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  • kinda

  • Is it just me or is this a bit late

  • When final fantasy tactics advance? You did it for the Wii U you can do it for the switch!

  • This song slaps

  • rodney

  • Anybody else stuck with a Wii U because their broke😔

  • I wish virtua fighter had music added into smash

  • My best friend says this games story is better than Code Geass it's on THAT level

  • Paper Zelda Nintendo

  • Oof

  • why does king olly look like an edgy 13 yr old

  • Am I the first one to notice the camera is facing the door instead of the couch?

  • Have to wait an extra week in Europe...

  • Fun facts: most of my friend was salty in the first days, and know they're fire emblem fans and that include me

  • This game is boring deal with it

  • Rex is yellow



  • I hope Nintendo makes it so you can explore Hyrule without the boss because I was sad after I killed Ganon and it didn't save so I hope that that the boss they make will be gone after you defeat him.

  • Zelda Breath Of The Wild Is The Best Game Ever And I Can't Wait For The Sequel. I'm So Exited So Are My Brothers And We Have Completed The Game So Many Times Each. And We Can Believe Ganon Will Come Back In This Sequel. Your Number One Fan Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild.

  • 4:15 Wait am I stupid how do you get that nook shopping app?!?

    • You have to order 100 things from nook shopping you can keep track of it on the nookmiles app

  • Get me a 200 giga microsd card because my SUIPID LITTLE BROTHERS BROKE IT AND I HATE THEM

  • no more spaltfests

  • Danm

  • Lucas family be like:

  • I just want a game with a interesting story and fun side characters instead of a vaguely paper related gimmick IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR NINTENDO???

  • Nintendo my sister loves Animal Crossing me too I love Animal Crossing

  • I trought It was oficial and I was like "wtf"

  • When you still don't have acnh before u cant afford a switch but you still watch these

  • nintendo you may not see this but i want the code of that wall of the parish please thanks :)

  • August? :'(

  • *no no why anything but zipper please no*