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I spent a day with GOTHS
I spent a day with GOTHSPřed 7 měsíci
Dear Virgos...
Dear Virgos...Před 2 lety


  • Ok me of my new tics are “tttt boooommmmm pow” all my friends laugh when it happens

  • This interview is so awkward and I love it

  • aand its just downhill now for both chanels

  • Corspe can spit on me and i’d let him eat both of my kidneys

  • Saw the title and thought Fuck it why not

  • i honestly believe anyone can be a witch. there are so many different types of witches, witchcraft is just the practice and the want to have a deeper spiritual connection to the world. It isn't a religion (i am an atheist witch) and witches are by NO MEANS "evil" like wtf

  • This video is just Anthony going 😳

  • Did she still get to go to France tho?! Cause like, I hope Corona didn't get between her and her freedom!

  • Wait rob what the

  • I watch every single episode of this series. I love it. Keep it up with the great work!

  • I don’t understand the god damn justice system. I mean someone who shoplifts gets like 10 years. But someone who kidnapped someone gets less than a year? 👏🏼Make👏🏼 it 👏🏼make 👏🏼sense👏🏼

  • Dos hallowen coustems count as cosplay

  • Omg ese es Germán como!!!

  • I kinda wanna de a art teacher and the music teacher

  • You should of talked to yourself Anthony, you may aswell own CS-tv as your video changed the internet and it was crazy

  • Well at 4:47 BlackySpeakz's face was revealed. So he isn't really faceless anymore.

  • *Are you the one who ate the bat?!?* I-

  • not to be that guy but, who are these people

  • Dragon lady to getting her eyes tattooed: *ThErE's No PaIn* Correction: I can imagine there is only no pain IF you have already gone through most of the pain scale. 😂

  • Spanish'ts

  • this was such a good video. i’m so much more educated now. anthony is amazing. loved this.

  • LMFAO KYRAS VIBE IS JUST: f*** it i really dont care she really grew out of that kidzbop life "they were like oh yk, "KiDzBoPpP" and then i started making money off of it so i was just like f*** it yk?" IM DECEASED