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2:47Frosty Comes to Life | Frosty the Snowman | Freeform
1:0125 Days of Christmas | Official Trailer | Freeform
1:57Elsa Unleashes Her Powers | Frozen | Freeform
5:02Woody Meets Buzz Lightyear | Toy Story | Freeform
2:15Come Little Children | Hocus Pocus | Freeform
Come Little Children | Hocus Pocus | Freeformzhlédnutí 3,6KPřed měsícem
1:05Yo Recuerdo/I Remember | Alejandro Ayala's Story
Yo Recuerdo/I Remember | Alejandro Ayala's Storyzhlédnutí 1,9KPřed 2 měsíci
1:14Yo Recuerdo/I Remember | Kian Cloma's Story
Yo Recuerdo/I Remember | Kian Cloma's Storyzhlédnutí 6KPřed 2 měsíci
1:15Yo Recuerdo/I Remember | Alyse Arteaga's Story
Yo Recuerdo/I Remember | Alyse Arteaga's Storyzhlédnutí 3,6KPřed 2 měsíci
1:04Yo Recuerdo/I Remember | Tommy Espina's Story
Yo Recuerdo/I Remember | Tommy Espina's Storyzhlédnutí 1,8KPřed 2 měsíci
1:0631 Nights of Halloween | Official Trailer | Freeform


  • 🎉😂 .............. Shit that movie 😅 , such a 🐮💩💩💩 .. yes USA movie coming pissing beach

  • I really enjoy this show. It’s a shame it was announced this weekend that it’s been cancelled but apparently the show runners are being allowed to film extra scenes for the finale to give the show a proper conclusion.

  • Catchfrase!

  • Why is there no porn😢

  • Its captain americas reaction for me😂😂

  • was the kiss that good

  • Dopest season ever

  • I'm sad that freeform has been removed

  • 😂😂

  • Bro what is this lmfao

  • What is the movie name?

  • I needed so much more we deserve more

  • Can u please bring back the show twisted I love that show so sad it had to end

  • ‘Mom, he is coming in with a dead BlOwe’

  • That could be my new favorite holiday 🎄 drink after Egg Nog...

  • 😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • the dude say he need an fortnite skin

  • name and site

  • I cant believe its been 7 years

  • Are a. Love you so I love are a great friend ❤️ and a ask love to

  • Halls. Arm is the best

  • I really hope to see Marianna and Evan together ❤

  • Having started reading the books in chronological order, it is so nice seeing Jem be officiating the wedding. Too bad Tessa couldn't make it

  • Well, at least don’t kick my ass

  • Kenan was my favorite part. AHH GRINCHY GIVE ME A HUG GRINCHY

  • it's my dream to kiss like that in the shower!!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • Even that music is enough still goosebumps ❤❤❤

  • I love this promo!

  • as

  • Chris Evans. 😂😂😂

  • What about that Henry cavil arm reload? 😂

  • What is this movie

  • I really liked the series on Disney plus, it would be nice if there was a sequel to the series. But now she has less group sex. I think there was too much in it

  • I loved this movie

  • movie name

  • Why "What the shit?" I'd have gone "What the fuck?"

  • Playing on our nostalgia for a cheap audience reaction.

  • Sux

  • Uno reverse card goes wild nowadays

  • Movie name : Free guy


  • Who’s here in 2024 😳

  • isn't he that guy from stranger things

  • I love how this was posted 7 years ago but got popular 2 years ago and now I’m here lol

  • I really don't like Aria the rest of the liars had actual problems to deal with throughout the show while Aria had nothing except her pedo boyfriend Ezra, I mean she did all this just for him, she trashed her best friend's nursery for a guy who groomed her stalked her and her friends and then also was writing a book about her and her friends. I tried to like Aria I mean Ezra grooming her wasn't her fault, but years later when she's an adult she does know better but no she decides to hurt her friends who are already going through more than she ever did for a guy as trash as him.

  • Movie name please

  • I wish we could get a wrap up movie or something. If this last batch of episodes ends with a cliff hanger I will want to riot!

  • Dude used some whey protein lol

  • 🛷🎿🛹🛼🛴🚲🛺🦽🦼

  • Monopoly $10,000,000.