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hi jaiden here

- i use adobe flash for animating, recommend either Paint Tool Sai or Clip Studio paint to draw, & recently upgraded to a cintiq 27qhd drawing monitor
- if you're looking for a beginning drawing tablet just get the cheapest Wacom brand tablet you can find
- if you're looking for a free drawing program Fire Alpaca is p good (still recommend clip studio tho)
- I’m not taking any collab/commission/etc. at the moment, thanks!


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  • Girl:-chokes on a carrot-HELP! Sub:I’m blind and deaf what?

  • I'm starting to think of going to Japan after 2 vacations of going to Florida and Tennessee. I've been on planes before but, I was young, very unhappy

  • A legend was born

  • your weight that lost didnt mean you lost fat it means you lost water

  • One time I stained my leg with red hair dye...it looked like blood...that’s it

  • i think my mother has been isolating me by saying that she thinkis my friends are a bad influence on me and that if she sees me talking to any of my frineds shell block discord on everything (thats where i talk to my friends) shes also been saying that im gonna end up failing at everything and that ive been blaming everything on my adhd (i was just trying to say it was hard to focus) and has made me cry multiple times, ive been trying to follow the advice in the video but shes just been stomping all over me and wont let me see my therapist even though ive been asking and my father hasnt noticed but she doesnt want me to "lie" to him cause he can be really mean to my mother, i have an older sister i was planning to talk to but she has a really good image of my mother and i dont. help?

  • Why it's pain but for me I have marks temporarily and it keep going in and everyday it goes out lmao

  • Its ok if u got judge i will support you Dont listen to ur opinion and ur mind do it ur self like me i just bloop got my face reveal fast

  • Stop admiring honestly it’s not called Are animations it’s called Jaden animations

  • My mom: common honey your tooth is rotting Me: aaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah noooooo im not going Mom:common! *pulling me* Me:noooooooo your noting making me Mom: in the car now!

  • i’ve had one of those almost drowning moments to

  • Oh sorry I was calling u Jaden but it’s jaiden

  • I feel so Targeted I played the Flute,Piano,Violin and I almost got a Cello-, I played the violin for 3 years but it still sounds like a Dying Goat when I play Canon in D in the Violin but in Piano , Nope.


  • 4:49 *cough cough, reagan*


  • F for the dog

  • My favorite color is blue...


  • the production, vocals, and the beat are all *A M A Z I N G*

  • Love how u put dork alert in the golden statue temple

  • Plagiarizing Jaden

  • *Honey, you've got a big storm comin*

  • Lol

  • sari is cute but yeah these vids r made by u jayden so why’s he’s getting all the attention

  • Actually I respect ur school cuz they actually tried,in my country we didn’t even had music lessons and always wanted to try play an instrument but never had the chance

  • She is plagiarizing her self. ;things I do that adults probably dont do

  • If I ask someone on a date I would probably try to get to know them better there. I would be like: so what do you like? Do you have any place in mind you wanna go to? Or what are your hobbies/ what do you do for a living? I would get as close to them as possible. But if it doesn’t work out then I’ll ask of a redo. Like: “This isn’t gonna work out, so lets just get to know each other better than start off from there yeah? Hi my name is( ) and I like ( ) wbu?”

  • Oof

  • 1:44 made me laugh hard hahahahaahahh i love that

  • It's a bird

  • I have motion sickness.........so the person sitting next to me always has a bad mood...idk

  • OMELETTE OMG LOOK 0:36 HHahahaaha

  • Did she just refer Zoro at 9:23 ?

  • I don't know why I was hoping it was Pokemon Channel or something.

  • Your tue first youtuber to choose mudkip

  • If you drop out of college, just use James’s success as an excuse

  • And what happened to barf did he die

  • *T O G A*


  • "It takes half a day to dry when I take a shower" Same.

  • Nobody: ... Me: Knows all the references Also Me: : 000000000

  • I can believe the cross eyed one because it actually happened to me, i before didn’t need glasses and when I went to the eye doctor They did the 3D test where they ask you to pick up the wings of a flat photo, yeah and when I was 9 I could, now...I can’t, they don’t pop out, so yea...maybe I’m ignorant and it’s just the fact my cones and rods are getting old or something Idk if there are any octroligists (I think that’s the medical term for eye doctor). Anyway if anyone can corroborate on that I’d be thankful.

  • just rewatched it ❤️ its so good

  • Honestly, Jaiden that made me feel a whole bunch of emotions I haven't felt in a long time. I know it's not much but I hope the best for you and that I believe that you have such high resilience and I have so much respect for you. Your videos always bring a smile to my face or help me through some of my darker hours. So yeah I just wanted to say a big thank you. You are an amazing human being.

  • when i was a kid i do crazy things :(

  • Fire Beats earth because let's take a tree fire burn on that tree trees earth

  • Zigzagoon : exists Teriyaki : and i took that personally

  • 6:04 Hate Me

  • One time my math teacher gave us so much homework it took my classmate 3 and a half hours it was so much

  • 1:21 Jaiden: a dog name jojo Me: is she gonna make a jojo reference Jaiden: * dosent make a jojo reference * Me: yare yare daze......

  • 0:47 KIRMIT?!

  • That rat tho ROARRRR

  • I don’t think it’s a crime to break into your own house

  • Wow Jaiden i have The same cat reaction as you

  • Mind: I thought Jayden is vegan Jayden: seven day vegan challenge

  • Why didn’t you have any keys for your own house?


  • 4:34, you really could’ve you wouldn’t have seen him again

  • I listened to this on repeat for hours every week and my parent never seemed to understand...

  • i eat the completely unpopped popcorn.

  • Rajesh looks like that weird guy from the UK video


  • 0:15 Same

  • Alright ima speed run this and beat Jaiden

  • 3:47 Yeah that’s pretty accurate regarding havaneses. They’re cats, lazy little balls of fluff who only follow one person

  • 0:34 a bird with teeth

  • I’d give the hotel a bad review if I went there

  • What kind of hotel has a no visitor policy

  • aww jaiden and ari moments OwO so cute moments

  • I’m 98 and I like your vids you younging

    • I meant to say young person ooof

  • Jaiden: it's easy! 30 seconds into the video and you failed... (Milk isn't vegan, nothing that at all involves an animal is banned!) It is hard, deal with it.

  • After three years I actually stopped to read the I’m 9 and.... comment and wow jaiden wow




  • Found a jaiden hair in my room today

  • I'm an idiot. I just wasted 5 years worth animations in a week and it looks like there wouldn't be any new content for a couple of weeks

  • I have an extremely irrational fear of balloon popping

  • I want to go on a tour bus