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  • "Cristiano Ronaldo is a better goalscorer than Messi" is a myth.

  • So what happened to the two strikers then? It's the name of the video, but you never answered it so I'm going to try answer it with a single name. Pep Guardiola.

  • Give bielsa this Man City team and they’ll win the champions league

  • Tifo football videos may have the least toxic comments on youtube

  • Garrincha was better than them all.

  • There was no accounting for dodgy defending!

  • This just hurt my soul

  • Pelé is the greatest ever. Dumbass millennials call him a "fraud" and "overrated" out of sheer ignorance. No one dominated his generation more than he dominated his. More complete than Maradona as a player and a lot more professional and consistent. Even Cesar Luis Menotti, who was basically Maradona's mentor, admitted Pelé has no equal, as he is "from another planet."

  • in summary Chelsea is better than Madrid

  • Please do a video on how PSG jerseys got so fashionable

  • 102 Goals and assists in 60 games in 2011/12 is something that will never be topped, the greatest ever...no debate.

  • I’d say Messi in 2012 was the best a footballer has ever been

  • dont get all the hype for hansi flick... we will all see tonight!!

  • Qatar's national football team is also full of Migrant players. Football is another venture for Qatar I think.

  • If Maradona wanted any proof the voting wasn't really reflective let us vote now and see where he will be placed, there should be no such thing as the best player award especially between different generations as they are always going to be biased, for those who don't understand just wait 20 years from now with the social media hype our children will also have their goat and would say our goats aren't really the goats and they will use stats to show it

  • Look at de zerbi's Sassuolo now... They are competing against the best teams in Serie A and giving them a real run for their money.. They gave a hard time to Juve, Inter, Lazio, AC milan and Atalanta too.. and they have dominated the games against almost all other teams. They just need to fix their defensive frailties and they will be challenging europe.. I can see De Zerbi succeeding as a coach for a Big Club and he is still so young..

  • Mergim Vojvoda is a descent shout

  • Maradona. Sorry.

  • Great review. Sadly none of us could anticipate Man City getting two assists from Varane :P

  • Underperforming? Not anymore

  • He should be Argentinas manager for the world cup

  • Just stop the clock when the ball goes out of play you have ninety minutes of action

  • Surprised more wasn't made about Pele simply making up his records - the fact is his goals tally includes friendly and exhibition matches that no one else records

  • Is that Cavani or Catlyn jenner

  • Why does Alex Ferguson look more like Les Dawson?

  • I think it was too much on Varane to defend he gifted 2 goals

  • Please make a video on Kaka!!!!!!!!!!!

  • man after the match against mancity Hazard looks like a piece of trash for 130 mil

  • One of the best players in the world!

  • It's amazing how similarly City's defense worked compared to this

  • winning the premier league is just being champions in the league winning the FA cup is being the champions on england

  • Name me a bigger one man team lol. Messi fc

  • Men will cry for this

  • In Bengal (India), we call it "Ball Chor" or "Ball Thief"....

  • Who's here after Manchester City beat Real Madrid 2-1 again in the second leg of the UCL?

  • The 2008/08 season was a legendary one

  • This helps us sports enthusiasts to see how there are bigger problems on our Earth. We must do our part for us to enjoy our beautiful game without these problems. Banger of a video and more to come

  • One thing that will not change about MLS is their cringe commentators

  • 1:15 ZOO QWEE 😂 It's pronounced ZOO CHEE'O. And it literally just means football 足=foot 球=ball