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  • I was in that exact spot a month ago

  • Nancy Pelosi swims there

  • Come to our lake at our house

  • But was it a Hooman bone?

  • Bruh you should bring your Diamond sword, maybe there was drowneds in the ship

  • If you want to find expensive things, go search on the waikiki beach underwater. Maybe you‘ll find my apple watch, which I lost when surfing ..

  • Those underwater shots are amazing!!😍

  • OMG, you kids are behaving like you never go outside. Outside was our playground when I was a kid. We also walked the fields in the fall and spring after crops were cultivated out (after a rain) and looked for arrowheads (in Ohio). Got a great collection. BTW those sifters are awesome I am building myself one like that for my garden work and maybe gold sifting (live in Alaska now).

  • I thought I'm a camera man I'm happy 😁😁😀😀

  • The part you are looking for is 7:26

  • I would love to go down the river with you guys

  • U are so nice to your community

  • Did he say Bed rock like do you even craft bro? You can’t scrape it with a rock scraper you should know that!

  • I wonder how many of those rings were that of those who just suffered a breakup and threw their ring in the ocean?? Lol

  • I live 45 minutes away from Columbus Georgia!!!!!

  • I live in Roswell Ga on the Hooch and there is a spot called the toilet bowl I am sure there would be a lot of stuff there Iland Ford

  • I live 30min away from Helen GA

  • Nice!!

  • I have always wanted a jet ski i live on a lake and it is my dream to get one.

  • He missed a piece a 9:00 when he was digging

  • 21:38 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 #EpicBroMoment

  • your camera quality is amazing wowww!!

  • Holey molley

  • that red iphone is an iphone xr

  • They can't be polished and cut perfectly when they come out of the ground .... 🧐🤔🧐🤔🧐🤔🧐 Hmmmmm

  • Thanks Jake for sharing...

  • Treasure is soooooo cute!

  • You guys should explore the Dunns River Falls in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

  • u go ervery where to ,i have been watching pauly some to good luck u guys have fun

  • More gold videos

  • Isn’t the gold going to float away when you move your hand around to move the rocks? Just curious.

  • WOW!!!!!

  • Snorkel

  • Always make sure you bring a bone saw and 4 or 5 tourniquets when you're in snake country!

  • Trade your gold with the villager! said no one ever

  • Do you have earplugs for when you go deep down under the water because of all the air pressure?

  • No way! I have watched you guys both for a long time this is awesome😁

  • I went to my gd and adked if she knew how to fix it until he said it was vr180 i was soo confused😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • He made 230$usd... yet everyone still working for a corporation lol

  • 10:40 if u came to Canada and didnt cliff jump its like coming here and not saying Eh at least once..😂

  • omg i live that river i went tubing there with helen tubing and it was so cool i got so burnt

  • Why did the people in the gold rush go to California when they could have gone here and got got gold with almost no manual labour unlike striking a rock with a pick axe

  • Treasure is gettting so big. I havent watched since you first got her. Catching up though.

  • where is that

  • I live in Canada so that's cool

  • When he said gravel, bedrock and gold it was like minecraft

  • 6:45 missed a piece on the ledge to the left lmao just sitting there so nicely

  • River vardar in macedonia pleas🙏🙏

  • Saw this on Pauly channel first lol

  • I wish I could find gold

  • Now that was awesome....great dive.

  • I did not know u curse jake

  • Since there is alot of kids here and they dont teach this is in school.. Gold is real money. Its been money for 1000s of years. That paper stuff your parents give you is what they want you to use.

  • 15:02 how clean is that water

  • hey нырнул.

  • Türk yokmu

  • Keep it up jake you doing amazing with you vids please can I get a shout out🤩

  • Hahaha, too good!

  • Hello, i am tâm and i from vietnam. Wao. So beutifull in river. I sub you...

  • This video was uploaded on April 1st...

  • You have got the gold fever lol it’s the best to have

  • Omg moni gold

  • Damn DALL back at it again with dem WOOOOOO HOOO

  • Your videos are awesome. Continue like this

  • Gold sucker 😂😂😂😂

  • Lkkmm

  • Класс! В тандеме с Паркером еще бы от сняться.

  • I'd really like to knwo the story. Maybe somebody who didn't know better stole it from Claire's realized they couldn't get much for and then threw it out in frustration because he couldn't get a good price.

  • Pretty counter ⏬

  • 😮

  • How was he able to hold a claymore explosive in his hands and not blow up

  • Jest ktoś z polski

  • The yellow Box with the battery in it is for a blinky light on top of a barricade

  • Good video

  • No body Not a single soul Dallmyd: so i got a couple tools a gold sucker and tweezers oh yeah and A FREAKIN CROWBAR

  • Dude that was awesome. You have to do alot more of these video's. Gold Rush

  • What gloves does he use??

  • I want to watch these in 1440p60 uhd you're videos and cinematics are insane man!

  • it is a tank bullet

  • Where do you get the music.

  • 9:02 ohh nooo there goes a nugget

  • Sorry to burst your bubble. But that is not real gold

  • I’m so glad you and Pauly teamed up. Two of my favorite treasure hunters. Hopefully Pauly can gain some fast subscribers from your collaboration! He deserves it!

  • That's the deepest River I've seen yet PP

  • the quality and the shots underwater are ridiculous. SUCH A GREAT WORK wtfff

  • what is your country name

  • 6:08 12:32

    • 【 MIHØŶØ. 】 thankyouu

  • *Love your videos, hope to see you and Pauly collab again* 🖤🖤🖤

  • Me:looks at the subtitles Jake:talks Subtitles:jake+talk=...music 😏 Me:rlly CS-tv ..😹😑😒-.-

  • WOW

  • No one: Gold sucker: ImMa JuSt SuCk ThIs GoLd ReAlLy QuIcK...

  • Your should sell any rings you find in the future.

  • Amazing shots!

  • Where is It on Florida ?

  • OooooOoOOoOOooOoOooOoooooo I’m live in Canada! Pure Canadian here.

  • Tresker

  • Somebody put that gold there for your video

  • Yous are so so cool love ❤️yous

  • one of the best vid you guys did :)

  • Can I please have the iPhone please