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  • isn't that the same snake as when you guys did whats in the bathtub challenge his name was peterroy

  • 4:33 "He doesn't want cake but does he want CAKES?!?" Has me dead😂😂😂 5:18 i thought that the side of Graysons face was bleeding!

  • Wat was that at the end

  • We all love a good trip to costco

  • 2020 and still waiting 4 the amazing prank

  • Ethan u should shave off Grayson's mustache

  • Why is this age restricted now?!!????!!!!

  • The only thing that stands out in that brownish mountain is Ethan with dis white hoodie 😂 (around minute 9)

  • Y’all can’t tell me that at 40:00 gray doesn’t look like Ethan right there

  • When Grayson starts brushing his teeth it sounds like their in a SAW movie.

  • Ethan: “last homemade meal” Last homemade meal= cereal

  • I’m nervous myself watching this video and wishing you guys good luck🤩😄

  • i was skipping this whole video 5 by 5 minutes, every damn time this kid was complaining about weverything. so lame dudes:D

  • 12:01 Can’t believe it’s been a year since you left the earth, we will miss you Sean RIP Sean Dolan 😔💜

  • Ethan: I am really trying to do something nice for my brother here Me notices the 30% off sign I know he was sincere though

  • Hi

  • orrr u could just put it in the living room or kitchen lmaoo

  • Grayson laugh sounds like he is from Britain!

  • Am watching this in 2020 lol

  • 16:03 I died

  • I have trypophobia and when I see holes I feel so itchy!!! Even the rain on benches that are like circles irritate me!

  • Why am I the only one that notices the six minute intro

  • I wish i could like this video multiple times

  • i not 100% sure but i think you can pass out from heat

  • Grayson: *drops Mac and cheese* Ethan: Nice.

  • no one: Ethan: tHaT cOuLd Be HyDrAtEd PiSs!111!1!!11!

  • 5:41

  • Omg ❤

  • Grey spilled the most tea😂

  • Grayson i so meeee😂

  • 2020 anyone here?

  • I thought the director laughed a split second into the audition but controlled it

  • 0:37 “ I wanna get punished by 2 twins” Watcha smiling about Grayson😂

  • You just set two id 😏😏

  • IM NOT EVEN KIDDING I LITERALLY SAID"Wow Ethan looks like Grayson when he was younger" them they put the SAME EXACT picture i was thinking about when i first saw Ethan's hair

  • I feel so bad for them

  • Ethan: Because I don’t like colorful tattoos Grayson: I do

  • Illinois is super sketchy when I was driving there there was a shooter close to us we thought we were going to die

  • See both rooms are amazing but graysons looks the same with little tweaks 😂

  • James: Ohhhhhhh my god Grayson and Ethans Neighbour:WTF

  • Pause it at 17:01 Grayson looks like he hates Ethan so much


  • If that was me I would be nervous with everyone look'in at me no offense jeffree

  • this vid just reminded me of when i was younger and saw this vid for the first time its 2020 now !!!! and when they challanged us to do the dizzy waiter challange i did and it was so much fun love these so much my life would not be as amazing without them even tho i dont no them in real life ly2 xxxx

  • Brown **tches to the left Bad **tches to the left 😂

  • Who’s here in 2020:😭❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Omg I feel so bad but I can't stop laughing 😂😢

  • the way i wanna be friends with them 😔❤️

  • Yes build a real one

  • When I saw grayson sweating in the box I started to sweat too and I was breathing heavly.. anyone else have claustrophobia besides me???

  • nick: yeah stepping on these things dosent look fun Ethan: ITS NOT THATS CONFIRMED Tehe😂

  • 2020?

  • Ethan: It tastes good! Also Ethan: IT TASTES LIKE MUD!!!

  • I thought you were older then that my brother is 20!

  • They are so funny.

  • Toad


  • bibori

  • I watched this after watching the original and then I just read the description to this video!

  • 0:51 did no one notice that ethan said supposed wrong he sais sup o syd

  • Did you see his mom text

  • Don’t worry’re my favorite💗😂 I still like Ethan though😁💞

  • Spat lol

  • Why'd gray come up with sugar mommy 😂

  • OMG 😍 grasen looks dicusting with out facial hair with mustases 😨🤢💩🙊🤡🐛

  • You just uncovered a serious security issue from Apple. This could be really dangerous though. If someone steals your phone that looks similar to you could just unlock your phone and get access to everything you own

  • A year since sean passed fly high ♥️😔🕊

  • i think we just got an undercover house tour

  • Couldn’t they just put the tape around their foot for a “shoe”? 😂

  • Grayson: Your not trypophobic Meanwhile Ethan: BLEEEEUUUUGH!

  • Are you sure this isn’t my backyard?!

  • Hey Guys!!!!

  • Literally in the first 60 seconds you managed to convince to never move to Australia.

  • I still don't get how people spit and blow at the same time

  • You see Ethan getting hurt by a drill You see Grayson calmly drilling 😣🤣🥺

  • can I literally buy this

  • Chill its -13°F here in Canada

  • Lol the cups though XD

  • Who told him that mustache was cute ?

  • Jeffree 😂 if it is not cookies what is it... “depression “ 😂😂🥰

  • Guys don’t bring a ruler around Grayson or Ethan

  • Hilarious, but also kind of sad. The twins can’t really share anything without arguing. You can see how frustrated Grayson gets when he actually pushes Ethan in the shower. Ethan’s face...shocked.

  • I died when he lost his hats!

  • He literally ate blackberries that arent ripe they are supposed to be black when ripe

  • Ethan actually look like him... I could have probably very easily recognised him

  • Go to katanning in Australia pls 🛐🛐🛐🛐🙏🙏🙏🙏📿

  • You stupid. You can add 2 faces!

  • Australian prosmer are friendly

  • You guys are so freaking cute and awesome together don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise

  • "ArMS AT tHe SAmE TimE aS ThE Feet?!" *ethan has a minor panic attack* Me be like:what you panicking about?

  • Back when Ethen laugh more

  • i was meant to go to bed at eleven, it’s now twelve forty.

  • Ethan: “I dunno if the branch can handle all of you guys, cause he’s a pretty thick fella” How Grayson is like through Ethan’s perspective “T H I C K” 😂

  • Hey guess what... *spits bloody gauze on floor*

  • Can we just talk about the fact that Ethan is wearing a hoodie that Emma made him for Christmas 😂😂💖💖

  • 1:31 мне послышалось, или он спросил "че делать"?

  • Y'all should do more pranks

  • Hi

  • This see how viral this 🐍can get

  • Wait so how did they get the pictures and videos onto the computer from Ethan’s phone if it broke?