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  • used to look good, not anymore

  • The yellow is just a bit to much :(

  • Love it ❤ i wasnt sure about your idea but seeing it now spot on looks amazing congrats on your 1st lambo 👍

  • KW show car??

  • It's cool that the yellow is just PPF so it can ben returned to the exposed carbon in the future

  • Yea the yellow looks hard I liked the original also but I’m not mad at that yellow I see your vision 👌

  • Each to their own but I think it looked so good in it’s original form.

  • Looks way better! I love the color choice too. Hopefully one day I will see the STO in America.

  • You should put a go pro or something on the STO as you drive around London and make a reaction video from people on the street, it's bonkers.

  • Glad you didn’t do yellow on the mirrors.

  • I absolutely love the idle humm of the engine! The car looks great!

  • The Yellow is awesome!! Love the tiny reverse lights.

  • Definitely stands out more now

  • Fail

  • By far this is my 2nd favorite 1st place will always be the SLS

  • I'm the the camp that it looked better the way it was delivered.

  • Best speced car you own imo. Love the purple and yellow!

  • Shmee you need to smoke more ,car looks fantastic 👌

  • perfect gumball car

  • Looks insane

  • pls remove the yellow shmee

  • Said it before Tim only a Lamborghini can pull that colour scheme off. Looks great.

  • I didn't know how I'd feel but I love it. Strikingly beautiful!! Well done.

  • The yellow accents give it a more GT race car kinda look which is cool but I have to say I prefer the black satin 👍

  • I hope you make as many videos possible with the STO. It's hands down my favourite supercar you own, the spec is perfect.

  • @olliethecarkid is that you shouting omg????

  • It looks great man just amazing. I love the final outcome. You did a fantastic job. Well done.

  • should have left it how it was

  • It looks absolutely amazing🤩🤩

  • I wanna see the yellow accents in 30th Anniversary Diablo color just for science really, or 30th anniversary as the main color with Viola Bast accents!

  • I think you should revert it to black n purple

  • Now that is how a Lamborghini should look

  • Definitely doesn’t feel like he loves this car.

  • I love shmee so much and his content...but I couldn't be further from liking the color combos he comes up with hate to shmee...they are his cars and he does whatever he wants.......I am a massive fan

  • I'm usually a huge fan of your colour schemes, but in this case for me it just doesn't work. I see what you was aiming for but yellow looks awful against the main colour.

  • It’s just hurracan. DDE has done to its limits. Just a car tim

  • That car must do Gumball 3000.. because it literally looks like a ball of gum...

  • the omg from the kid was amazing

  • It looked amazing with just it's pathetic

  • Why not paint yellow accent fron Lamborghini adpersona instead topaz skin or wrap it.

  • I love it! Only a Lamborghini.

  • SICK

  • Oh Tim what have you done with that yellow 😢

  • Ruined it ! I hate the yellow on it , so much nicer before !!

  • This is perfect shmee I wasn’t too sure when you revealed the spec Choice but now I’ve seen it you’ve smashed it it’s perfect You need to go to Utah now and do a video with your sto and stradmans lambo they would look perfect together

  • this is the most intense and wonderful Lambo colors I´ve seen in my life.

  • It looks cool, maybe a bit too much yellow to my opinion

  • The yellow being too bright overshines the purple. You should think about getting the yellow highlights in Satin or Matt finish.

  • You would think a Lambo would have a rear view camera in place of the rear view mirror

  • I love it

  • yellow accents just too much.....

  • No jokes, i have never seen an ugliest car in my life

  • I think it s a little bit too much of yellow, just my opinion but anyways the car is stunning, enjoy it :)

  • The worst spec for an STO! It´s a shame that Lambo makes it possible! The main thing is to attract attention....that should be banned!!!

  • That kid yelling "OMG" is priceless. Says it all. Great color choice!

  • Laughed so hard at The young lad who shouted OMG 😱

  • You don’t make many mistakes Shmee… but this is one 😕

  • Glad you love it Tim, that's all that matters.

  • This has suddenly become one of my favourite Shmeemobiles in the collection alongside Ford GT and Senna.

  • Not a fan of the yellow. Looked much better as it was :(

  • I have to say that I’m not the biggest fan of the yellow, I’m just glad it isn’t paint.

  • I actually like the looks with the yellow.

  • Yep looks as crap as i thought it would.

  • Is the yellow a topaz skin?.

  • Congrats Shmee!

  • Too much yellow accents IMO, not fan, at all...

  • Rhubarbs and Custard’s… that’s what it looks like!

  • You could set it on fire and make it pretty again.

  • NO NO NO NO It's ruined. Sorry just my opinion but it looks awful.

  • Looks like a gift Barbie would get for Ken. To each his own I guess. Enjoy your new ride though.

  • You ruined the car

  • It is not the same 😢😢😢 r32 r33 r34

  • The Lambo looked great before the Yellow accents but it looks even better now! Great color choices!

  • Do you watch F1 shmee? And could you make a Q&A? Tremendous integrity, by the way, for putting the number plate on the front of that beautiful beast. You are a great role model for anyone. Would it be illegal to take the rearview mirror off in England?

  • Ok hear me out the yellow is ok but bronze would have worked much better.

  • In my opinion, I think you just have to remove the yellow section from the roof scoop, because it gives taxi vibes.

  • worst color combination ever on a lamborghini

  • That's best car by far that you have

  • WOO HOO!👍🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥