any improvements yet these don't get heard off

  • I just want the compact from Totally Spies. LG make it happen pls

  • Stupidest shit I ever saw... WTF were they thinking? XD

  • Wallpaper?

  • No Touch ID No USB C No 120HZ No 8k recording Finally no charger brick. So sad

  • omg he sounded the same 7 years back

  • CS-tvrs like MKBHD are totally unaware (or ignorant) about phones launched in India! 😂😂 It's filled with 200-250 dollar smartphones! Great specs. Great value. But Infinix isn't even a legit player in India against the likes of Xiaomi, Redmi, Realme and Oppo. Can't believe Marques actually took time to review this smartphone! 🤷‍♂️

  • What are fully doing here huh?? After 7 years???

  • When CS-tv recommends you the video after 7 years

  • 5G is all hype, there is no one that needs those speeds.

  • Why r u creasing js broooo

  • Am a lil late but just an idea; if you can just double sided tape the SD card reader to the back of the display and just slide your card in from the bottom looking very stealthy 🤔

  • Dave Lee bts?

  • how do it work

  • 2020: no charging adapter 2022: no phone in the box (u got to buy it separately) 2024: no box (first u got to buy air from apple)

  • how do it work bro

  • that shit gon' break

  • i have never known aur seen racism coz maybe we overlook it or I am in a country which doesn't see racism as problem but I have seen what happened in America and that was really very shocking and very hurting color of our skin should really not be the defining factors of what we can do you are one of the youtube who got me interested in tech i have learned so much from in past few years I love your content and you surely are one of the best youtuber out there for tech keep on the good work brother i hope you succeed in every way❤️..p.s you forgot mentioning Mrwhoestheboss he is also one of my fav from INDIA 😊😊

  • What about support for left handed people? Seems biased towards only right handed people.

  • What??CS-tv Isn't there any good thing left to show in 2020🤣🤣

  • Good phones are getting cheap, Cheap phones are getting good and Salaries ara getting worse.

  • Was so excited to buy this, but it wasn't released in my country wtf... (-_-)'

  • Ima go slap an otterbox case on it

  • I use a one plus 5t and I'm considering this phone to upgrade after your review. Thank you

  • So this is used to roll iphone?

  • Where do get these wallpaper on the phone

  • Like ya cut G

  • CS-tv on the small screen whil browsing on the big screen would be nice

  • CS-tv really recommend me for the second times after the second apocalypse lmao

  • Their ability to price those wheels at 700, tells you a lot about the rest of their products..

  • Going to take a while for developers to support. But what an amazing idea, the possible orientations is mind blowing!

  • The Bad thing about Huawei is their OS

  • Testing gaming performance with Temple Run 😂 Good old days.

  • It's a nice review.

  • after iPhone 12 YT finally reco this review

  • The music on one screen and nav on the other is so specifics to my curent car situation lol but i still dont know if its worth.

  • Who’s here coz they can finally afford to purchase this phone?

  • Ds emulation phone

  • Feel like the 80s

  • And also switch to USB-C .... "Earth saver - Apple".... no one needs ur stupid lightning port

  • The 2020 iPhone is out and literally the features he’s looking forward to is not there XD

  • Totally agree, LG often comes with inovative ideas of hardware. It's just a bit sad they aren't as popular as other smartphone companies.

  • Apple: releases iPhone 12 CS-tv: you can't afford that, here you go

  • ‘Most people don’t upgrade from the previous model...’ tell that to Apples iPhone 12 division.

  • Dude you go way too deep with the analysis 🤣 I, like most people use a mid ranger You probably already know the stats

  • in our language ........ mkb often accompanied with bsda

  • To think the iPhone 11 had even less pixels per square inch in 2019...

  • remove the paper work to save the environment...."Earth - Saver Apple".....put a QR code or something inside the box

  • 8:28 I wouldn't be at all surprised to see this phone heavily marketed towards Mobile FPS Gamers with things like COD/Fortnite, with the top section showing the map. Xbox's SmartGlass feature was awesome, having a second screen with the radar on for Battlefield and the like. To have this built-in to the phone, allowing you to have an already-small screen completely clear of unnecessary overlays (provided you use a controller), it's actually pretty damn cool. Also being able to watch media (CS-tv/Netflix) while having a full-on IM/texting conversation on the second screen would be incredibly useful, and maintains the ease-of-use form factor of a vertical screen section. However... xxxtra-premium price for a relatively once-in-a-blue-moon set of features, and an incredible susceptibility to breaking/scratching/grinding... it doesn't matter how much I want one, my brain cannot take that much of a back seat.

  • im still using an iphone 5s lol.... my sad life. Its not that i cant afford it but its because my parents dislike me using phones. everyone in my class (like legit) have an iphone X and above. i do so well in school and still nothing Instead of upgrading i'm downgrading. i asked my dad if i could get the airpods and he actually got me airpods (fake ones) jeez..

  • this is actually factually dumb. they are really reaching for a selling point on these new phones, its getting to the point where the absurdity is comical.

  • Wow I can attend online class and watch porn at the same time

  • Can you put a case on this? I tend to drop my phones a lot. Thanks!

  • In the future Apple midnight not include earphones, charger, data cable, iphone, sim tool, apple stickers in the box, people are still gonna buy apple products. But *if Samsung* includes earphones, charger, data cable, phone, sim tool, a washing machine, a refrigerator and two baby elephants in the box people still not gonna buy samsung products. Yeah! me neither 😌🍎🔥

  • Ngl that box was really sexy

  • Which track ???

  • Hope to see a review for mi10T Pro 5G

  • I'm still using my lumia 620 from 2013

  • Hope to see a review for mi10T pro 5G

  • CS-tv is strange.

  • I'm still using my lumia 620 from 2013

  • There is a reason this man has the best videos on the Internet. His attention to detail is insane. Keep it up MKBHD. Wow!

  • Ads are getting smarter every day... I mean, how can you vouch for a Helio G80 and deliberately ignore all of the downfalls of this phone? I'm a budget phone guy myself, but I believe that their shortcomings should absolutely be mentioned. Do the same as you would with any other device, especially in a sponsored video.

  • Apple : The new feature of iPhone 13 will be a charger and earphone included in the box. It's a charger with unique charging skills and earphones with unique technology. Everything we are giving it free in the Box. Fans: wowwwwwwwwww such a innovative thing and that too for free!! 😀