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Zdeněk Zeman: Il Boemo
Zdeněk Zeman: Il BoemoPřed 5 měsíci


  • Because trios are op 🔥

  • Dump Ole or am I late to the party?

  • The fact we’ve made a pigs ear of this Fernandes deal gives me zero hope with transfers. Genuinely awful how half arsed the support our managers get.

  • No Money? Maguire £80m Pogba £90m Lukaku £80m Fred £50m Wan Bissaka £50m James £30m Sanchez £30m Shaw £40m Di Maria £60m Fellaini £30m Mata £37m Schneiderlin £35m Dalot £20m Pereira £20m Matic £37m Martial £40m etc etc. Pressure and money issues? This club have been handing out contracts like sweets! Lingard, Shaw, & Rashford on more than Kane, Salah, Son, Aguero and Firminho. De Gea on £350k Pogba on £400k Sanchez on £500k. 90% of this squad is on more than £100k a week. Third highest wage bill in the WORLD! Spent £850m since Fergie left. Yeah money pressure and no investment! Fucking joke. Last point thinking that Bruno Fernandez will save this dying club? Maybe he's seen how shit they are and personally wants trophy success rather than money like most of your recent signings!

  • I have very little hope this deal happens, and of it does, united will pay a ridiculous amount for him:/

  • Um... Patrick burner is 23 according to transfermarkt anyway

  • Fuck! Seeing this after seeing lots and lots of 442oons videos mocking him... makes me feel dirty :'(

  • Milner and Clyne as fullbacks 😶😓

  • As a hungarian I must say that im so glad that i can speak english. In hungary you have nothing to keep yourself informed or educated over time because there is no youtube videos or anything like that, and it is sad. It is sad, that i have to learn about the game I love, about MY country through your FOREIGN video. I'm glad, thank you!

  • It doesn´t matter who they will buy, even if he is very good, United will destroy him, Raiola was absolutely right, when he said that they would even destroy Pele, Maradona and Maldini

  • Do a video on Manchester city loanees

  • The simplified answer: Capitalist exploitation

  • Ole doesn't have the spine to demand a director of football, that's why he still has the backing of the board despite the lack of tactical acumen.

  • I’m still pissed that Grosso dived

  • The highest paid athletes never perform to their contract level.

  • Red devils being milked dry by a bunch of pink devil.

  • He would go there, stagnate, probably regress and then be sold, that’s the trend at United

  • He's Andres Pereira who is actually good lol

  • "so well that we aren't gonna sign him". Just answering your video title question...

  • How is Jesse Lingard still a starter after a Sensible Transfers video

  • So I just learned that he is my Spanish teacher’s grandfather. Small world


  • Hey tifo, where do you get the data to do these analysis? Thanks

  • Who is Alexis Sanchez?

  • Kante was one of the best signings of all time...pure class

  • DrAwSenal aren't buying anyone this January.

  • "Not in my life time" Cheers fergie 👍

  • All hail david pullan ....genius

  • Manchester United should fire the scouting staff and approach Tifo staff for players recommendations!

  • Why are you guys wasting time making this video. It ain't happening.😡😟😟😢😖😑😑

  • He was my boy on PES 18

  • Tifo football for Man U director of football

  • He shouldn't. Bayern would be better. They'll need a CAM. Pretty sure they aren't signing Coutinho, just like they did with James.

  • Such a cool video great job man

  • Love how he clearly reads of the screen in the promo

  • United need to get working if they're to make any transfers this window. Me I say we buy Timo Werner now and loan him back to RB for rest of season, but don't give Liverpool or Chelsea a chance to get him. That gives us 3 strikers and I think we need 4 total. We need one for the immediate but who after this season, when Rashford Martial and Werner could all be starting we need someone who doesn't demand too many minutes or can give us something a little different. I honestly think we should go for Giroud. He's got a bit of a chip on his shoulder now to first get back in the French national team but also to prove that he shouldn't have been sat so much. I think he would do well for what we need now and then would be a good 3 or 4th choice come next season. We need midfielders for sure but I think we are looking in the wrong direction. Fred/McTominay/Fernandes(if we get him)/Andreas are all better going forward. McTominay does well in the CDM role but he's better used playing in front of a CDM and behind a CAM where he can get the ball back quick and then get right into attacking. We really lack a good screen in front of our CBs which is why I believe we should go for Sandro Tonali or Marc Roca who would be better at the CDM role. I'd like us to go for both to be honest. I honestly don't see us needing much more than that for now bc some of the youngesters have done well in a crap team. I would like to see us bring in some potential players like Kubo and Diego Lainz but for now if we got those 4 players I think we'd be fine. Pogba can do in the summer and we can save that money if we've already for those 4 deals done. Martial would have one season to prove he can be consistent and if not, I'd look to get Sancho signed up by the winter window and sell Martial in the next summer. I think we could look at a couple new CBs if we can't get Axel healthy and then also figure out where we want to put TFM, i think he'd actually be a good Darren Fletcher type player to come on and perform when needed. Get rid of Lingard too and go for maybe Lucas Paqueta or put Gomes in more. Thats my suggestion at least.

  • both very mature manager and player.

  • Bunch of wankers that’s who owns them

  • Ruben Neves

  • United need central mid not to defensive or full attack force just player can control the tempo of the game cover with some calmness n few genius passes

  • If United are smart, they buy Tagliafico from Ajax for leftback. Ziyech btw is originally a midfielder but was positioned as a rightwinger because of his risky passing. He is now back at playing as a 10 at midfield.

  • Bruno deserves better than united... they're totally lost ... no direction... no squad... no objectives... they don't even have a coach

  • Need a striker

  • Carlos Tevez started his career at The Athletic.

  • Don't worry...United will coach all this out of him in a few months

  • Seriously, the way he handled a team of Rooney, Ronaldo, Beckham, Van Nistlerooy and Terez is pretty impressive.

  • Patrick Burner is 23 years old, not 19.

  • I disliked the video. Left back is not a spot that needs immediate attention at the moment. Pellegrini and Alberto interesting choices but both are going to cost astronomical fees at the minute. Pellegrini especially is not proven in a high intensity and physical league like EPL.

  • The following players should get out: 1. Lingard 2. Matic 3. Fred 4. Periera 5. De Gae 6. Jones The following players should be targeted in the market: 1. Matt Doherty (Wolves) 2. Koulibaly (Napoli) 3. Ruben Neves (Wolves) 4. Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) 5. Young top striker - not sure which one 6. Bruno Guimaroes Or another strategy to employ is sell Pogba and use the funds. We are not going to get Maddison. We should target a top number 10 position.

  • United doesn't want to pay 70-80 million for Bruno but pays around 90 million € for maguire... Yeah sure, I wouldn't be surprised if another club like comes in and pays a little bit more.

  • Going from a shit team to another shittier just for th money

  • Taken so long to sign him and I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t. We are in for a few rough years and basically will be the Liverpool of the not so recent past. Big club, shit team.

  • 🦁💚

  • The most look a like Scholes player in the world

  • I can’t take Man U seriously with lingard mata Pereira James matic Fred slab etc So poor 30 pts behind Liverpool in jan. Club is dead having over payed players which is causing problems for new signings. What you expect when lingard is on over £100k a week 😂😂😂

  • i hope he doesnt ruin his career by moving to ManU like all the other players in the last few years. yep im lookin at you Pogba

  • How would he not be keyman at united? Who would you rate as keyman then? Lingard and Pogba are little bitches, Rashford and Martial are injured every month... who is the keyman??? Fred??? or the little bully left back? He would be the best player at united by a mile, of course he would be keyman

  • This channel deserves so much more recognition

  • Is it even surprising that the Glazers are Juju!

  • His not coming every one needs to shut the fuck up . Come to terms where dead and move on.

  • I am not a United fan but have been following the progress with interest. United need a stabilizer, a ball winning midfielder who is adept at understanding the flow of the game, someone who "ups and downs" tempo according to the flow of the team. Not wanting to pick any current player I am thinking of players like "Frank Rijkaard or P. Vieira", Pogba is often out of position and thus I don´t see him in this role, others in the current squad are just not good enough for this specific task. Both players I mentioned are natural leaders and I guess I could have mentioned Roy Keane, although I would prefer a more "brainier and less bully" type. United only need 3 players to sit at top of the table, most of their squad is adequately suited to win the Premier League, balance is however currently abysmal and you really need a director with a sturdy pair of legs and a good head. I would buy a second more creative midfielder but still considered a work horse and a commanding center back. One thing United doesn´t need are more players who don´t understand their defensive duties, don´t know enough about Bruno to make a call on this.

  • Today man u would loose 0-2 to burnley at old trafford.

  • hey Man Utd going after Liverpool reject, what is happening in this world 😂🤣🤣

  • hey hey how about this, Jesse *freeloader* Lingard as a new transfer like player… lots of potential, still nowhere near 32 yrs of age, spent alot of times in insta/twitter and what not also video games! how bout that huh?

  • The only sensible thing for Man Utd now is to bottled every transfer they can make…Bruno Fernandes alone wont make it better for Man Utd, because the injury list involves niot just Pogba or McTominay, but also Rashford…still no news about a striker or forward, all they carw s dilly dallying with Sporting CP for Bruno Fernandes service.

  • You should do a video about Chivas all Mexican players policy

  • David Woodward! If you’re reading this, like the comment!

  • His stats are good and all but don't forget he is from a severely weaker league.

  • I dont think he wants to go to United

  • Plot Twist: we resign Bebe and give him Sanchez wages (With the board as it is this doesn’t seem that weird of a transfer)

  • let him come first

  • There needs to be some context to these numbers. Is 4.3 whatevers good? How good? I really hope man u signs some mediocre ligue 1 fullback.

  • My Man Utd in FM 2020 immediately sold Pogba and bought Jose Campana and Dani Olmo to replace him.

    • Until eventually 2 seasons later I managed to have Eriksen and Bruno Fernandes.

  • I think he'll be implemented as a floating reverse trequarquista/raumdeter playing inverted off a false nine. Should expect an XG of at least 8.29 using gegenpress.

  • He wouldn't, Man United will only destroy him like they did with di Maria and Depay

  • Watching this gives even more depression as a united fan because our board simply buys players that sell T shirts and attract sponsors... The reason we are still one of the richest clubs is only due to business side of things.. what a shame..

  • I'm still don't understand about the false 9 tactics although there have Malay caption 🙁🙁🙁

  • Well Pereira is shit soooo

  • Good analysis

  • II'm not buying all this jargon about half space and inverted wingers. Football is a very intuitive game. The only opinion that matters is the opinion of the pros who play the game. In this case it's just "some guy" with a CS-tv channel. These opinions are akin to the drunken ramblings of some football fan talking football in the pub. I see no difference.

  • If Bruno is smart he wont go to Man United

  • Imagine if Liverpool somehow ends up signing him.

  • Manchester United is an joke and is ran by amateurs . For some one up and coming is an good option . If you're an established player. I d avoid it at all costs

  • why u even do this lmao, he's not coming anyway

  • You’re on the money with saying United need a complete midfielder but missed the mark with not mentioning just how much they need some experience in the team. The only people that have seen Europe consistently are both ex Chelsea players who aren’t flourishing at United. Also a lack of first team football and clear game plans makes the job of implementing themselves and there playing styles into the team increasingly difficult. They need someone who would be be able to hold the line and give Fred more confidence and my best fit is Allan from a deflated Napoli team in Italy. He may be older but he has big game experience and a very good understanding of the game and think he could give the Manchester midfielder a lot more confidence both defensively and going forward.

  • brilliant work guys

  • Make a video about setien’s Barca

  • His career about to get ruined. Good player but bad decision

  • doesnt matter how, Ole will somehow, managed to ruin him if he ever join. He should stay until the end of season.

  • Hey kick in's could work, if it's good enough for Futsal its can work for football.

  • Today's loss to burnley showed a total lack of any creativity.

  • He wont. Bruno is a true world class player but Cheap United FC dont seem to want to pay for quality, like they did with Nani and Cristiano Ronaldo in the past.

  • Calling 1994 AC Milan Arrigo Sacchi's team is like calling 2015 Barcelona Guardiola's team. Of course Sacchi's and Guardiola's teams were predecessor and a lot of key players were the same, but teams were still different and coaches were definitely different. Fabio Capello never gets the credit he deserves. Sacchi build an amazing team and won 2 European cups, but he failed domestically quite a lot, as he won only one serie a title with Milan and no Italian cups. Capello brought more stability to the team domestically winning 3 consecutive and 4 total serie a titles. He also made 2 European cup finals and won 1. And all of that happened with quite a lot changes in the squad. Sacchi's Milan's main stars were Dutch trio of Van Basten, Gullit and Rijkaard. Van Basten started to have a lot of injuries and retired early. Rijkaard left in 1993, Gullit left in 1994, but he declined his play quality and role in the team much earlier. So, the main players Capello's team was built on(especially in the attack) were different. Still, people call that 90's AC Milan Sacchi's team and completely forget about Capello and his contributions.

  • It is generally much easier for a striker going for power to target the near post than the far post, especially when they are under pressure from a defender; thus keepers have to be rock solid on their near post. Also when a striker targets the far post they are generally kicking across their own body and it is thus more difficult to maintain shot accuracy; thus it is less risky to expose the far post than the near post.

  • everyone knows Ferguson is adaptability defined. this is why he was successful he was relentless sadly the decision to get RVP instead of a well needed overhaul.

  • It's not too late is it? Here after today's match...

  • Back in 2012/13 during the city game right before the free kick I remember actually praying to a god I don't even believe in for RVP to score that free kick, he scored and I celebrated so hard I nearly blinded myself

  • Ya’ll Keep blaming players like Pogba Mata, Matic proven winners that would function in any side or other foreign players instead of the actual mediocre manu players like Jones, Maguire, lingard and Saw. I saw the match and come on this rave about Maguire’s passing is just sad. But offcourse tomorrow there will be a story on how amazing Maguire was against Burnley🤷‍♂️🤣 I like the formats, videos and most of the content but If I’m ever going to spend 8p a day I’d like less domestic player bias.

  • think this channel is biased towards everton

  • Build a raport with a striker MUaFC we don't do that here