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  • Legit should have donated your lil house to seriously to keep from elements.

  • Give a thumbs up and tell me what type of parents u have

  • Ethan is my sister with his skin care routine

  • Plz do more collabs with them...❤❤

  • 3:24 jonas broaders 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  • james was acting so weird😂

  • Did anyone see that person in the shed?

  • does anyone know the song near the end they lightly play in the background?

  • Okay this is a skit. I was really shocked... Lol😯

  • 23:51 his hair *-*

  • I love how Shane is everybody's personal therapist, but I'm sure that their father is so proud of them for doing this. #DolanStanForever

  • When you got those pineapple drinks i said you in Hawaii

  • Most people can't even work the cameras or act or edit and y'all want to apologize for an outro. Adorbs. The talent on you boys!

  • If you put the slime outside it will rain

  • Leave a like if you speak Spanish and English I do

  • I also have extreme trypophobia

  • See how Grayson's smile dropped 0:10😂

  • The cringe

  • Gray: Ssssssssssssstop😅😂

  • Rip Ethma

  • Sorry to here about there dad..

  • Dolan marathong again but wait didnt you guys notice Ethan's phone case is literally the same as Emma's phone case before omyghaaad but sadly Emma is now happy with Aaron. I'm screaming rn lol dk why. I wish I could hug E and Gray

  • Definitely Grayson but good try Ethan

  • Graysons voice was so cute and happy when he said: I can’t wait to see what ethans highlights look like!

  • 2:15 why does he look like a cat ? x')

  • me realising that the dolan twins were the og vsco girls in 2018 with their canteen which is really a hydroflask

  • Gray:where you get the idea? Ethan:UMM, I ASKED MOM gray:SKSKSKSK(sorry for that) DUDE I ASK MY MOM TO THIS SHIT MAKE ME LAUGHING SO HARD.

  • choke me

  • Her name was Becca

  • Best 40 min video I’ve ever seen.

  • 1:48 awww

  • 2:48 I love this part x) ( x1.25)

  • Grayson has basically the same face. Ethan just looks way younger x)

  • 14:38 Grayson : guys be quiet Emma’s about to talk Grayson 2 seconds later : *blows nose*

  • Ethans lookIng Kutcherish.

  • 4:16

  • Sorry guys im new in the club. How many subscribers do they have each year?

  • L O V E D T H E V I D E O .❤

  • Grayson : pulls out hydro flask Me: ok All the visco girls “omg Sksks save the turtles

  • I'm sad.. Why no uploads 😭😭

  • So, Ethan is left-handed and Grayson right handed ? Well, they already said that more recently but I didn't realise until now xD

  • Them trying not to look alike is just them changing hairstyle and clothes 😂 It doesnt have anything to do with facial recognition at all lol

  • Idk why but this took me 7 days to finish watching and I hate myself for it..🥺🥺

  • Just realizing this now Ethan has a bottle of lotion right next to his bed. Like if you noticed

  • You guys should be the twin from tangled for Halloween? Oh. Too late? Disney plus plug

  • Also I want to know what Siri said in round 5 LOL .... what was a funny E?!

  • I can’t stop watching this video 🤣🤣🤣🤣 every time I need a laugh I come here and watch this and cry laugh for 7:43 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 6:36 🤣 I literally spit water laughed!

  • 15:29 me when I wake up and look in the mirror

  • ❤😴

  • do we fix this audio issue?? 🤔

  • Idkw but I’m kinda offended☹️. When Ethan said “ That was what birth feels like for sure”

  • what can even haters get by hating someone?.... so sad for them :/

  • 6:09 - drinks milk ethan 2019: I DONT FUCK WITH THAT DAIRY

  • 7:38

  • Wholesome things about this video: Jeffree buys extra cookies to get a discount The twins saying "I feel beautiful" Jeffree fixing the twins hair The twins gawking at the Birkins and saying "Its beautiful" Jeffree not being the least being afraid to share his expensive ass stuff. Jeffree says hello to everyone on the street The twins working those deisgner gowns


  • When are u recording it next video

  • I would literally buy anything they sell

  • Why am I Watching this now!!!!???

  • I love Dolan twins so cute

  • Did anyone else see the wounds on the side of the horse!??

  • Literally nobody : E: u have to Crack Nobody at all : the plastic cub moving on its own

  • they switched clothes- wait

  • i love this more than anything, I love the real you guys, so proud.

  • There is definitely a vibe between Molly and Ethan here


  • Who else is here in 2019 when Ethan doesn't fuck with that dairy

  • does anyone one else think emma's facial expressions at the beginning were weird lol (when they were explaining the rules)

  • You guy's looked BEAUTIFUL!!! I mean GEORGEOUS!


  • Omg I have fucking mosophonia and no one can understand why I get so upset with noises

  • Why didn't they do their eyebrows grey to!😂🤣🤣🤣

  • This makes me sad now 😢 Wishing both Emma and Ethan happiness!

  • this has to be the cutest shit ive seen. I stopped watching you guys for a while but shit im happy im back here laughing my ass off.

  • Very nice outfits you guys look great

  • 0:50 when Ethan said " YOU NEED TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH ME" was honestly the cutest thing ever🥰

  • I have trypabhobia

  • Grayson is that dad that has his kids go to sleep at 8:45 and only gives them phones at 14. Ethan is the dad that takes his kids to in n out at 11:30 pm just because he feels like it. Grayson is dad material and Ethan is Uncle material.

  • Plot twist Ethan turns into skunk boy

  • Grayson:we gotta make pan- *passes out* Ethan: *already passed out* Me:BAHAHAHA I LOVE THESE GUYS😂

  • Ethan was so respectful and kind but funny and Grayson was aggressive and mean but funny😂

  • I want Grayson to be my boyfriend and make me breakfast in Hawaii


  • No offense Ethan is a wimp and a cheater

  • Wait but if you actually see Grayson’s tweet in 24:50 you can see that instead of writing tall he wrote talk

  • Ethan wants to kiss everyone

  • The person who made the one that said jujuj on the beat was by DolanVSCO skskskks

  • i think this was also around the time that emma and ethan decided to stop dating...

  • Hot and funny

  • This is so funny

  • Love them

  • I love it I watched it like 4-5 times💖😂

  • 1:55 that gag was so dramatic gray wow😂😂😂

  • I used to be so invested into this sister squad now I’m so glad it’s over. They are less problematic when they are separate. I like them better individually

  • Ik I’m not the only one that has a grandpa named John

  • How does a 7 year old have earrings and me a 13 year old cant have

  • James is such a faker

  • It took them a whole 2 minutes and 36 seconds to get into the video! Ahaha

  • Ethan: no that's not how you set it up it has to be more dramatic, go over there and I'll do it Grayson: you have a crust in your eye... 1:36