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5 best buds just kickin' it.
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Quarantine Stereotypes
Quarantine StereotypesPřed měsícem
Camping Stereotypes
Camping StereotypesPřed 8 měsíci


  • did anyone notice that Tyler quoted Bane from batman at 1:40

  • I’m definitely the unwanted veggie tray

  • Can y'all do a cookout stereotype I just really want to see tys rage master

  • i am

  • I wonder what explosives/firecrackers they use so the rockets go so high

  • 16:13 he just simply takes the trash can with him 😂😂😂😂😂

  • ty you are my favorite

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • A sports battle 2

  • How long does it take to make the trick shot

  • Beard twins tall guy purple hoser. Sounds weird after watching literally every other overtime episode

  • Anyone else see the secret trick shot?



  • 12:50 I actually saw Dude Perfect fail.

  • ????

  • Agree with me, poor Coby


  • How many time have cody win a battled

  • I knew it was checkers

  • Part 1:small toy rockets Part 2:big model rockets Part 3:spaceships

  • Disagree

  • i need had a nerf gun plsss

  • My favorite segment was get crafty because People consider me an artist

  • Little did they know that the awesome basketball court would be raged on...

  • Woo Hoo

  • Do some more

  • School Stereotype 1: The cheater 2: The Know It All 3: The popular kid 4: The lovebirds 5: The Late Kid 6: Teachers Pet 7: Rule Breaker 8: Rage Monster- (wh6 they raged is because they failed the test) 9: The kid that sneaks food into class 10: The athlete 11: The peppy cheerleader 12: The kid that explains too much 13: And lastly, the zoom class

  • Sangat keren menurutku

  • In the next get crafty you should do something with metal. Coby it will get better. I bet you Cody Jones will be the next one that gets picked for the wheel

  • And there first word was hello


  • 0:00 where the legend started

  • 5:40 Rage monster after drinking positive drink. What the. H E 🏒🏒


  • 1:48

  • I had to skip the part where ty shattered the star destroyer, would have effected me too much...

  • Ohio

  • u should do music stereotypes

  • Rage monster is basically a person yelling and breaking stuff

  • Dude perfect cricket match???

  • This is how many people are watching during Covid-19 👇🏼

  • Make a another stereotypes video about online

  • Me ha ha

  • Who thinks when it said one in 1 million he should’ve done a split

  • Who else wants friends like Dude Perfect ❤️❤️ I love Dude Perfect ❤️❤️❤️Also Dude Perfect is the ONLY videos that I did not skip ❤️

  • Wow

  • Cory looks kind of cool

  • a diamond is my birth stone so im strong

  • Token, Tolkien, I see what u did there. ;)

  • 25

  • 4:08 TT breaking the tv funniest thing ever.

  • Coby looks like my uncle

  • 446k like

  • ty is just a little bit anoying

  • Data is amazing just posted the list for cool not cool

  • Top ten is my least fav segment. Guys, do more betchas, taste tests, and magic time!

  • I had my b day in quarantine

  • Lol

  • Me

  • You should make another video like this with Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munchen

  • Garret= I just want the podium, but really wants a win😜

  • Worst consequence yet

  • This video is short

  • Cool not cool is my favorite part

  • i want you guys to do a gymnastics and i love coby and cory if they go against each other who ever wins is my favorite

  • I thought it was a squirrel and yes I thought it was checkers

  • AGRe

  • They should have said in the bio or somewhere in the vid that one tree was hurt during the maing of this video lol LIKE IF YES

  • 0:08 Dale Jr looks like Blake Shelton

  • I love this show! 🥰😍

  • Tour please

  • 17 bounces

  • 👍

  • Not impressive

  • Press f for that LEGO I swear I can complete that in a week

  • Anyone else wondering how ty went on wheel unfortunate

  • No one: Dude perfect: making everyone’s quarantine better (READ MY NAME PLEASE)

  • لا 51مليون ليششش

  • Bru there gonna live till ther 1000

  • That floating thing aka fake IT IS A Very strong magnet

  • Yamaha bill

  • 4:08 whyyyyyyy

  • This and the top candy episode were the worst by far.