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  • No one: Literally No one: Desi: *HEY STEVEN*

  • I actually rly like the colors in the pallet

  • Consumerism at it's best!!

  • Best video ever, it’s so relaxing and tranquil how comfortable you are around each other like you’ve been friends since forever. No hate to Jaclyn here but her video just seemed more tense if that’s the correct word? Maybe not tense just Jaclyn and Kim’s video just seemed not as natural if that makes sense. Desi just seems more open to what Kim has to say and appreciates their different techniques and products that they both love. Jaclyn is very talented much like these two ladies are and her products are amazing too 😊😊

  • Bring back Margaret. Or As I like to call her Margarrrita 🤍

  • Love Victoria she’s so sweet

  • Please vlog Morocco! The Perkins channel needs a new vlog!

  • i started my you tube channel yesterday but no views pls how to do it 😔

  • The outtakes!!! 🤣🤣🤣. Dying! You’re so funny!

  • This is a great video and I'm happy you're integrating this mindset into your life! I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone about water use!! Especially in California. The water table is being depleted at an unprecedented rate and it can take up to about 10,000 years to recharge groundwater reservoirs. Another aspect of eco-friendly we should all investigate and consider, micro to macro.

  • OMGGGGG we have the same birthday!!!! Hope you have an amazing time in Morocco you hot pisces queeeeen xoxo

  • Look up Stasher Bags, W and P Design and life without plastic! They’re my fav eco brands! Also I got a reusable avocado holder and lemon holder off amazon!

  • You're just such a gorgeous person. I love your spirit! You have art in your veins.

  • Aww...u got this gurl! Its ok we got u we emotional with u! Hoping & praying for u it will happen at the right time!🙏🏼💓😘

  • Love the tutorial ❤❤

  • I rely like your makeup OMG

  • awww baby desi

  • What falsies did you use in this video? They look sooo beautiful

  • If you like that bra Calvin Klein has a similar one called invisibles v neck bra and it’s amazing! You’re welcome ! 😄

  • I miss Margaret lol she was hilarious

  • Love this video! Also, I MISS MARGARET! Bring her back! TYSM 😍❤️❤️

  • You look so much like Kim k!

  • She’s by far one of the most flawless people on CS-tv

  • My birthday is also March 3 ! 💜💜💜💜

  • “It kinda looks like I’m dying right now “ 💀💀🤣🤣🤣

  • Oh yeah... the one eye photos. No one had to match eyeliner. Or you do the look at home on both eyes and look weird. How was that a thing? 🤷‍♀️

  • Hey does anyone know where I can get desy perkins face primer that's shiny. I dont remember what it's called but I bought it from ulta a couple years ago and it was my absolute favorite, i have to have it!

  • Desi, could you please do an updated favorite foundations video!

  • sending love your way <3

  • Honestly probably one of my fav CS-tv couples💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛 You two are so raw and genuine it shines through the camera and that’s beautiful. Steven is literally everything and more us girls look for and I just gotta know can he teach a class or something🤣🤣 no but I freaking loved every minute of this!!!

  • Waste of time.Very slow

  • We need Margaret to come back 😭😭😂😂

  • Step 1: Already have gorgeous skin

  • I miss Margaret so much!! That was so funny on Snapchat 😂

  • Love this eye look 👀... Can you do a video on how to create different style eye looks ??

  • Thank you Desi, for being so real. We all have issues and I pray for everyone. Don't give up.


  • Desi and guest THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have psoriasis on my scalp and NEVER thought that would be discussed so openly Awesome and so relieved. I'll check out the website.

  • WTF, you have a perfect brow.

  • I loved Margaret time! Love your makeup look!

  • Desi! My dermatologist told me to use powder foundation instead of liquid. Any recommendations?? PLEASE HELP!

  • If only my skin was as beautiful as yours! I use to have beautiful skin until I started aging and Melasma entered the picture... 😭

  • Omg I cannot thank you enough for this technique! I used it last night and today and I love the way my hair turned out!! Thank you!!😘😘😘

  • 🗣 drunk girls Santa Barbra trip

  • Bring Margaret back lol 😂!!!!!

  • I am in this journey with you and I know how hard it is to talk about it

  • This look is so pretty! I just filmed a video for this palette😌

  • Kim NEEDS to do ASMR. I’d sleep like a baby.

  • Your videos make my day xx

  • Love the look! You are so pretty and talented ✨Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed!!! ❤

  • Your skin is so flawless I’m jelly 🙃😍


  • Yes you get a 10 cents off every drink you bring your own cup for

  • could be an older version of Luna Montana

  • Which hairbrush did u use for blow dry?

  • Ooooooo those wings sis YASSSS 😍😍😍

  • Hi Desi, I looooved this video and found it super helpful! Since I have a bit of severe acne with a looot of hyperpigmentation and scarring could you maybe make a video in the future where you’d advise on this type of coverage? Thank youuu xxx

  • Yesss I miss the old Snapchat days! I lived for yours and Katy’s stories! Soo funny!😂❤️ then Snapchat had to go and change everything! But I do love watching your insta stories too!

  • Been so long since i ve seen someone on youtube use gel liner !! Love it

  • Loved this please do more like this 🙏🙏 please post more about it so that you could influence other CS-tvrs to make it a thing

  • Lol that's what I do when I apply my lashes too! I suck at applying lashes when I apply the glue directly on the lash BUT when I apply in on my lid, perfect! Lol

  • This tutorial is literally FIRE 🔥

  • I love that lip color on you ❤️

  • Desi your going to be a momma! 🥰🥳 I went through Infertility and we finally got pregnant after many years. Your next! 🤰🏽 🥳 I call all women TTC super woman! We are fighters. 💪🏼warriors. ✨ can’t wait to see your moment.

  • damn girl. this look......just damn. making me wanna go play in my make up right now!!! mama hens done it again 🐔🐔🐔

    • omg Margret!!!!! ugh the memories. i miss Snapchat. they killed Margret when they ruined Snapchat 😭 rip to my girl.

  • How long do they lasts ?

  • Someone please tell me because I’m genuinely curious. How is it more eco-friendly to use glass obtainers etc. if you still have to unwrap most of the food to put in them. You would then just be wasting the plastic.

  • So colorful! I really love how this turned out! Have a great time on your trip - Happy early Birthday!

  • Could I just use my Dove bar soap? Lol i have an extra one & I'm tryna up my brow game

  • the colors in Friendcation are all amazing , I wish all the pallets with Dose were Permanent 💋

  • My mum and I call shape tape Tarty Farty 😅🤣

  • What toothpaste do you use ? Teeth are so white ! I love u

  • Absolutely gorgeous I love 💗 u u have a beautiful personality mmmm u know I tried the eyelash glue on my eyelid 1st n I made a mess poked my I had a burning fit my I’s watered screwed up my eyeshadow took everything off sat on my bed with baboon red butt I’s just saying thank u 4 all u do sending u bazillion huggies n besos 🤗😘💗

  • Beautiful look 😍

  • Why is everyone doing near the same eye look with this palette. Orange and pink with purple 😴

  • When you started crying about IVF,I started crying about IVF 😂😭

  • Please do a video of you and Katy old moments

  • I JUST bought the Friendcation pallet and LOVE IT!

  • Is it just me or does she look like Jada pinkett-Smith with her hair like this)

    • Tehryn Alexander 😭😭😭 Awe thank you she’s so gorgeous!

  • I loved Margaret !

  • You just inspired me to change today's look! 🔥 love you!

  • My birthday is March 2nd but I was a day early!!

  • Omg you look just like jlo. So much. You’re gorgeous omg. Like her twin.

  • U could follow the video where Scott Barnes does Tatis makeup and do your makeup like that. That would be a fun video

  • Thank you for this video. You are making an impact!

  • I had to buy it ! It’s so dang pretty !

  • I love your hands lol

  • If possible Can you use this pallet but all mattes ? Next time ❤️❤️❤️

  • The smiley face on desi’s nail

  • Hey guys!! I’m new to CS-tv and just started my channel! I just uploaded my second workout video and I’m super nervous about being on the internet 😭😭 if you have time to support, come on over!!❤️❤️❤️

  • I was waiting for YOUR review and tutorial on this palette.💜💜💜You never disappoint.

  • I love my palette !

  • This palette is every thing beautiful warm colors i love the lipstick you use absolutely beautiful.

  • <3

  • A BOLD LIP??? Who is sheeeeeeeeeeee?! 💃💃💃💃

  • What color is your nail polish?

  • omg i love love loveeee this look ! 🔥💕😍

  • thank you so much for showing us humanity desi ! sending you endless love and support <3

  • Altho I find it a bit too complicated (too many products, takes long), it does looks amazing! Great job.

  • OMG Desi. Your attention to details is unreal! Love love love the minimal product make up do. Your face is flawless! Less is more and you put the focus on the eye make up. Genius!