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Edition of Video homemade, processing instructions, details, made entirely from passion, learning, and knowledge on network and always wanted to share to everyone ...
- DIY toys, strange, toy models, automobile, boat, airplane model
- The extremely interesting toy, and creative or useful
We always want to provide you with guidance, experience, tips, how to make fun toys, the most rewarding.
- If you have ideas, experience, creativity why do not you share with everyone?
- We can not succeed without support of the of your passion.
Reupload video is strictly forbidden in any form, I will report youtube without prior notice


Mini ATV Quad Bike DIY
Mini ATV Quad Bike DIYPřed 10 měsíci
My Room is Flooding
My Room is FloodingPřed 11 měsíci


  • c'est beaucoup trop rapide on a pas le temps de comprendre :( :(

  • Thought of a Motorcycle instead ! 🏍

  • Wow

  • Жолтапузые опять придумали не кому не нужную херню.

  • You legend mate...👌👍

  • What's the top speed

  • Cool .

  • please tell me fast

  • can you tell me which charger i shoud use to charge battery

  • Question is could you set these up to be on opposite strokes

  • Hey sir , How do you add rivers gear. In this vehicle, plss explain me ...plzz i am a mechanical student

  • I had a motorcycle that was made almost exactly like that back in the mid 1970's. It was a 500cc Yankee. The engine was made with two 250 cc Ossa barrels mated on a common crank shaft. When the folks at Yankee were initially considering the splice, they tried the engine with the pistons firing on opposite strokes so that power was continuous but found that the bike (which was intended for enduros) had a more useful power band with them mated on the same stroke. The power was like that of a 500cc single. They called it a twingle, or at least the riders did. It was massive in the woods. If you had the alternate stroke config. it just spun the tire and the power didn't get to the ground. Wish that I never had let it go.

  • M4 tech guys ithvazhi onnu keri irangirunden bhodyamayi..aa green colour enkilum mattipidikan melaruno ente Jio macha??🤣

  • Damkoto pabot

  • Bai aap Saman Kaha se kashe late hai hame bhi bataye WhatsApp 8809359878

  • That's nice how can l find this items

  • It is possible to manufacture the circuit breaker at the transformer 

  • Top suas ideias, está precisando de um cara assim aqui no Brasil....

  • How much amper battery

  • motor parası çıkmiş

  • 24 volteg moter bazara pachina apnar kach theke pabar janya apnar mobail no din plz

  • Desde que dispositivo ves👁🤔 📱o tablet =like 😍 💻 o televisión =coment 😇 Muchas gracias por su atención 😁😁😁

  • ശെടാ .... അപ്പൊ m4 tech ഗോപി സുന്ദർ ഫാൻ ആണല്ലേ 😂😂😂😂

  • All I can say is that my friend that is one hell of a weed eater

  • wow so beatufull

  • In this tutorial: How to get a million moscuitos😂

  • Please add tail light

  • i need this plz cntect no send me

  • Muy buena bicicleta sin tener que dar pedal.

  • Om, mohon cantumin pembelian turbo jet dimana, dll sebagainya. Oiya om, boleh usul ?? Kalo 2 bh turbo jet, bikin kapal model catamaran dong. Thanks and sukses selalu om.

  • look at the wires of main led at 4:05 led is 100 watts

  • Я с него балдею)))) Шедевры один за другим - из говна и палок)))) Так держать!

  • ആ Paint ന്റെ colour എങ്കിലും മാറ്റായിരുന്നു

  • M4 Tech 🙊

  • Great idea cover the heatsink with some plastic

  • 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Yo quiero un triciclo de estos

  • very good Card hai Humko Bhi Ye bataiye banane ke liye mera number aapko de rahe hain use per call Jarur kijiega aapse request hai mera Ra.One Banane Sikha Denge to To Ham aapka bahut aabhari rahunga 9693752712

  • बहुत अच्छा कार है हमको यह बताइए बनाने के लिए

  • Bro build a liquid cooling system for PC

  • siiiip.

  • Next tym u will show ur all labb equipments

  • V 12

  • I have a question.. How much time battry survive charge .... when all light and powerbanks are working ....please ans someone ....

  • You're so cool man.. wish I was a smart guy like you

  • Me podria mandar el tipo de motor y los accesorios y tendran algun taller recomendado en arequipa Perú gracias

  • I've seen your other videos as well as this one, if you want to see other great 12 volt videos please subscribe to our for similar content!

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  • Complimenti ottimo lavoro 👍👍👍🚐🚐

  • Sir please your contact information please

  • Класс

  • Нормальне,таке собі, карго вийшло.

  • Can u build to me once ? Contact me

  • Great build vid. What's up with that coke nail though?

  • Хорошая идея. Хорошее исполнение.

  • TOTAL CRAP try going up a hill

  • Speakers should also used

  • Creative chanel 👍👍👍👍👍❤❤👍👍👍

  • Hi bro u done work good but 1 thing is left.. U must have show to us on speedometer at least 150.or 170 on the main roads.. But good work. 👍👍

  • I'm very jealous of this guy

  • I want this machine , who mach price...

  • Very air headed, he wants to hop away


  • Bro next time build a computer pliz

  • There's something known as corona in this world, everyone's locked in their houses and we are enjoying 😅

  • 😎🇧🇷

  • ı like turkey

  • Como vc uniu a parte do pistao com a parte do meio

  • ทำขายไหมครับ

  • Hassiktir lan götüremiyor bile 😄

  • where you buy all this?

  • Rumit temen jan

  • Hi! U can also put solar panel on the roof car, this will be super!

  • love your product, from Cambodia

  • Your followers from Algeria rejoice when I see that you downloaded the videos

  • Nice video sir bas fast forward Jada thi to kam smjh m Aaya

  • Только 1 двигатель работает, это видно по дыму и то как набирает обороты

  • Nice and gr8

  • 40ah battery is ok

  • สุดยอดเลยคับ👍

  • Wow a great ideas

  • Which country

  • Много недоработок. Идея интересная, но реализуется совсем не так.

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  • Mujey drone pats cahe ey

  • Pata hai tum kitni kharab video banate ho kabhi mat banana nahin to logon se jhoot jhoot

  • make a cycle indacator

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  • why are the fingernails on you´re pinky finger so long wtf

  • I tried it. It works well and my wife made it go viral among her colleagues in Germany. I have received more than 5000 orders for the cutting board from her friends, relatives etc. Due to Covid19 and courier restrictions, I have requested everyone to wait until everything calms down.

  • How can get this from Bangladesh?

  • @motomigs

  • Please make a Bi-Led Projector from hid projector

  • I am yahya you BUY this all things

  • And now Connect the engine into 50cc motorcycle gearbox, change carburettors to better ones to give it more power and see how it will go

  • Bro how to get this type of old Engine

  • Бензин с маслом смешивать нужно предварительно!

  • Cartive channel rewars lights

  • 4:22 Haven't seen such a sophisticated arc welding machine. What is it called?

  • I like your horn system most