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Hello! My name is Jake. I'm a treasure hunter, scuba diver and CS-tvr w/ 10,000,000+ subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations and sharing my adventures on CS-tv!
Worlds largest scuba diving/ treasure hunting related channel on CS-tv!
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  • Who put it there

  • beautiful beach and a cute dog.

  • ㄅㄊㄍㄍㄍㄍㄍㄉˇ

  • Find James ... the escaped axe weilding wallet mugginh mug shot convict

  • Sharks 🦈😢😢

  • Ever thinking coming to Anchorage Alaska we have alot of water i would do it my self but im afraid on whats underneath and i dont have the equipment if you were here u could give me some motivation so i wont be afraid Edit it is summer and hot here

  • Nature is totally demolished for the big money!

  • saving hundreds of fish left to die dropped a baby goldfish to die

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  • You made it

  • Corona cant stop this man ;)

  • You are such a breath of fresh air.....god bless...

  • 😆yas

  • Damn I remember when this dude had less then 600k subs n that’s still a shit ton

  • Hey I like. Your videos

  • Find james

  • Hi my grandma loves crystals we would really appreciate if u gave a us a peace thanks

  • Logan would have more fun digging in a graveyard

  • That footage under the water was so cool man 👍

  • When y’all gonna all get back together?

  • Thanks for cleaning up the river man, anyways we all know who put those dollars in the water! But it doesn't matter as long as there's a good reason behind it, the rest doesn't count.

  • Find james

  • Im waiting for the day when he finds a body

  • Yeah uh no u didnt hope this video made u a lot of money for you!

  • it was stolen

  • Logan is a peace of art and s🐥🐥

  • Aim italiano

  • Jake is the type of guy that would lose something and find it in a heart beat

  • This is the guy everyone loves

  • good job jack he diseves it thats why we liked the vid this is whi agreas with me likes

  • Poor Drowning people wish I was them Reason:*bullyed depression and lonely*

  • Just stunning . Thank you

  • Me on 480p bro this quality is amazing and then switch to 1080p60 bro how is this such a good camera

  • I like crystals 🎤

  • Find James

  • I can't wait to go home! I'm so excited I haven't seen Georgia/Florida in several decades since I was little. Seeing this type of water gets me excited I know it's silly but it is the little things I miss a lot. FFWD to hopefully when the person or people are caught they're going to be surprised thinking that someone actually went into that water and found it. 🤣

  • Tristan kinda looks like Kevin bacon

  • Bro when tf did u grow so fast last i checked u didnt even have a mil good shit boi

  • Hey man didn't you see that scull in the bottom of that hole when you where coming up from the cave check it again that looked like a scull

  • That thing is a UNIT!!!!!

  • Just got your T shirt in the mail Awesome Thank you for all you do to make it a better place 🇺🇸✌️👍

  • made it , finished the whole video , love treasure's bark

  • I what a jet ski pleas

  • Is that tfues brother?

  • Did you take the cars out? Shouldn't be in there to leak all that oil and stuff.

  • I subscribed to your chanel and left a like 🙂🙂☺

  • Who ever x is that guy is toxic

  • I love you treasure

  • If you would be willing you should do a house tour and show how you store/ display your treasures!

  • do you know you are the best and amazing person ever I wish I could meet you <3

  • Jake - with inormous size of your audience, you should make a campaign and convince, encourage people to back up their data, photos. You will make a real change!

  • How does quarts get here it’s so posed to be in the nether

  • When Logan looks like he is pregnant

  • Hah I live near that creek-

  • Eewww where are the 🧤 she needs a water suit

  • Keep safe Jake & to your friends. 😣

  • You mind sending me a handful of fishing lures? And maybe a nice pair of shades! We all kno you have more of them than Outdoor World 😆🤷‍♂️

  • yes👋😁

  • Yooo lol get back with the cod grind.

  • M 2

  • Do you care at all about corona?

  • Where's the returning the wallet video 😂😂

  • Anyone know what that metal detector stick is called ??

  • Enjoyed watching you open the gifts!! 🤗

  • When did mans get 10 million I subbed at like 400k 😂

  • Who randomly got this in their recommended

  • Just watched 2 videos and I’m inLOVE with you guys new subbie 👍🏻

  • Do more! Do more! Do more!

  • Those are some really pretty crystals. Nice job.

  • Yo, the restaurants could possibly give you a name an address. I call my local pizza shop and they confirm my name before I tell it to them, and I don't even think I have to give an address. Try it!!!

  • Y is this now getting tons of views

    • youtube puts shit on people's recommended at random times, i just saw this on my youtube home page


  • Dude that looks like my iphone7 but trash and a black-ish color. IDK if its because of water ir not

  • I phone give away..

  • Have to say that all of the crystals are so pretty.

  • Big boy

  • bro she is goddess Lakshmi goddess of wealth. she is the goddess of fortune too. you are lucky. but can u please send me some picture of that hand book. please contact on avinash.pratap25@gmai.com

  • Are treasure a boy our a Girl

  • What happened

  • I really want to go diving with my dad but I haven’t asked him yet I’m only eight

  • Ma olen sinu fänn ja mu kanali nimi on kristo nigula

  • Hey take all the time you need I know how it feels I broke my wrist during hockey and couldn’t play for the the rest of the season

  • I miss the little coin Ching sound when you found money😭🤣

  • "Big Boy" XD

  • You probably the nicest person I've ever met your friends lucky that he can have you as a friend if he didn't have you as a friend who would probably be sad and it's really kind of you to get him a jet ski

  • 2:27 mongo push

  • Congratulations Jake! With all the negative in the world your videos are a breath of fresh air! Thank you for your hard work keep it up brother!

  • Sorry the dad not your dad

  • I really hope your dad feels OK because it’s probably hard on him

  • Hey Jake, I just wanted to say rest up and recover. Glad to hear things weren’t worse, you’ve still got so much to be thankful for brother. God bless!

  • My subtitles thinks that the water bubble sounds is music

  • 6:27 who you look like john b

  • Wooo hoooo wooooooooow wo...... Watafaaak....

  • Jake, you are a treasure yourself, hopefully one day I will get to meet you in person. You are living the life I dreamed about, but was not strong enough to make it happen. Good luck on 50 million I know you can and will make it happen.

  • Day 2 of asking Jake to show off his bottle flipping skills from this video. cs-tv.org/tv/video-Hv0rDJO3GuQ.html

  • This video is one of my favorites