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I'm Arun Maini, I'm a 27 year old Economics graduate whose life's passion is Technology, and I'm on a mission to make the most FUN and USEFUL Tech videos on the Planet! 🙏


Why 5G Sucks ⚠️
Why 5G Sucks ⚠️Před 3 měsíci


  • 4:11 who got rock rolled like me 🤣🤣

  • stupid people left among us that's nice! but keep harm yourself not your friends

  • I agreed with everything till you have the microphone to samsung that was clearly iphone

  • The edge detection example you give for bokeh at 13:36 has the sheep clearly in focus. Thats a clear winner for iphone to me.

  • Has she scratched it? You are a lovely son

  • Add ki vajhaa se mnn he nhi kr rha video dekhne ka

  • piad samsung video

  • I like 4

  • compare pixel 7 pro with S23

  • And that’s how I spend my life savings on phones

  • Among us

  • lego shoes = RIP stepped on lego phone chase = DED stepped on a lego mug = Die in a cool way

  • Bruh.... Cardboard is was above one dollar 💀

  • Android: Do whatever you want Apple: Smooth experience, but WE dictate what you experience

  • Bro stole his mums phone 💀

  • You all forgot, that the camera in Samsung does not make any sense when you trying to upload video on Instagram. 200MP, 500MP 100003209MP - does not matter!

  • Good comparison. The one thing that will keep me on iPhone is Proraw. I like being in control of how my photo turns out. It’s also nice being able to decrease the sharpening all smartphones do to their photos.

  • Where can i get the first one

  • How many phones do you have a million

  • I’m so sad I don’t have any handled console

  • Okay, I might be totally blind here, but where is the list of links for these items? Those magnetic cables are looking dope!

  • I thought 6:10 was in slow-mo haha

  • 2:00 Unicode character: Private Use Area U+F8FF (Helvetica Neue)

  • You forgot the Sega Game Gear. That unit was head of its time. I could watch TV, listen to the Radio, and play games. That System came out in between Gameboy and Gameboy Color.

  • I’m never gone use Samsung no mater what

  • bro can you read the tape isnt even made by lego ...clickbait

  • The iPhone outward design don't vary much too. So this is not a Samsung only thing. In my own opinion, the body is just a shell, its in the internals that really matters.

  • I’ve been subscribed for you

  • does the speaker sound good with the case on?

  • This just filters out the mud particles...