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  • "AMOG US"

  • I found among us nsfw under an innersloth tweet i imagine thats how they see all of it (I hope!)

  • The Parkland shooting reminds me of Xxxtentacion

  • Me when I played among us: The imposter on the first round: ok guys, i am the imposter

  • Plot twist, those guys except the girl was paid actors.

  • Anthony be acting sussy

  • That was pretty sus

  • This is good content right here folks

  • I got to get me a Catholic girl 🤗

  • Tommy:wass up man🧍 Ranboo:hello.🧘 Niki:helloo^^👋👋👋👋👋

  • 13:20 AMOGUS

  • Ayy this was uploaded on my birthday.

  • Amogus

  • I was hoping to learn more about their relationship with their siblings and parents now. Do they not keep in touch at all? When they leave the community they are no longer in contact with anyone?

  • 1:54 my brother got 100k on a video called "hey apple" Subscribe to SeaBucket

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  • The little seemed so excited to be in control lol, when they said they are too little I was just like “aww” because the caretaker is probably taking care of them :)

  • The worst part of a school shooting to me is having to call your parents and say goodbye because you don’t know if your going to make it

  • Dream: My girlfriend wanted to do a matching pfp George:..huh-

  • Sus

  • the fuck

  • amougus

  • There is so many great and happy moments throughout this video, that I just can’t put it all in a comment

  • They did die, then reincarnated back to same body, altered souls ~~

  • My cats full on reacted when he howled

  • Internet historian please

  • is this real

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  • guys this is fake

  • why is mask moving

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  • When that is real or not real dream

  • You missed a few animators like swoozie, tabs, Tim Tom, cypherden, rebbeca parham, domics, and Alex Clark