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TodayWeRide is a mountain bike athlete team that consists of 2 riders based in Latvia.
Our names are Dmitry and Anatoly, we are into MTB since 2020.
Mountain biking is not just a part of our life - it is our life. And we know how to share our passion through videos.
We compete in a pump track and downhill championships, also we do freestyle disciplines such as park and dirt.

Anatoly is a National Pump Track chamion 2022 and got 1st place in Baltic DH Cup overall 2022.
Dmitry is constantly top 5, but is spending more time for media as a video editor and graphics designer.

We believe that this incredible world may catch someones attention through display and motivate to get into this sport.
If you like what we are doing, subscribe and let's roll !


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  • Ой харош

  • The first little girl wasn’t in the wrong and neither was the biker, she looks to young to know what she was supposed to be doing but everyone makes mistakes that’s how they learn.

  • Редбул ярче чем эта хуета !!!

  • Where are the damn parents?

  • Because that i broke my arm

  • Intrusive thoughts :just do it

  • Do you still have no snow?

  • Are u Latvian , and if u are me to ❤

  • Ехал ехал и сразу русскому научился за 1 сек респект

  • Quitese a la vrg metida de mrd , y la mandaba pal lobby

  • You could just demolished that girl insted of hurting yourself and how did that girl just casually walked without saying sorry that girl will get a tough adulthood when he grows truly a karen

  • Should of cussed her parents out 😂

  • respect this guy

  • Eso a mí me pasa con el skate por qué donde yo vivo en el skatepark está pegado a una pista para bicis o patines para que no se junte todo y tú estás con es skate y se te pasa un niño random de 8 años por delante sin Avisar.

  • Parents fail to understand that the skate park is not a damn playground!

  • Bro, the way you control your anger 💀

  • Last one had me dyinggg

  • U from turkey? Cuz turks are saying hop hop hop

  • I get kids on skate parks. But things like this arent made for kids by any means

  • I need tips how do you do that? I can’t go that fast

    • It takes practice ;)

  • Dumb Girl

  • Honestly it feels great to know that you didnt hurt a child at the end of the day. Its more important that he or she is ok.

  • oh my God this is the funniest videosI've ever seen

  • он сказал😂: Блять сорри сорри

  • This is obviously not a park for those little ass kids going 4mph on their scooters tf

  • That girl was lucky that he saw her or she would be a pancake and why did she just look at him and leave without saying sorry like that is messed up

  • Are kids not allowed to be there or something? People freaking out saying they woulda hit her. Are they just psychos? I really just don't get the context. Seems like there'll be kids playing all over a park, and looked like there were in the video so what's the issue?

    • People are indeed psychos. Kids are allowed, since it is a public track. It is 7+ tho, but just out of the common sense it is not a place for little kids. This track is made for extreme and action sports and requires certain skill level to being able to even ride it a bit. Scooter freestyle is action sports too and is very accesable for youngers so there a lot of ~10-14 yo that ride scooters, but they can ride and know what to do. This place is extremely dangerous for kids because of how little situational awarness they have and many riders get mad at kids because it's dangerous for riders as well. I know couple guys that crashed realy realy hard because of a kid on a track. I also had couple crashes but luckily I am alright, kids as well. Personally I get frustrated beacuse I know that kiddo might get hurt really bad if it is not me, but someone without brakes (rollerblades, skateboards, bmx bikes are brakeless). And sometimes I got mad ar parents. There is also a beginners track for thes kids that wanna learn..

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  • Just out of curiousity if u accidently offed one of these children in an accident who is at fault the parent?

  • THE LAST ONE! 😂😂

  • You should had just went through the left side and continue

  • Is he acoustic?