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Over twenty years ago, a story of success began in the Austrian town of Eisenerz. What started out as a one-person operation in a cramped living-room, became one of the biggest record labels of the independent scene. Fans of the heavier genres have long come to know the name "Napalm Records". As of today, Napalm has released more than 600 albums - many of which have reached cult status.

Napalm Records Handels GmbH
Hammerplatz 2
8790 Eisenerz, Austria
Fax: +43 3848 8117 4
E-mail address:
Managing Directors: Markus Riedler, Thomas Caser



  • This was my first jinjer song and I’ve literally been obsessed ever since I heard it

  • Amazing

  • Holy shit... great job Jinjer. Hulk SMASH!!

  • She screams like a 300lbs man who just got surprise dry pegged when their bike seat fell off.

  • \m/

  • this is killer. you can tell this was the era that slayer started in also.

  • eternal love for those producers that knows how amazing is the sound of the bass in a song <3 <3

  • Great Magixz there me thinkz.

  • 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • Lacks a little bit of depth in the mixing

  • I can't find the meaning of the song, change of rhythm, doesn't one rhythm coincide with another? put several songs together put them in a mixer and did this come out? . I expected more.

    • pretty briefly explanation: imagine a person's mind with thoughts causing conflict and anxiety. Thats the meaning of the song. The chaotic song and video are exactly the representation of those feelings

  • Morten writes such awesome orchestrations and riffs.

  • Mi canción preferida del álbum...

  • Surely becoming one of my fav records these days. I feel it 🔥🎧

  • holy sh1t, this version ROCKS!!!

  • Brutal

  • Man these boys are keeping the hope for new metal bands alive and strong

  • Great stuff I feel this song features the exceptional band even more then the vocals

  • I absolutely love this album and band you guys just keep doing you this music lit af

  • Well that video took a weird turn!

  • suckkkkkkk


  • Great song. Can't wait for the album.

  • A influência de gotíc metal fico foda 🤘🏻

  • Again and as always you guys come out with some really good shit. Keep up the fantastic work 👍👍👍🍻🍻🍻

  • Fucking A Rad

  • Perfect song.

  • it’s sofa king beautiful…

  • Wowww🤩

  • Another banger !!!!

  • That girl suffocates babies and now I have a new vision for the perfect woman (minus her killing the baby)

  • Can't wait to see Jinjer live in November!!!!

  • Will hit 5mill plus in no time.

  • there an aruement here. Look guys, you can't compare Jinger to Spiritbox and visaversa. Why is metal music put in some many different genres?

  • Inteo sounds like an old gojira instrumental, I like it

  • \m/

  • Home Back MV: War Zone Vortex MV: Garbage Leviathan cum Black Hole Common theme: Extreme House Make-Over...BY DECIMATION!

  • I review this album on my channel if anyone is interested!!!!

  • This band's the definition of hardcore dude...

  • Hello, Humans. In World War II, Germany tried to collapse the British economy by dropping millions of counterfeit bills over London. TERRANCE OUT

  • i'm getting a faith no more / korn vibe

  • Can't wait for the new album!!

  • All this new bands starts like this, heavy🎸, and bad ass music, and all the sudden throught the years end up playing pop rock ✨

  • 3:30 I'll just leave that here

  • This is stupid as shit

  • Crazy good. Build up to ending vocally and musically is insane.

  • Awesome...been waiting for something new from jinger...made my day cranking this up on my way home from work.

  • 382K after ONE DAY!....

  • Oh my GAWD

  • holy shit this video got loads of great detail <3 <3 <3

  • (в этой версии, кстати, его не выделили), вот уже тогда Алиска бы рвала гроулом. Вот это была бы бомба...

  • Does anybody get an Iron Maiden vibe?

  • My God, Eugene just took it to another level, what a fucking banger.


  • The dog bark kills me.

  • Looking forward to December NOLA please don't cancel 🤘🙃🤘

  • now with just about everyone getting the covid shot. cant wait till they hit america . this sound great live

  • La mujer que todos los hombres quisieramos tener.

  • The only thing I don't dig are the clean vocals. I'm not against clean vocals but this one doesn't do it for me.

  • Where we go one we go all!

  • They are acting Cleveland this year 🤯🔥🔥 I'M IN!!! 🤘🤘

  • They went deathcore at the end I cannot believe my ears

  • Not bad for a metal version, but I think I like the original better.

  • The auto generated captions are killing me. 😂😂😂😭😭

  • Aguante Jinjer! \m/

  • What??? nothings vocals gave mushroomhead its unique sound

  • my God I love Jackie

  • I love this

  • Arch enemy=🤮 Arch Goat=😈

  • What is his guitar??

  • Outfuckingstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Love Jonjer

  • Absolutely marvelous guy’s

  • fucking killer!! can't wait to see you live in a few months 😈🎶😈🎶

  • So groovy, I felt some kind of peace listening to it, weird :) haha

  • God I love Jackie

  • Brittany and Archers. I don't think that I have EVER experienced such an astounding level of catalyst within the band that elevates all within YOUR reality.

  • Wow

  • What an amazing song! Jinjer is my favorite metal band right now, and I can’t wait for the new album (a day before my birthday!)