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On this channel we make strictly bangers enjoy :p
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My New Car!
My New Car!Před 4 měsíci


  • 16:48 i swear zack got the daily dose in 😂😂😂

  • Nobody: The random worker 3:43

  • Kobe po-tro

  • WTH

  • this has me dead asf

  • I was dying with last to make layup

  • My aunt lives in Hawaii on that same island and we climbed diamond head

  • james you button it when you stand up you unbutton when you sit down

  • Mitchell got that cake 🍰

  • Zack was faded asf.

  • I can’t join I’m under 13 by a year this sucks

  • They should bring this back low-key

  • bro they were blowed asf 😂😂😂

  • The 2hype videos are so hilarious when they are fried af 🤣

  • 8:47 Harry is just there chilling 😂😂😂😂

  • "Is that a portal box!?" "No thats David Blaine" 😂😂 Mitchell ass too goofy

  • Bro james full had a sook 🤣


  • Y’all should play manhunt in the dark outside

  • Make the dares a lil more extreme lmao

  • 3:45 How NBA Young boy Fans Open Presents

  • Honestly if I was one of them I would jump into all the presents and then make the rest of them figure out which one I touched first

  • Wendy’s fries are only good when you dip them in a chocolate frosty

  • Love Mitchell though he is hilarious

  • Get Kenny out of here. All my homies hate Kenny fr

  • 6:53 I'm dying

  • Do they have autism they rly didn’t pick Mitchell bud was up side down and backwards plus jumped over the backboard this is literally dwane wade judging horrible

  • Mooooopi

  • Lamoo

  • plot twist

  • I love how jesser gave aaron gordon the idea to jump over tacko

  • Jesser is slow af

  • Who else said jesser’s middle name in front of there parents and got grounded 😂

  • This is done big boyfriend points for Jesse just give everything to emon

  • More fortnite plz

  • Fiveee guys🍔

  • Whataburger is the best

  • T~T

  • Zack: “HES GOT LITTLE KID NICKERS”just starts dancing

  • Pool Is ALWAYS Last...

  • suprised Zack didn’t say pause at 6:20.

  • I broke my left arm twice.

  • 14:37 He fReAkeD out.

  • boii id buy yeezys or supreme yo ass got jordan and nike

  • Last

  • your hair

  • Mopi sauced jiedel and he talking about he gon sauce mopi lol

  • Kris lol

  • Mopi superkike sike nah lls

  • Wow Mitchell your knowledge is on point (sarcasm)

  • 3:21

  • 1:12:50 school shooter vibes

  • Yao minggg

  • bro you gots to get their ranch with them tacos actuall fire

  • Definitely miss this duo :'(

  • That Kobe card is 2,000 dollars

  • 4:54 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 2020 anyone

  • 2020: still waitin

  • The dislikes of this vid is a de heal for zack

  • Reverse layups are easier to me than regular layups

  • nice hair

  • Me

  • This is how many times Cash stepped over the line when he was throwing ⬇️

  • Bro taps and tenders original hot wings hit

  • Jesse: DONT try this at home kids. All the adults: 😈

  • Song 6:03?

  • James got crossed out of his shoes

  • One time I can back from a football game and my mom gave me a chicken sandwich from McDonalds and they just gave me a ham burger so I Took my brothers chicken nuggets and put them on the burger.

  • when will I get the new merch that I ordered