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Hi, my name is Jack Douglass. You found my CS-tv channel where I like to make fun of everything because I'm too scared to confront reality. Enjoy your stay!


LIMERICKS! (YIAY #583)Před měsícem
Fix Your Pix #shorts
Fix Your Pix #shortsPřed měsícem
The ALF Quiz #shorts
The ALF Quiz #shortsPřed měsícem
On furries #shorts
On furries #shortsPřed měsícem
I give up. (YGS #144)
I give up. (YGS #144)Před měsícem


  • O i got it the 4 words are:not going to subcribe👌

  • 🇻🇳

  • #YIAYhate I am not vaccinated

  • I don’t like you

  • Milk before the cereal

  • he just has an internal breakdown with every comment


  • It's very good milk

  • There’s also a clip of Attenborough saying “A mongoose” and it sounds kinda like “Among us.”

  • Your mom hates you

  • Bites hotdog on side. 😂😏

  • Stop promoting you're channel to the comments. It's obnoxious, unrelated and a bore! When you're promoting your own channel in the comments. Well is not really a comment anymore. Now i understand you're trying to grow. Add more viewer's to your show. We all wanna be a Pewdiepie! (Pewdiepie) But WHEN YOU TYPE THIS TYPE OF SHIT IT MAKE'S ME NOT WANNA CLICK IN FACT I WOULD RATHER LEAVE A RUDE REPLY! I HOPE YOU! Stop promoting you're own channels to the comments. Dude it doesen't work is bad business And When you see someone promoting there own channels. Mark as spam that's exactly what it is! Mark as spam that's exactly what it is!

  • there is school tmr

  • I pour milk first

  • I swallowed a bead

  • Milk first cereal after

  • 4 words that make me angry : My Friend here Justin

  • This is almost 4 years old jesus

  • Order food by yourself

  • This is somehow refreshing to see

  • Hmmmm Polar bears suck alot Will that make you angry?

  • What happened to 144?

  • My fursona is the chest from fortnite

  • Jacks film more like fish film ohhhhh

  • Me trying to speak russian but my fricking mom is about to shot me with a fricking mw ak kalachnikov gun😐😐😐

  • Where is the cock? (Chicken)

  • this was hilarious

  • I un subsribeed

  • Why doesn’t Erin show up on cam anymore?

  • I dont chew boba. IM SORRY BUT ITS TRUE

  • next time fix kentucky flag

  • That vegan teacher (is) hot. (Pls tell me someone cringed at this)

  • Oreos with watery mustard

  • I have the ultimate anger trigger for only the real ones. "Shes. Just. A. fRiEnD"

  • I eat icream whole

  • They paid in exposure

  • I ate a starburstmad

  • m.cs-tv.org/tv/video-JwncAQurlqk.html

  • missa jar jar binks!

  • Pls do Vietnamese flag

  • I will make everyone angry in a few words My favourite band is Nickleback

  • Hi make

  • I can make anyone angry I’m just four words…OBsERvE “I LoVE gACHa hEaT”

  • I did NOT need to see Mickey Mouse's feet and I can unsee it.

  • “Tuscan Sam has hands.”

  • I'm a vegan and Just might be the worst


  • OMG! The Binks Disney+ show is coming out next month! I just know it will be worth the wait! Can't wait to add it to my watch list!! :D