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How CBD Oil Is Made
How CBD Oil Is MadePřed 3 měsíci


  • 5:08 I saw Evangelion x Iron Man

  • No, it's crying crane.

  • So bare minimum with 500 clients..that company is making over 17 million a year...not bad

  • Am I the only one who wants to go to the desert? I would love to go at sunset were it's not too hot and just feel the sand at my feet and relax and feel the breeze

  • Fat tony is real?!

  • 8:22 The real question here, is who set's their Decision Height at 10 ft? lol

  • Maybe you don't get it dude, Witcher is not human being. His moves are few times faster than a regular human. Especially for such superior warriors there was the dedicated fighting style. We don't know how would really looks sword fighting someone fast as a squirrel with the style designed to fully exploit such ability.

  • What was the Oreo about?

  • I really want one so I could play and bath in the bathroom

  • It’s like he knew what was coming... Minneapolis...

  • This is clearly Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

  • It’s not a lab it’s a Chocolate Factory

  • There's so much iq in the comments section

  • I miss my mom and dad 💔💔💔💔😢💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • Spider-man 2

  • Like a human size ant nest 🐜

  • WTF there is no such thing as magic in this shity world.guys and girls its all fake. i believe in herbal stuff power and efects but its just nature not magic crap. remember kids dont fall for this crap its fake alltho some of the herbals do realy work but efects are weak

  • Do i NEED to learn how Jawbreakers are made? No, I dont. But, do I WANT to learn? Haha, YUP-

  • I want this job!

  • I think this women overthinks the whole think as women do

  • The narrator sounds like the “number 15” guys wife

  • at first i thought the zebra was a real zebra


  • This music video is the most powerful I've ever seen

  • I hated the withcer in the first few moments how can a deer an animal that is skittish, not notice a man and giant monster start a fight in and around a large pond

  • don’t call that chocolate, there’s no chocolate in it you buster

  • Namjoon would LOVE this

  • cheat day I swe

  • this look like charlie the chocolate factory

  • but its not a cheese board! Its a chocolate board!

  • A lil professional with the voice?

  • I have had nightmares of this bear since I was 6 until now and I'm 22.

  • Question: does it catch lizards? Yea. in my country, lizards come in the summer to my house cuz it wants me to burn the house

  • Thanks you made me full

  • Corona virus have ruined our plans.

  • I'm so dirty minded by it

  • I want to work in Pixar

  • You guys missed a golden opportunity, the fight scene in Game of Thrones at the Tower of Joy had a legit world renowned swordsman in it

  • A waffle cone is also a cookie

  • Its too bad. We loved you guys. At least, u left a great record. Plus you're locals.

  • Are we not gonna talk abt how she didn’t use toe pads

  • Frozen 3: Finding Samantha

  • Sold for a $100 and service charge of 50

  • I totally agree

  • Actors had real sweat tho

  • I want to go here and compliment the workers and share my cookies with strangers

  • 3:07 wtf lol

  • Brad Mondo needs to watch this!

  • How is Scientology still legal

  • It's due time that major studio works get European swordfighting and martial arts right.

  • Maleficent

  • conclusion is everything in NK is weird

  • This seems really dangerous

  • When you’re so bored you decide to watch a documentary about erasers

  • I would have love to see him review some LOTR fights

  • Omg, she’s officially my new idol! You rock girl xoxo I too am letting my locks going grey, I feel so proud of my 53 years young:))

  • I want to eat it Don’t ask

  • You forgot the William Birkin cosplay.

  • What happens when a tsunami strikes after? I’ll tell you. 🕴🏾⚰️🕴🏾

  • how 2 die 101

  • Edward Norton or is it just me

  • They where J3wish actors in those black face first.

  • Best working

  • If I was an actor Director : OK JOSINE ! For this scene you have to cry ,ok ? Me : Ok! Lemme just watch Stranger things Billy's death and IT 2 Eddies death and we'll be good to go

  • dude looks like jeff bezos and joe exotic combined.

  • It's the *bad* people who holds the religion. Not the religion itself. I know *all religions* teaches positivity. I have a lot of christian friends and they're very kind! Why can't y'all be as kind as them? As a muslim, this really breaks my heart. Those *bad* people that claimed themselves as muslims will receive their punishment in the afterlife. Peace.

  • This man is exactly what I expect a real sword master would look like.

  • Ummm if you like it when babies cry then you got some serious problems

  • I’m guessing they like cookie dough?

  • It’s moments like these when I’m glad I don’t like cake. 1 this would be making me extremely hungry 2 I don’t have to eat his masterpieces.

  • I love it when they explain the science behind it all. Also when they describe what someone would have to do to get to that point, instead of just saying "na noway that's impossible." Like no shit, we get that.

  • huh for india i thought they would’ve talked abt the popular mandala-style tattoos because henna is temporary.

  • Is it just me or ew

  • so um I watched this at nighttime and halfway through the video and then this happened: 😴😴😴

  • girl: "hey guys, today im gonnna show u how to escape from quicksand ! " boy: "hey, today imma show u how to make a omelette ! " me: *has a seizure tryna figure out how their related*

  • So this is the line that ppl in art channels were talking about when they say "not gonna brag But I can draw a line"

  • can you guys please get a lion to rate all the lion scenes in the movies?

  • This is deep

  • Wow😍😍😋😎😅😶😚😃😇😶😊

  • Can I go there

  • I knew that scene was different when i saw it

  • Now imagine if a black person tried that.

  • My favorite one is the lion king

  • Everybody gangsta until they actually drop the entire tub of ice cream onto the customer’s cone.

  • Those rollers remind me of those stamp sets you would get and the tiny interchangeable stamps and the tiny roller you got all to stamp into some ink tabs.

  • Murray’s was looted in 2020...thanks libtards

  • Insider: replays 1 clip 29 times Us: you weren't supposed to do that.

  • If you gotta explain why something is challenging it’s probably not that entertaining

  • Honestly is was really satisfying to watch the bottles being filled up with the polish

  • Fire in the hole!

  • Gushers!

  • Animal actors reviewing cgi animals

  • I love the theme song of Succession but this vid here becomes a hip hop music propaganda vid halfway through that I couldn’t stomach.

  • Cool

  • Someone please show Dave Rawlings the Narnia movies

  • This movie👍👍👍👍tight...

  • My teacher played this for us in art class and I was stunned at how beautiful and detailed the animation was!! This movie is an absolute treasure and has a lovely story as well as good character development. I love this movie.

  • The nitrogen is bad for u some people died from this

  • Black tea has 75 mg of caffeine per 8oz cup. Thats more than a can of Coke.

  • What's up with the host? What a burnout.