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  • ngl, as a bosnian, I am pretty damn proud of these dudes

  • 0:13 how am i supposed to focus on the video after watching this woman scoop loose m&ms into a child's bag?

  • Maybe Winchester just thought construction workers were hot and loved watching them work

  • yayyy new season

  • Mumfre: threaten her Esther: *shot* Aint happening pal

  • eh jo ovo su naših, idemo srbijo 🇷🇸❤️😅

  • Perhaps they escaped because the Swiss guards were neutral.

  • Pa gde steee 🇷🇸

  • Balkanci, jel nas ima?

  • POST MORTEM: Who are these guys fencing all these jewels to? Talk about hot merchandise. It would be a serious risk to sell or buy any of this loot with the notoriety attached. Then again they seem to have most angles covered so they probably have this covered too.

  • Vujosević is pronounced as Vuyosevich

  • It is not a holiday for Christians

  • Who went just to see the mannequin move it's head

  • Here's a hello from the Balkans, Bosnia :)

  • These guys are the frickin IRL Ocean's Eleven!!!!!

  • I just watched this on my phone which has on a Pink Panther (the cartoon) case and my ring-tone is the pink panther theme song. 🤣🙈🤣🙈

  • I adore Shane’s outfit. The energy? Immaculate

  • There's something to be said about Shane supporting the Pink Panther Posse most of the video until he finds out they might have robbed Kim Kardashian and hurt her. It's actually really rather wholesome.

  • But this is one of those groups that will never officially be captured, right? Even if all the current “members” were caught today, somebody else could take up the mantle tomorrow. And the media is just stoking the fire by crediting so many robberies to them- thieves who happen to use their M.O. could be named Pink Panthers, even if they’re not affiliated with them whatsoever. I wonder if, in say 50 years, there will still be Pink Panther robberies headlining the news.

  • This show has so many loyal viewers 52k likes and 300 dislikes in 12 hours WOW!!

  • also the doors were locked right? or were these kind of doors that locked themselves if they are closed?

  • Yo, if any of the members of the pink panthers are watching this video, like this comment. ;)

  • Postmortem:what if none of the heists were related? Like what if all of them were just done in the same fashion just for the sake of it and none of them actually knew each other....Also hope your doing well.

  • For postmortem: I think theres one guy who started it hiring 5 thieves to do a job, then he got each of those guys to hire 5 people and it goes down forever like a pyramid scheme. The thieves have only met the guy that hired them and dont know anyone else up the pyramid, thats why there seems to be no one at the top.

  • This would be a great tv show or movie franchise

  • Shane looks like the missing Hanson brother... 😂😂😂

  • Hey don't make fun of Stankovic , that's my surname 😢

  • Shane is a real life young Spencer Reid and older Sam Winchester mixed

  • I gotta say... Over the years of these episodes... You guyz have a fantastic real camera man that doesn't even breath in this spine chilling dark haunted locations...

  • 6:39 Where my Dutchies at? But Ryan, Shane amazing video as always love your series Can’t wait for next week!

  • I love that these are all balkan people

  • Well I guess I'm a Squirt-head now :/

  • eric kinda reminds me of ben stiller a bit lol

  • For Hotdoga fans, maybe make a marathon of just the Hotdoga.

  • Ryan mispronounced brazen... smh. It’s bray-zen not brah-zen.

  • Shane is starting to look like that dastardly rich villain before he goes fully bald and psychotic, hellbent on killing superman

  • Shane your hair is looking really bad brother. Might wanna get a cleanup this week ya know...

  • Shane only stopped liking the thieves once he learned they stole from kim k?? What a Hollywood loser

  • Ryan butchering the pronounciation once again... Nebojsa is tolerable but Denic should sound like Den-itch. And don't get me started on Predrag Vujosevic (Vu-yo-shev-icth).

  • Yay, I’m so glad you are making videos again

  • Do the monster of Firenze

  • The pink Panthers almost seem like multiple groups trying to one up each other. We may never know what happens with the loot because they may not actually care about it, they could be doing it for clout

  • shane, you leave me no choise but to repeat myself, please do something about your hair, love you <3

  • still no hotdaga..... 😔

  • Postmortem - Would it be possible that leaked information/press releases might make some regular burgler help pass as a Pink Panther thief? Like maybe the organisation is smaller than anticipated and most of it is just smaller independent groups of people replicating their method (cuz they see that it works)

  • did anyone see the man in the background with a red shirt at 25:44????

  • Danny Ocean's tired of Casinos, probably?

  • Being from the former Yugoslavia myself and knowing that a lot of the people there are more ...let's say traditional, I think it's pretty funny that they're probably pissed to be called a feminine sounding name like 'Pink Panthers'

  • Ryan butchering Balkan names is so funny

  • This is prolly the Thieves Guild.

  • Plot twist Shane and Ryan are the leaders of the group

  • Crap

  • Oceans eleven inspiration lol

  • Why don't they make a series where they try to detect God's presence? I NEED PROOD YA BOI

  • As a Balkan resident I am really offended about the pronounciation of the names of members of Pink panther.... It is Nebojša Denić not Denik....

  • Post Mortem: Any ideas on how these guys got away? Seems like the police should be on the scene straight away after a robbery of a high end jeweller with guns. Also are we going to get to hear about the disappearance of Madeleine Macann? Need the ghoul boys on the case!

  • Did you see the sofa

  • Phasmaphobia irl

  • imagine them watching this video

  • also... do you think they just steal then sell then steal it back kind of thing?? if that's possible I mean like redesign it but same stones or something...

  • U guys are funny😂😂😂

  • Why is Akshay Kumar in the thumbnail??

  • When Shane hears Ryan mention they stole from Kim and he stops stanning the robbers

  • Collapsible ladders are pretty advanced. You can easily strap a 30ft ladder on your back.

  • Is it just me but everytime I watch these guys they get better and better, another great show guys brilliantly fusing humour with suspense.

  • Shane’s face when the “alien juice” was pulled out 🤣🤣🤣👍🏻

  • What happen to banter subtitles and (wheeze)

  • this is so fun i love heists

  • I dont get it ghost turned off the light what more do u need from them

  • SO happy to have you back 💜💜💜

  • The only thing I could think about during this video was the film The Lighthouse haha

  • I can't believe these are the guys who killed kurapikas family

  • Real world oceans

  • 3.22 there is someone in a red shirt, top right window

  • 0:48 shane's hair and crossed legs reminds me of leonardo dicaprio in total eclipse and im loving it

  • The way Ryan pronounces Slavic names sents me