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  • One of the best CS-tv collab videos I have ever seen. Please do more of these guys ❤️

  • The way Tobi paused at 32:36........

  • what did Hp say at 14:12

  • Harry is the best haha

  • 10:26 "Is that Simon Minter or Kendall Jenneeeer" im dead

  • 41:25 Ksi little jump tho😂😂😂😂

  • Mane I watch this video at least 1 every 2 months. By far the funniest sidemen vid

  • love the sadistic smile

  • 55:28 Harry mate wtf kind of pushups are those😂

  • Ayo danielle the massage therapist is gorgeous!!

  • omg i keep going back to this i can never get enough of them 😭

  • Ethans hickey :)

  • 34:39 harry’s beautiful diss

  • Tobi is sitting on side and just listening more than half of the time, like a person seen zoning on a group chat

  • Pov: u like tunday better then ksi

  • Jj's fight turns into a whole movie😂


  • 48:07

  • Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross about 2000 years ago so whoever ,believeth in him shall have eternal life

  • This show is so bad....

  • 14:12 y’all are setting him up for failure

  • 13:45 that’s his future girlfriend right there

  • 12:45 wait she said we will manifest it so does Harry have a shot?

  • Bro those words were so easy I'm 11 and I got those right instantly

  • At spelling, it should have been Harry and JJ

  • thier math teacher be like: 🧐

  • When Philip said clapped at this end and Tobi fell on the ground I honestly shitted my self

  • Song from the first hole please

  • But that backflip tho

  • 9:55 that was the same song that the mila e mila a guy was singing in the meme and in South Park

  • Right when he said Gulfstream I knew he was rich haha

  • Bruh I could just tell with how they look.

  • I feel bad for the camera people

  • Who knew they'd go from knock down to lock down in 3 months

  • Tobi's look at the camera after making a hit line is simply Iconic 🤣🤣😩

  • Why is Toby in 5 fps 😭

  • We should appreciate Becky and che with the c

  • it’s harry’s hickey for me

  • Anyone know what Perdie's Instagram is

  • After this I'm just in love with Chunkz 🤣

  • Bruh Harry's kick making me scared

  • The more I watch the Sidemen, the more I want to go to London (Note: I'm from America)

  • Peak Josh video

  • Real ogs remember that “the thing” is also from the sidemen Santa penalty shootout

  • now i know all of their heights

  • This was the birth of big Josher

  • $10 cruise vs $10,000 cruise?

  • “THE NDL SEND OUR REGARDS” We will not be silenced. Not then, not now.

  • 31:36 is one of the only times JJ has known his own lyrics without have to search it up

  • I beat Logan Paul😂

  • Millionaires trick the sidemen into thinking they weren’t millionaires. Basically they all make a lot of money, especially the fake tan woman but they just don’t own as much as he does 😭😂

  • chunkz went off bruh GODDAMN!!!

  • Yo if the sloth started running at jj I would have died

  • 00:48 Toby having flashbacks

  • it’s tradition to watch this video every once in a while

  • "Sidemen Punishment Basketball, but 4 of us get railed harder than Riley Reid" Would have been a much better title

  • 46:52 Tobi's soul has left his body!

  • There are so many gems in this video, it’s actually crazy

  • Im impressed i think it took skills to miss letters Lolllllll!!!!!!!!

  • Ethan killed

  • Back for my bimonthly viewing of this video/series.

  • The accents throughout this have killed me off hahahahaha

  • is harry muslim xD masjid

  • Eh... hehe... does anyone knows her onlyfans name😬

  • This got me dead😂😂😂

  • That one there was a violation personally I wouldn't have it 🦦 😭

  • harry sounds legit scared, im loving it

  • why did no one realize Harrys slipper one I was dying

  • why did no one realize Harrys slipper one I was dying

  • Jet guy flexing the real Richard Mille at the end...

  • Was i the onlye one that heard jj's voice crack

  • “Im Josh” Josh slaps JJ: Its Him, Thats my GUY.

  • im 12 minutes in and this is sooo cringe. Cant stop though

  • I want to play the sidemen in a basket ball game

  • This is basically me and the boys eating lunch at school, just talking and barely eating

  • fam my 10 year old cousin weighs 64 and vikk weighs 59 HUH

  • Don't call the lord's name in vein... Great content 👍👍👍 great vid 😅😅😅

  • They NEED to do 1 of these with Nelk

  • How are they not drunk by the end of this video 😂

  • How did this video not Get over 70mil