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3:04The Russia Trip | Part 1
The Russia Trip | Part 1zhlédnutí 1,7MPřed 14 dny
2:07:19Exclusive: Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin
4:29Why We're Interviewing Vladimir Putin
Why We're Interviewing Vladimir Putinzhlédnutí 2,1MPřed 21 dnem
1:02:52How China and the UN are Fueling the Invasion of America
8:24This Leftist Double Standard Could Send You to Jail
16:31Global War Is Coming. Here's What You Should Know.
37:49The Trudeau Regime Just Got a Whole Lot Worse
The Trudeau Regime Just Got a Whole Lot Worsezhlédnutí 525KPřed měsícem
20:46New Details About the Mysterious J6 Pipe Bomber
5:03We Uncovered a Secret Immigrant Housing Operation


  • He promised to bring change....and racism and segregation is what he promotes.

  • Soviet architecture was awful since and because of one particular man - Chrushev, who has done a great deal of killing architecture in USSR. Tucker, you've been to Moscow and have seen Stalin's skyscrapers and other great pieces of 1930-s-50s Soviet architecture.

  • Tucker, does it seems like this people are trying to fund Ukraine in order to move there in case they gat caught? Think about it. We already know what the Hollywood elite did in Hawaii.

  • Thank you Tucker for telling the gospel truth about the son of lucifer!

  • couldn't have put it any better

  • Never knew a politican turned conspiracy theorist could make such a blatant accusation. Did she listen too much to Alex Jones' podcast? 😂

  • That's why Republic brother.

  • "You are just born to have 11 vodka sodas, this is who you are" - brilliant!

  • Political prisoner.

  • then rebel u cowards

  • Ya , except our original founders said what , brother. Has to do with tyrants and who , GOD. YES GOD THE ONE AND ALLAH ALMIGHTY.

  • She is such a trash

  • Сталин был лучшим правителем в истории РФ, а может быть и мира. Хрущев, Горбачев и Ельцын -худшие. В РФ историю России искажают, а США вообще о России правды не знают.

  • It's all about power eh, see that white woman crumble at the thought of her being racist and the other chic with her self righteous hand up

  • Love the 50 and up community there going for here😂😂😂 how sad and hilarious ...

  • I don’t have Netflix. I won’t pay to be insulted and listen to disgusting propaganda and race baiting by Hollyweird or crooked politicians.

  • So is Obama 1/2 white 1/2 Black ? So is this why we can not trust him even more being double trouble ?

  • Asinine gibberish

  • Lmao tucker… come on. Learn fossil fuels is complete bullshit. Oil is renewable. This you should know

  • She part of the woke party

  • This lady is full of crap 💩

  • He lied on his financial statements, falsified business records, and conspired to commit fraud and conspired to falsify business records. When you lie on such records you are tricking banks into giving you loans, doesn't matter if its paid back or not its still fraud. The money he borrowed could have gone to other legitimate businesses or be used by people for mortgages, instead he used it to try and put a stranglehold on the state and force others out. The reason businesses are moving away from states such as California and NY is because its getting harder and harder for them to get away with this shit as the law is getting stricter on borrowing and lending so this shit doesn't happen anymore. So they are moving to states where it is easier to get away with tricking banks and state governments.

  • I think the person that started BLM movement has hand in it. Obviously they is more to this and didn't want the story leaked out.

  • And it’s all done in the name of fascism/communism it’s coming people better wake up fast it’s about to get very scary 😮

  • And they wonder why enlistment in the US Military is at an “All TIME LOW!!!”

  • Time for change from the way we are going

  • She is right on the dot of what america is living with people being convinced biden or trump has the amswers.

  • It's amazing soon as person puts uniform on there a changed person most of the time for the worst 😢

  • as a canadian Tucker give me faith in humanity

  • This Rand Paul should be vice president he is no sell out

  • I'm Brazilian, but I'm fortunate enough to have dual citizenship and with all the bad things happening in my country today at least I have the option of leaving this dictatorship of the federal supreme court.

  • He is only worried about the Rouble and his personal wealth held in foreign Banks.

  • We should be able to still use the word RETARDED to describe people.

  • Thank you for helping Americans to know!

  • Wow! Just wow! Simplicity is a BEAUTIFUL thing.

  • The Royal family Are a bunch of inbread child Molesters.

  • Well, the Democrats got to get enough weak, feeble minded people to believe in them again.

  • So many saw where true evil lies at that point.. I’m sorry he is locked up, but that action may have saved a lot of blind souls from falling into perdition Food for Thought

  • Shes totally deranged

  • I'm what way did she sound white supremist????

  • He a God marter

  • The crime was lying to the banks on the loan application and lying to the government on tax documents. Meaning he swindled tax payers out of money and caused the banks to have higher rates to other customers. Everyone should be angry at this as he literally stole from all of us.

  • She built her career on lies and what is sad is that her followers don’t take time to read n verify information despite how easy it is to do so.

  • Thank you!! Thank you!! Bolsonaro best president of Brazil

  • Norm Macdonald knew about the Clinton’s history 😂

  • Candace just keeps on winning my heart

  • For once she's right

  • The movie was as boring as one could get. A waste of time.

  • Clowns 🤡

  • Ben has gone off the rails.... He needs to stop this bs... Its literally ignorance on his behalf