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  • Who TF cares about Andor???

  • Everything about this is great, except that Kathy Kennedy is still involved with star wars.

  • Mano shouldn’t been exits in Ahsoka or obi wan series yet because Mano was a kid still and it after how many years of returning of the Jedi

  • Starwars forever. The Mandalorian, Obi wan Kenobi, Andor and Asoka... Thanks Vanity Fair.

  • I wonder if he, the director, contacted Brian Herbert for the filming. Brian and his co-author would have been ideal to have advise. Brian has all his dad's notes, etc... His dad was working on a sequel to Chapterhouse when he passed. A poet friend of Herbert''s pointed his little homestead as we drove by it, but alas *I didn't meet Frank Herbert himself.

  • You will be found, Obi-Wan.

  • I'm still confused even though he explained them so well

  • The only struggle she has is trying to remember her lies.

  • This is where the fun begins...

  • she loves la rosalia <3

  • Omg do amber heard next🤩🤩

  • I love this guy. Everything he's done is gold to me.

  • Word. #dahomeybu

  • I really dislike Annie Leibovitz' Star Wars photos over the years. They're too clean and pristine, it feels like cosplay.

  • No Temeura :(

  • This is awesome & everything, but I'd really like to hear some traction being made on a new Star Wars film.

  • Fugg these people. Where’s baby yoda?

  • Like or hate Brie, she's good with kids.

  • Do they realize they gave us our first look at Vader ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • So much love and respect to you, Ms. Bates. In my opinion, you're one of the best actors ever to grace stage or screen.

  • Gaten: says that joyce is a better mom than steve Me: gets upset and click out of the video

  • Cheater! Hopefully those that proclaimed to never watch Ewan in anything again will stick with that promise.

  • He's so funny,I love him 😂😂

  • 0:42

  • Gosh, i would LOVE to see a picture of Ewan, Hayden and Rosario together. Clone Wars brought to live action! :)

  • The END!!! 😭😭😭😭😍😍😍

  • lol