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If you love DIY life hacks ✂ and enjoy making things with your own hands✋, this channel is for you! We are constantly testing and trying out “do it yourself” tricks and home hacks to make the life of our viewers easier and more fun😉.
We have travel hacks✈, food hacks, DIY crafts, beauty tutorials💆‍♀, clothing hacks, homemade recipes🍰, girls hacks, and so much more. Easy life hacks are something we are very good at and we want to teach you everything we know🤓.
So if you want to find out how to make things you’d usually spend loads of money on💸, how to organize your space and decorate it like a pro 😎 and how to create crafts your friends will be jealous of😏, then join our family and subscribe to our channel.
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  • Ze seamstress was resourceful n creative but in her haste she added too many flowers at once which messed up z dress at z back which made it look like a misplaced white flowers garden. What matters is z bridegroom loved his bride and they got married. What also matters was the creative mind in this video.

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  • Her sister is resourceful and always prepared. She has scissors, needle and thread, and a sewing machine.

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