Dylan Is In Trouble

Dylan Is In Trouble Dylan Is In Trouble

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sorry if my jokes are weird


Hollywood is weird
Hollywood is weirdPřed 14 dny
Why Netflix Shows Fail
Why Netflix Shows FailPřed 5 měsíci
see you next year
see you next yearPřed 8 měsíci


  • if anyone liked the first ep, just watch the first 5 seasons,, no need to watch the rest. but the first five, SO WORTH IT

  • Screamosaurus is a valid baby

  • So if you steal a car, would you need to return it the next day or would you be able to transfer the car into your name??

  • I already thought of you as a handsome man Dylan:)

  • you should do this series with Boy Meets World/Girl Meets World

  • if your name is lucia you are so damn lucky

  • unsubscribing cos my Entomology degree was reeeeally expensive and I gotta respect it (after this video cos I love Moana)

  • I love yooouuuuuuuu

  • DUDE the way you didn’t acknowledge that 4 TVD characters are in The OC (5 overall, but you didn’t watch the 5th one’s TVD episode) 🫠

  • I was so shocked that Dylan didn't know the Babysitters club then I remembered he was not a small girl in the 90s-early 2000s and it all made sense again

  • You should react to the dont hug me I’m scared series that just came out think you’d get a kick outta it

  • "This one's Brian." I cracked up laughing.

  • Where is the money coming from? Tip jars.

  • 15:59 don't look at us like that 😭😭😭 my heart💓

  • found this channel two days ago and the second I heard this man talk I heard hiccup, AM I THE ONLY ONE?!

  • Ian Somersaults 👍


  • ok Belle's father - " Fearless....Fearless!" Dylan- "I heard you the first time." I literally snorted. :p

  • hope youre taking care of yourself dylan we appreciate youuu

  • I don't know why this 28:12 part is so funny to me but it literally made me laugh audibly😂😂

  • What animes have you watched?

  • I regret watching this while sick. I can’t stop coughing now. 😂

  • I just tumbled upon this channel and I already think this is one of the best youtube algorithm that had been thrown at me. Dylan, you are so funny and entertaining. I agree with you 100% on your review to this disappointing and terrible series. Just subscribed and gonna binge on all your videos. =)

  • Is everybody just not realizing that fucking Corbin Bleu or whatever his name is makes the tiniest appearance in this movie: 18:46 I swear.

  • "Reverse Michael Jackson" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Only watching the pilot and the finale for a show like Supernatural is like ONLY learning about George Washington and Joe Biden and LITERALLY NOTHING ELSE in between. I wouldn’t know where to begin on explaining the stuff you’re missing out on. To say that this show was incredible is an understatement. 15 seasons for a horror show about ghosts, demons and angels is unprecedented, especially in this day and age. Also, btw, my favorite name for the fandom is “Team Free Will”.

  • All I got from this is that you're into older women... well hello there 😏

  • real quick rant: so like with the rock tradition, it annoys me so much that she put a seashell there! i love the symbolism and all but you ever think how the next generations will have to like break it or just won’t be able to place anything on top of it. that has bugged me since i first watched it lol

  • Alligators are freshwater, crocodiles are saltwater AND freshwater.