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Hi, I'm Torbjörn Åhman. I make videos to share my creations and inspire other people to create.
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Making a branding iron
Making a branding ironPřed 3 měsíci
Making an awl
Making an awlPřed 3 měsíci
Nesting birds!
Nesting birds!Před 9 měsíci


  • Je suis tre feir die vous

  • залипалово! :: )

  • IRON MAN 🔥😌😊

  • круто

  • Man...I’d love a T.A. rounding hammer. What a cool piece of work!

  • Поздравляю!)

  • Fan va sjukt att en smed kan få 500k följare år 2020, ett yrke och intresse som är förövrigt exremt litet idag. Bra jobbat, fan va grymt. Har tyvärr ingen instagram annars hade jag självklart varit med i tävlingen.

  • 👍❤️

  • beautiful work. I loved your process. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice

  • Я по такому принципу - делал золотое кольцо 👍

  • Those early industrial forefathers were a tenacious lot. Eye opening video. Refreshing.

  • 21:45 the green old genius mousepad ^^

  • Another masterclass. Thanks Bear

  • XDdd

  • Beautiful. It is much more than a tool. It is a kind of an artistic work. I bet no one will find such a beautiful artistic work in Indonesia, the inferior nation.

  • Amazing, tanks.

  • Clever artist

  • Expert. 👍👍👍😊 100%

  • Lovely

  • GOOD. I want such an emblem)))

  • Amazing...Art...♥..

  • "Bullens Varm Korv"

  • Certainly these molds were one of his best elaborated works. Congratulations.

  • Magnifique travail 👏👏

  • Congrats! Great work as always! Well my man!

  • Absolutely brilliant! All of it! The Idea, the making process and of course the filming and editing - true artist and craftsman! Wish you 1mil subs soon! :)

  • Really impressed by this, man. Great job and thank you for sharing. Really well done!

  • Fantastic

  • Why not make a metal logo and burn it on in half time?

  • The only suggestion I have is to sand a small flat on the side which would represent the bottom so to be able to register it more easily. Nice piece! 👍🏻 Doh! Now I read the comments; someone else got there first. 🤷‍♂️

  • You know, with a pair of scissors and an awl...

  • super

  • Very beautyfull.. salam from Indonesia 🇮🇩

  • Ghada kaam

  • How much to make me one. I need something for my bowls

  • Good Work

  • seeing how you have not only a forge, but also a garden and greenhouse makes me think you and your family are well prepared for the craziness that's happening now. hope you and your family are safe in this trying time.

  • Wonderful...

  • Hey Torbjörn, I always love your videos! I have a question - would you consider making a cast iron skillet? I know nothing about forging so I don't know if the process is very different. Just an idea! Love your work.

  • 💀Skulls hell man. 😁

  • Amazing!

  • Great sir...u r a musician

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  • Congratulations on your first half a million subscribers. The unique form of therapy your channel provides will no doubt guarantee many more!

  • i like to have 1

  • The delicate process of trimming-it would be a sincere life after all.

  • So i thout this knife was actually a real... Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Stand Arrow😂😂😂😂

  • I would love to become a blacksmith...

  • You shouldn't do this in bare hand ; please take some protection

  • Brilliant Sir. RESPECT. This man just deserves a million subscribers.

  • Hi! Could you please explain why would you choose to forge these two parts and then finish them on the lathe - instead of making them on the lathe from the two peaces of steel from the beginning? Is it somehow connected to tempering? Thanks fow answering!


  • 500K suscriptores!! felicidades buen herrero!!

  • What did you pass and then took to the fire?

  • ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  • I really like this could you do a video on how to make that scrolling jig please, thanks mate. Lenny.

  • I won one of your 100K giveaways. I think I used up all of my luck with that one!

  • Nunca tinha visto uma ferramenta desta, muito interessante, mais interessante ainda é o trabalho do ferreiro na confecção da mesma.

  • Кукуруза успевает вырасти к осени?)))

  • I saw that you have a Fotiflex, how satisfied you are with it, and what model it is, because I saw that there are several types, what do you know about Foredom? thanks !

  • Хуй знает что ты там говоришь !! )Но ты молодец!

  • 잘 보고갑니다 ^ ^

  • Saw tooth indexing: GENIUS!

  • Pls trim your nails.

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  • new-ulfbert...

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  • Rare sight when I didnt raised playspeed. Very nice job!

  • Make yourself a longer handle, If you have to bend over, even slightly, then the handle is not long enough for you.

  • And how to make great video without annoying "music".

  • Tolol

  • Un maestro!!

  • I would like to have a leather patch, really very nice. Greetings from Argentina.

  • Покажите ему как выглядит топор

  • Very cool

  • Maestro

  • очень умиротворяющее, спокойное и красивое видео.

  • wow!

  • Спасибо,очень интересное видео. Золотые у вас руки.

  • Great work, Master!

  • nice job.. really !

  • Amazing work...

  • Your lighting goes well with your workshop ...the way your machines are shining..... looks like a star wars workshop hehe

  • It looks like Tumi, the Inca knife!

  • картошку на вареники таким рубить классно))

  • I would not have used any sugar.

  • Well done Torbjörn!!

  • Genius!

  • I need to ask. How were you able to insert your design so easily in fusion and extract it? What type of computer file did you use?

  • I thought you were going to mill or carve out the logo for your logo punch but you do not know how happy I was to see that you used a 3d printer. Now I might make my own leather patches for my clothes and items.

  • It’s interesting to see how you work. Great project👍👍

  • Gostei muito. Luiz (Brasil)👍

  • Hey sir, congratulations for the 500k, and for all your work. 😃😃💪💪👍👍👏👏👐👐

  • I thought there was no lathe - that's why a man forges ! but when I started to sharpen at the lathe , I got sick ))) . when there is nothing to do, I watch porn !

  • That is the most creative way I've ever seen someone get around not having a mill and/or an indexing plate. lol

  • Hi ! I like to watch you do everything. You are the smart guy . Magnificent very impressive. Have a good time.

  • Such an awesome jig! Congrats on the half mil! I'm sure there will be many more.

  • Wow que trabalho 🎊 👏 🇧🇷

  • Amazing to watch how you made the dies.