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I met Lebron James..
I met Lebron James..Před 8 měsíci


  • Is this available on philippines

  • Jessers don’t hurt me face when he said the n word

  • Lol 2k20 is so awful these youtubers out here having to try find other ways to get views. No one wants to watch that garbage

  • They stole Sidemen's idea

  • its my birthday on the 25th :>

  • Yo jesser I love u so much so much give me a shoutout your videos a lit

  • All the hood kids but that one white kid who just tags along😭😭

  • James just jumping in was comedy

  • Shoot my friends dont even sub to me.

  • what song does jesse play when he did dat cool shot?

  • Who is the babe behind the camera

  • Can you guys actually say the answer to the question?

  • Yo actual fun fact. THE COLOR ORANGE IS NAMED AFTER THE FRUIT. The color got its name after the fruit not the other way around. Kinda wild

  • That first round wasnt right for jiedel

  • Should have done this blindfolded. So they don’t know they are falling in until it happens

  • Those two are so cuet

  • James high asf

  • Todd’s finally back

  • chick fil a the best fs

  • flight is such a punk

  • This is Mitchell’s peak!

  • This kid is freaking good!

  • This Chinese man is too young for his height. 5 more years until the NBA

  • Don’t say all the boys if cash ain’t their💯💯 get it right!!

  • Nadex new Channel TNB2K

  • For jesser

  • He felt bad

  • The center wasn't even trying

  • R u making vids that aren’t 2k 20 cuz it’s trash😂 worse than 2k18😂😂😂😂

  • Or just in general a shit ton of misspelled words

  • james has the dribble package of a 5th grader

  • How is Michel out

  • @ 0:30 even Giannis has a hard time saying his last name 😂

  • That dude on LSK Team remind me when grown ups the scene they played basketball

  • Jiedel looks hella stanky

  • This had to be recorded late or Jesse shaved

  • 3:31 "this is madness" THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!

  • Shake shack easily

  • Halloween was created in Ireland not America sooo....

  • Hi

  • Jesser can you and James not grow a beard

  • Day 10 of asking Jesser to send me some shoes :D Also, Lakers vs Clippers are playing right now, so that's fun

  • Yo Jesser where’s the Humphrey tattoo???

  • The answer was Chicago that’s true

  • I love how much 2hype has been posting💯

  • It is called defense against I man in a chair 3:26

  • His shoes squeaky as hell

  • bro who says false or true, its true or false

  • I loved this

  • He looks to much better without a beard

  • u got the boof chicken sandwich from mcdonald’s

  • Everyone likes tootsie rolls 😐

  • Mopi in the Gucci slides tho.

  • Are we not gonna talk about mopi at 8:18 🤣

  • I love parisailling

  • Get todd outta here we prefer kris cash and zack plz jesser

  • IM wheezing

  • Immmmmmm sorrryyyyy there was 68 dislikes i had tooooooo🥺

  • Bruh 2hype vs mrbeast and squad

  • The nerd shtick doesn’t work as well when your whole team is 6”5 looking fast and athletic lol great games though interested watch.

  • Do pack opening

  • Is it me or do y'all be wanting to slap the shit out of james too?

  • more todd

  • 2:57 Can I get an F in the chat....

  • When Lonzo try’s this in the season opener after he sees Jesse in new orleans

  • Come on harden I need you to lock it down 😂 4:22

  • I’m from South Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • He spelt pumpkin, pumkin

  • Dad bodies are on point

  • 16 mins 17 seconds Mitchell has a hydro flask he’s vsco

  • Who else is watching and eating carrots 🥕 lol

  • RIP Bearded Jesser

  • Where’s the Humphrey tattoo 🤨😂

  • SDMN did it first.... but this is better.

  • Hey guys !!! Me and my GF just started this Channel and we upload every other day! We would love for you guys to come check us out and hopefully subscribe !!

  • What was the last question?

  • LEET

  • yo they should do I give you $1000 if you make a Humphrey costume.

  • And you should also cop the last one I use that too

  • Jiedel one minute is already full try hard mode

  • When did going into a swimming pool become extreme

  • Jesser been makin some bangers lately

  • The 2nd product I used for my training and it worked cop it right now it will be uncomfortable at first but once you get used to it your shot is money 💵

  • Re

  • 9:31 *illinoise*

  • It’s 2,000 years ago when Halloween was invented.

  • why mopi in gucci slides 😹

  • You got 100k likes

  • 0:01 all to the right was lostunbound

  • I have subbed,turned post notifications on and I watch all of your vids but, what basketballs do you use

  • Jesser still has to get a Humphrey a tattoo and a motorized wheelchair for Zack

  • What happens to TD and Walker

  • Next time can we please know what the answers are!

  • Jesser put your beard back on

  • he spelled false wrong at about 3:30

  • Who’s the camera girl tho 👀

  • And @Mopi actually wins something

  • Hi

  • It’s 2,000 yers that halloween has been around for

  • 2HYPE