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An element of truth - videos about science, education, and anything else I find interesting.


Engineering with Origami
Engineering with OrigamiPřed 8 měsíci
Does Planet 9 Exist?
Does Planet 9 Exist?Před 8 měsíci
Flamethrower vs Aerogel
Flamethrower vs AerogelPřed 9 měsíci
How Cod Saved the Vikings
How Cod Saved the VikingsPřed 11 měsíci
The World in UV
The World in UVPřed rokem
My Life Story
My Life StoryPřed rokem
World's First Car!
World's First Car!Před 2 lety
Fire in ZERO-G!!
Fire in ZERO-G!!Před 3 lety
The Bayesian Trap
The Bayesian TrapPřed 3 lety
Water on the Moon?
Water on the Moon?Před 3 lety
Welding in Space
Welding in SpacePřed 3 lety
Stringless Yo-Yo!
Stringless Yo-Yo!Před 3 lety
Is Glass a Liquid?
Is Glass a Liquid?Před 4 lety


  • HELL no I didnt expect that I can understand this video

  • If there were no magnets on earth, we wouldn't be able to generate electricity (?)

  • In the water? Dislike

  • Captain America went back in time and killed the cat... Bastard!

  • *cough* Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Now if houses could be made with aerogel... Like in the insulation between the walls... Could help stop fires and keep them into a single room. Too bad it's still ridiculously expensive. Maybe in 20 years when the patent expire.

  • You got alot of balls to swim in this🤣

  • So satisfying hahaha

  • you are so stupid you did not show us the sun and the moon from your angle

  • my math teachear is making us do journals on your stuff


  • Sounds = ommmmm

  • Yng yang, the inicial shape of it all ( 2 Black holes coliding)

  • from the book, "Think fast and slow"

  • The Communist took over Academia long ago. We see the results everywhere in 2020, lol. The "Peer Review" process was raped without Vaseline when the first leftwit got power. Dont trust anything these self described "experts" agree with each other on. Academia is Americas mortal enemy within. When academia collapses onto itself, the academics will blame me for being anti-intellectual, just like Communists have always done, lolol..

  • very helpful

  • I checked the upload date of this video multiple times as I was confused seeing them video calling.

  • Think of our programming to live a modern lifestyle. Toxic air, water, foods, bodies, minds, through sedentary jobs, removed from nature, social groups, sun, open spaces etc.

  • Scientist explaining how dynamo works with "SPIT" near the huge pure "SODIUM" metal dynamo.

  • I would have done the bet for for the ten, let alone up to 100.

  • fallait y penser ;) 6:24

  • @Veritasium great video! me, the amateur: is it possible yo apply Mandelbrot set to the multiverse and create a map of when/where we are? I am terrible at math, but I think back on the hundreds of time travel story's, all the philosophical debates around this subject that I watched/read/partaken in... and I would even add your video on parallel worlds. I couldn't even think of a way to visualize how this multiverse would even look like, until finding and somewhat understanding the Mandelbrot set....but does it fit?! btw....this was also a great explanation, with creative visualization:

  • cant you just eat meat for protein?


  • in cartography I learned that it depends on the data source we use(satellite image, field survey, etc). and if we use satellite imagery, it is depends on the scale of the output map and the minimum mapping unit(MMU) (which is one third of the output map scale). the larger the MMU, the more detailed the measurement, the longer the coast line.

  • “50,000 people used to live here, now it’s a ghost town”

  • RIP KOR.

  • 5:23 Why are we able to clone whole organisms like animals but we can’t clone let’s say a human kidney or a heart and use it for people in need of organs? Plus they would not have to take any medication because the new cloned organs could be made out of the patients own cells.

  • de Broglie is pronounced as "de broy" like "d boy" but with an "r" in the "boy". I've listened to many audiobooks where the name was pronounced as "de brog lee" and I got used to hearing that famous name. Then one day I listened to another audio-book where the reader said " d broy" and I had no idea which important physicist he was talking about. But whoever he was, he was extremely famous.

  • The universe expanding is not the universe expanding - it's the human knowledge of the universe expanding.

  • I know you hate dandruff because we have hairs WHAT ABOUT JONNY SINS?

  • And here I just thought you meant the average between the two laps.

  • yes

  • I wanna try staying in this room

  • Now I want to eat a cake...

  • Nobody : .... Our classroom when our teacher enters :

  • oh great, i can live a longer life.. if i make it unbearable. it made me think of the movie "in time" that it could be viable. because lets be honest are we going to have 7-10b people who are basically immortal due to science? nope the earth cant sustain it. the fix? trade money for time. if one could kill/manipulate cells at that level, in the future one could also make a money system out of it. you dont have any time left? oooh to bad i'll revert your heart cells to a tumor. idk just an idea of how this could be used if better science unveils itself..

  • Is the radioactive atom a cation or an anion?

  • So, You can make cool fight scene on mars and moon.

  • The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.

  • That is in au currency

  • We live in an interesting point in spacetime... Well... Time yes, Space... idk

  • I'm gonna do the opposite and kill my self faster

  • Am here after watching kdrama " the king: enternal monarch " to know more about the parallel universe. 😁

  • Man: "as a blind person you see nothing, but i can see things" Veritasium.exe has stopped working

  • .... specific vid maybe

  • I do understand that testing gravitational red-shifting required an elliptical orbits but we do have so many polar satellites around the earth with precise atomic clocks. Wonder why nobody bothered to use one for testing general relativity, why it had to be these two rogue ones? xD

  • Ahh nice

  • My friend last name is Gilbert

  • make a video on levitation

  • why am i watching this at 3 am, i just failed my physics class

  • Wow so I’m the dumb version I wonder which one of me is smart and imagine this is smart Elon musk imagine the dumb one 😂

  • You said background to respect to the ground not the bottom of the rail

  • I was looking for the answer for a very long time.

  • the way he talked about deterrence and responding to the enemy at the beginning made me wonder what he is talking about, but realized the most powerful US nuke is 9megaton, while Soviet Tsar Bomba is 57megatons. You need to up the game and this makes the whole intro hilarious.

  • that looks so coooooollll!

  • This guy is Vsauce cross with Tom Scott

  • Step 1: set up a false narrative about a navel gazing topic Step 2: drone on to refute a narrative nobody believes or cares about Step 3: quality?

  • 8:41 billion of bananas makes me a seizure on the background

  • I bet you this is what happens in a black hole...says the man with zero math skills

  • Any മലയാളി


  • you also lose mass by burning and creating ATP,IR light

  • The comment section is just gold😌

  • Can’t do this at Chatswood anymore

  • so if it falls on my head???

  • Watch the movie COHERENCE!

  • 3:15 wait ... did he just bought it?

  • The dark alone would make me uncomfortable

  • They really remade nick town

  • How many people in the comment section actually understood any of this? How many are pretending like they understand it?

  • Douglas Adams was right all the time

  • Idk if I’m crazy but no matter the soda I drink after a few hours it’s flat except my favorite which is root beer a can stays carbonated for like 1-3 days left open how😂

  • Are we sure that head and shoulders actually works tho. I've been using it since like forever but I still get dandruff, even right after my shower.

  • Welcome to FBI's watchlist y'all

  • The problem may be even worse than presented. The measured variation of many, if not most, physical systems is non-Gaussian. Take the sine wave - a very common basic pattern of variation. It's rms (standard deviation) value is root(0.5). Therefore, by standard statistical p-values, 5% of a sine wave is outwith the bounds +/- 1.414. Lies, damned lies, and statistics!

  • click dis link for my reaction on 4:37:

  • You could be watching this same video at the same time in a parallel universe.

  • I wonder if that copper plate would be attached but with a non metallic spacer, would be it be totally floated?

  • Fantastic information, thank you!

  • Well then I wonder if the rotation around the 2nd axis was theoretically 100% true on the y axis, would that effect still occur and how could be we explain it?

  • But determining which is fake and which is true is the problem. Truth is only an opinion in today’s world.

  • How the hell Do astronomers discover other planets LIGHT YEARS AWAY but they can’t find a planet supposedly in our OWN DAMN SOLAR SYSTEM?!! WTF...

  • I feel bad for the nigga dats gon have to pick them all up when the 10 years is up

  • This channel is amazing, and has inspired me in my career development, and education. Thank you @Veritasium

  • Forget this bozo: see Tony Hellers channel...

    • Heller is a lot of fun... But it's Not a good idea to take him serious

  • The COO really loves his job and is very knowledgeable.

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  • I'm seriously contemplating subtitling my dissertation "How I learned to stop worrying and love the chaos." Chaos is a wonderful, _wonderful_ thing.

  • Morgellon´s?

  • the egyptians were a hierarchy of people who would whip the class lower then them. you can either figure out how to make a pyramid and get it done or you can be whipped

  • अब ये वीडियो देख ही ली।।

  • This is all lies....cats are indestructible.

  • Just look at the sun 😂

  • It's mid-2020 now and a lot have been released find out the best so far. Please share, like, and sub. Suggestions are also welcome and thank you for watching.

  • What if the 96,000,000 balls subscribe to pewdiepie

  • Magnet are small bunch of black holes ?????

  • What is so interesting to me is, that i knew this all along. I used to throw my racket up and catch it while causing it to spin like this. I just never stopped to think about it or question it. It just worked